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swindon hammer 6:42 Sat Aug 26
Sack Bilic
Enough is enough.

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arsene york-hunt 11:39 Fri Nov 10
Re: Sack Bilic

Mex Martillo 9:56 Fri Nov 10
Re: Sack Bilic
Arsene, Bilic organised our best season in a decades

arsene york-hunt 8:46 Fri Nov 10
Re: Sack Bilic
There was a lot to like about Slaven. His decency, sportsmanship and integrity etc. but the brutal fact is he could not organise a piss up in Ireland.

Texas Iron 8:43 Fri Nov 10
Re: Sack Bilic
In summary..

Bilic... very good International Manager...
Very good Pundit...

Poor Prem Level Manager...

gph 8:29 Fri Nov 10
Re: Sack Bilic
I'm sad he's gone.

He should have got in a coach to do what he seemingly can't - drive home the basics in training.

Water under the bridge now.

Godwinson 8:09 Fri Nov 10
Re: Sack Bilic
Wanting Bilic to turn things around is understandable but you have to face facts. He was miles out of his depth and was only going to take us down this season. How a manager can say on TV last December that the intensity in training wasn’t there and then ask his players 11 months later where he went wrong is quite astounding.

It’s also astounding that he was allowed to continue so long but that’s our board for you.

Moyes has got them sweating in training, which is a step in the right direction at least.

Mex Martillo 7:19 Fri Nov 10
Re: Sack Bilic
I am with you Mr Kenzo and I guess I am what you would call an ex pat (I hate that term). I am not sure why but WHO has been very negative for years now. I think you are right it is full of old miserable gits that do not actually go to the games and love to moan about anything on here.

Surprised this thread is actually quite sensible. I gave up even opening negative Bilic threads over a year ago. I only opened this as I wondered why it was still going when the tools that invested time in it clearly got your miserable wish.

I am sad Bilic has gone, but hay we have a new manager and it will interesting. I hope he does well, I really think he can do well. Watford will be massive...

The Kronic 7:06 Fri Nov 10
Re: Sack Bilic
He didn't look well in the end did he? Reminds me of Zola who morphed from grinning chipmunk to a depressed laboratory chimpanzee.

OLD GEEZER 5:51 Fri Nov 10
Re: Sack Bilic
I think that Slav will be relieved that it's all over. The guy looked knackered at the end and had very little to give. Body language was terrible and he needed to go. I wish him well but reckon that perhaps his immediate future will be in media work.

Mr Kenzo 9:10 Mon Nov 6
Re: Sack Bilic
Im gutted Bilic has gone i really liked him and wanted him to turn things round. And i think Johnson is spot on about the problem laying with the owners, they are the root cause of so many issues. What makes me laugh are posts from ex pats and ex fans like Soldo etc, who are just Kodi viewers and condemn real fans who support the team and spend a lot of money only to be mocked. I guess some of our lot see West Ham differently on social media and not on the pitch like real fans, massive contrast

Northern Sold 8:46 Mon Nov 6
Re: Sack Bilic

swindon hammer 8:44 Mon Nov 6
Re: Sack Bilic
Yep Bilic was doing an amazing job.

Losing 4-1 to Liverpool, 3 nil to Brighton, 3 nil to Newcastle and also conceding 3 at Southampton, 4 at Man Utd and failing to beat Burnley and Palace with players like Hart, Reid, Cresswell, Zabaleta, Kouyate, Antonio, Arnatovic, Lanzini and Hernandez.

I doubt any manager could of kept us out of the bottom 3 and conceded less goals with that set of players.

bigfrank 8:34 Mon Nov 6
Re: Sack Bilic
You all got what you want. And now we are getting moyes. And it will all be the same in a few weeks with moyes. Moyes out, sack moyes. The board have let bilic down

Roy Race 4:12 Mon Nov 6
Re: Sack Bilic
Terribly sad to see an intelligent manager who loved the club go. And to be replaced by Scottish Allardyce.
It will get worse.
If they appoint Moyes despite all the fans protest, then they are just taking the piss, and laughing in our face.

GreenStreetPlayer 4:08 Mon Nov 6
Re: Sack Bilic
Gph, did you mistakedly put chance twice on the top line.

gph 4:05 Mon Nov 6
Re: Sack Bilic
GSP - I've just sent someone a text saying exactly that.

*checks security options on phone*

GreenStreetPlayer 4:02 Mon Nov 6
Re: Sack Bilic
With Bilic in chance we had a good chance of going down.
With Moyes in charge, we would will DEFINITELY go down.

Razzle 3:58 Mon Nov 6
Re: Sack Bilic
1 down 3 to go GSB

unitedsound 3:50 Mon Nov 6
Re: Sack Bilic
Former Hammer says It will be David Moyes...fucking Gold's mouth piece

Eddie B 3:08 Mon Nov 6
Re: Sack Bilic
999 duplicate threads

swindon hammer 3:00 Mon Nov 6
Re: Sack Bilic

not happy but it had to been done.

I don't want Moyes but even he is a better manager than Bilic.

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