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Sniper 7:23 Thu Aug 24
Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
Just been listening to radio 5 live where they interviews Lucas brunelle, the cyclist who started 'alley cat' racing where cyclists remove their brakes and ride round cities between two points, takin whatever route they like and going the wrong way down 1 way streets and holding on to vehicles. This is the man charlie alliston said he felt like when he removed the brakes off his bike. He then hit a pedestrian as she crossed the road and killed her. Oh and he hurled abuse at her whilst she was dying on the floor.

Now not only did this brunelle fella claim that the alley cat cycling is fine to do as long as you're experienced, he also tried to deflect blame by saying that most rules of the road are from stupidity of drivers and drivers are worse.

Oh and he also said that sometimes pedestrians bump into him when he's stationary at a crossing because they are looking at their phones.

It's actually the most absurd interview I've heard in a long time. Hence the icon. What an utter cunt. No surprise other cunts want to be like him.

I'm totally with the husband of the lady who died who wants bikes brought into the dangerous driving act

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Westside 1:24 Fri Aug 25
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
Seriously there HAS to be some legislation about cyclists

There is. One of which is having a front brake. Which is ignored by cyclists.

Sven Roeder 12:32 Fri Aug 25
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
I probably would have given the number but in these sort of situations you hope there was cctv or dashboard cameras.
Don't envy the police as agree they probably would have had a dozen people who SAW EVERYTHING and wanted to say how it was all down to one or the other side based on their own opinions on cyclists.
Luckily these days these can examine the road surface and work out stopping distances and braking points etc

El Scorchio 12:26 Fri Aug 25
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
He broke the law by riding a bike that wasn't roadworthy. I think it's almost certain he knew what he was doing was against the law as well. I bet you any money there's posts to that effect on this cycling forum he frequents, where he went to spout off about this incident afterward.

Fact is that him doing that lead to the death of a person even if she was being dozy and not looking. The whole point of having brakes is to be able to avoid collisions and accidents. Bang to rights. He should be locked up just as if he was knowingly driving a non roadworthy car. That he shouted at her as she lay dying just proves what sort of an arsehole he is.

Coffee 12:25 Fri Aug 25
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
I'd have done the same.

Infidel 12:23 Fri Aug 25
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston

Looking back on it I think I don't think I necessarily made the right decision. By and large I trust the police to do a good job and treat the lad fairly. I should have just given them the number plate.

It was more that I felt a bad taste in my mouth from spending ten minutes with a rabble of halfwits who jumped to the conclusion the kid was guilty for causing the accident and wanted him severely punished, even though none of them saw the accident.

When they found out I had the number plate I became their de facto star witness. That turned my stomach so I left.

But the police of course were nothing to do with that and I probably should have just given them the plate to save them time in tracking the driver down.

Infidel 12:14 Fri Aug 25
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston

Had not meant to imply that there was a parallel between the driver of the hatchback I saw and Charlie Alliston.

Alliston was convicted in a real court and from the evidence presented I would say it's incontrovertible that he was in the wrong.

Sven Roeder 12:13 Fri Aug 25
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
Did you imagine that if you gave the police the number they would have tracked him down and brought him back to the scene for the crowd to tear him limb from limb?

LeroysBoots 12:08 Fri Aug 25
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
goose 12:03 Fri Aug 25

And his attitude towards her, that is getting clearly forgotten here, total lack of respect these days full stop

Trevor B 12:06 Fri Aug 25
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
Had my car scratched by a cyclist about a year ago, he knew he did it, looked round at me, then cycled off through a red light. If you are going to use the road and expect others to show you respect then you should do the same and should also have to have insurance and some kind of identifying number plate, otherwise the cunts just get off scot-free for certain things.

Lee Trundle 12:04 Fri Aug 25
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
Ban lycra and you'd get the majority of these dickhead cyclists off the road.

I don't really have a problem with any other road users (including other non-lycra wearing bike riders) apart from these pricks.

goose 12:03 Fri Aug 25
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
i guess the question to be answered is "was he driving without due care & attention". he did shout at her and try to avoid her, but the "proximate casue" is him riding a bike without brakes, a bike which i believe is illegal to ride on the roads.

LeroysBoots 12:02 Fri Aug 25
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
The reality here is cyclists get a free ride from criticisms from the media because all of the north London luvvies in the media ride bikes !.

Seriously there HAS to be some legislation about cyclists and they should also have to pay tax and insurance to use the roads, every other user does

Far Cough 11:52 Fri Aug 25
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
Nobody is convicting him in a kangaroo court, this is from the ACTUAL court that convicted him:

"Alliston was riding a fixie - a fixed-wheel bicycle with no front brake used by track racing cyclists - across a junction on Old Street, Shoreditch, last February when he said he saw HR consultant Mrs Briggs step out into the road while looking at her phone.

He told the court he shouted to warn her and slowed down to between 10 and 14 miles an hour.

Alliston said he shouted again and swerved to avoid her but Mrs Briggs stepped back into his path."

You can see from the above court transcript, he shouted not once but twice, certainly enough time for him to have braked if he had any brakes, he didn't have a front brake on a fixed wheel bike, that is an illegal bike, the bloke is guilty, kangaroo court or not

Infidel 11:38 Fri Aug 25
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
I was walking back to my hotel a few months ago in London and heard a crash just behind me.

I turned round and saw a deliveroo scooter on its side on the road. The delivery boy was spreadeagled on the road next to it.

The car, a black hatchback, sped off. I saw the driver, a young bloke, look at the scooter rider and then hit the accelerator.

I could see his number plate pretty clearly so I made a note of it on my phone. Good citizen etc.

Then a small crowd gathered around the scooter rider, an ambulance was called and the police arrived. The rider wasn't seriously hurt from what I could see. Maybe a few broken bones.

It seemed odd to me that the crowd, none of whom had actually seen the accident happen (including me), automatically assumed the rider was the victim and the driver the offender. There was a whiff of a lynching in the air, yet it could easily have been the rider's fault. Maybe he was texting his mates while riding along and ran into the back of the car, who knows?

I mentioned that I had made a note of the number plate. That set them off: "good the bastard will get what he deserves" etc.

I started to think about that young bloke in the car. He saw the rider on the ground and sped off. OK that was a mistake (and a serious offence) but it was a split second decision and he was probably in a state of panic. A lot of us might have done the same - especially when we were young.

Anyway the police arrived and I decided I wasn't comfortable with the whole thing so I left, without giving them the number plate. I'm sure they caught him anyway - CCTV etc - but I just didn't like being part of the kangaroo court that set itself up to hang a kid from a tree without even finding out what happened.

This was quite small scale stuff but it does show that there is a dangerous mob mentality that takes over pretty quickly and you don't want to be on the wrong end of it.

Queens Fish Bar 11:43 Thu Aug 24
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
chim chim cha boo 9:14 Thu Aug 24
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston

Exactly, as much as we don't like it, it's better than the result of current enforcement regime.

J.Riddle 11:07 Thu Aug 24
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
Sullivan was wrong saying this bloke had no knee ligaments, first he comes on and scores the winner against us, now this.

Eerie Descent 11:03 Thu Aug 24
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
Screaming at a mangled dying woman who he has just run over?

Showing now remorse?

No elaborate story is going to make that right. Fucking hell.

Far Cough 10:52 Thu Aug 24
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
chim, he had no front brake, guilty as fuck

chim chim cha boo 10:33 Thu Aug 24
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
I was following a motorbike around the outside of the traffic heading south-east one years ago when a little girl who must have been about seven ran across the road in front of us.

The kid on the bike (with two brakes) couldn't do a thing and I heard the sickening CRACK as her head hit his front headlight.

The girl span around, the rider fell into the road then by some strange quirk of fate the bike righted itself and wobbled off up the road for ages before it hit the kerb and crashed. It looked to all the world like he'd been doing 100mph when he was really doing about 20mph.

I looked back at the little girl and her death throes literally made her entire body spasm so hard that she left the ground. I don't think I've ever seen anything more horrible in my life (which is saying something).

The motorbike kid was sitting on the kerb watching this little kid die and he was saying 'my bike! my bike!' and at first I wanted to kick him in the face but I realised it was shock. His brain was simply not letting him 'see' what had happened beyond chucking his bike up the road.

A similar thing happened to me when a bloke set himself on fire in Parliament Square. I saw the whole thing from start to finish and he ran across the grass on fire and fell down maybe eight feet away from me.

My mind just went 'look- someone has set fire to a pile of rags'. The traffic lights changed and I rode off. It must have taken a full hour as I watched the medical helicopter take off for what I'd actually seen to hit me.

So maybe this kid WAS just a selfish cunt, maybe he was in shock. Maybe a bit of both. As usual on here it might be a bit more complicated than WHOs kangaroo court make it out to be.

jack flash 10:20 Thu Aug 24
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
Vexed 9:14~

Yes it is

If someone blunders in front of a train & gets killed, technically the train driver is guilty of manslaughter

Obviously he/she would be unlikely to be charged with manslaughter unless a degree of recklessness was suspected

Eerie Descent 10:18 Thu Aug 24
Re: Lucas brunelle and charlie alliston
What was the hardest part about taking up cycling, Vexed, was it the dangerous roads, or telling your parent you're gay?

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