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Q: 2017/18 Brighton (h)
a. If e can stop being the masters of our own downfall we should take 3 points, win
b. We seem too flaky at the moment and don't expect an easy game, draw
c. We can't put teams away and have a soft underbelly, lose
d. Did you know that Eurovision 1974 was held in Brighton and launched ABBA onto the world stage with Waterloo
e. I love Friday Night Football, it gives me the chance to show everyone down the local just how big a West Ham nut I am, hat, scarf, shirt, you name it I'll be wearing it

swindon hammer 6:42 Sat Aug 26
Sack Bilic
Enough is enough.

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dicksie3 4:15 Sat Oct 21
Re: Sack Bilic
He's an extremely average manager at best. Probably not even that. Out of his depth. Of course.

But the real cancer is those tight-arse club-murdering cheapskate wanker unambitious cunt owners of ours.

I'd love to meet them face to face. Especially that garden gnome cunt Sullivan. I'd fucking stamp on that midget cunt like a fucking ant.


Johnson 3:04 Sat Oct 21
Re: Sack Bilic
The fight went from the fans about 3 games in at the new shithole Sir Alf.

I knocked it on the head after about 8 games of 19 last season, the club is dead in my opinion, gone, but I’m clinging on.

I’m going Yids on Weds as taking the piss on their manor is about all we have left, I’m in Gloucester so if you wanna watch a game in the boozer rather than going when it’s on the box let me know.

master 2:46 Sat Oct 21
Re: Sack Bilic
He must not be in charge for the next game.

Even if he wins 10 on the bounce now, any further sign of a cock up and everyone is back on his back.

He has NO credit left in the bank any longer. The fan base has turned and only a handful will back him.

It's done. Start again.

Sir Alf 2:37 Sat Oct 21
Re: Sack Bilic
Sadly Johnson the fight has gone from the fans.

We have been shafted good and proper and this stadium is salt in the wound.

Brighton were comfortable and this was supposedly our full strength / best team.

Liverpool will have a field day when they play us at our first class bowl.

Only Zabaletta came out with any real credit despite giving a penalty away. No intensity, pace or work rate and slow pedestrian build ups that 10 / 11 men behind the ball were never going to be bothered by.

The alarm bells should be ringing loud to our owners but they should have been last year. We got lucky last season with some undeserved victories at home to Burnley and Hull or we would have been where we are now.

The 2 Bobs will as usual be a day late and a dollar short when they finally act.

Johnson 2:36 Sat Oct 21
Re: Sack Bilic
If he does sack him he’ll prove for once and for all he’s a liar.

Thick midget gobshite club killing on the take cunt.

chedylan 2 2:35 Sat Oct 21
Re: Sack Bilic
The fact that sullivan comes out and backs bilic til the end of the season before the game shows how out of his own depth that moronic midget is. Now he can't sack him after that and our slowebsite death rumbles on..

Johnson 2:28 Sat Oct 21
Re: Sack Bilic
I called for BFS head with a similar win ratio, 7 in 40 I think was quoted so he needs to go.

As with OAF our lying, tight, interest claiming (despite saying they wouldn’t, inept board will string it out I think as long as they can.

We’re looking at another Uncle Avram gamble here.

Fucking start standing up and drive these parasites out of our club.

zico 2:27 Sat Oct 21
Re: Sack Bilic
Sir Alf 2:24 Sat Oct 21

I been saying this for ages regarding goals conceded. His first season the team scored a lot of goals which papered over the cracks defensively and he hasn't learnt from it.

Sir Alf 2:24 Sat Oct 21
Re: Sack Bilic
He should have gone long while ago based solely on the number of goals we concede. 110 in 60 games. Over 2 a game it must be.

The owners are paralysed and why they thought anything would change is beyond me. This has been going on for 18 months.

New players brought in and still no team, intensity, cohesion.

Bilic is as bad as Avram and Roeder possibly worse in terms of stats?

The owners will do nothing and we will go down is my prediction sadly.

normannomates 2:00 Sat Oct 21
Re: Sack Bilic
All this nice bloke bollocks.
Yea he is.
But the football served up last season and this is worse than under Samuel...a lot worse.
Backing a manager on personality and likeability is ridiculous ..

He's earns a small fortune and is not to be felt sorry for.
He soon fucked off to Everton as a player...

zico 12:37 Sat Oct 21
Re: Sack Bilic
Charoo 11:00 Fri Oct 20

You are probably right and he is clearly a nice bloke but so was Glenn Roeder and this is definitely feeling like that period.

The board need to act because sooner or later, if not now, the likes of Lanzini and, well just Lanzini will be seeking pastures new come January. In some ways maybe Payet saw all this coming and didn't want to be part of a team in the lower reaches of the PL. Don't agree with the way he left and think he is a twat for doing what he did but I can see the same scenario occurring with Lanzini.

Meerkat 12:25 Sat Oct 21
Re: Sack Bilic
You from Wexford , Yellow ?

YellowBellyHammer 11:17 Fri Oct 20
Re: Sack Bilic
No discipline in the team. He has to go.

rochesterjohn 11:03 Fri Oct 20
Re: Sack Bilic
Gold and Sullivan have somehow assembled a squad that is top 8! Agreed the net spend is a joke but the problem isn't with the board, it's the cunt in charge of the team

Charoo 11:00 Fri Oct 20
Re: Sack Bilic
Absolutely has to go.

Was with an ex player the other day who told me that all the players love him.

It’s probably because he lets them get away with murder, it’s certainly not for his technical nouse.

Stevethehammer 10:55 Fri Oct 20
Re: Sack Bilic
About time he fucked off. This clearly isnt working and football is no place nowadays for chancers. The players clearly are not buying into this philosophy that Bilic has. Time to cut ties and bring in a more ruthless manager and a manager who knows what the fuck he is doing

onlyoneclydebest 10:53 Fri Oct 20
Re: Sack Bilic
Shut up you cretin

The problem id gold and sullivan,until those two chancers fuck off we will have the same shit year after yaer after year.

4 million net spend in 2 years in the richest league in the world.

Fucking wake upp

swindon hammer 10:29 Fri Oct 20
Re: Sack Bilic
Get the fucker out now!

Willtell 6:19 Mon Oct 2
Re: Sack Bilic
That was code for my agent will tell you to fuck off and do one.

BFS turned down an approach from Crystal Palace before Woy took on the poisoned chalice....

terry-h 6:03 Mon Oct 2
Re: Sack Bilic
Willtell 2:49
In the days leading up to the final game at Newcastle 2014/5 season,Allardyce announced that he would be flying out to Spain immediately after the match,but that Curtis would be available to meet Sullivan at the pre-arranged end of season review meeting on the Monday,to listen to any offer that still might come. As we all know,Sullivan humiliated him by announcing his departure from the club as soon as the final whistle went at St James's Park.
So although he was pretty sure he was going,he still held on to the hope Sullivan and Gold wouldn't let him go. I honestly believe he thinks he's gods gift to any football club.
No doubt he will make himself available around December yet again.

Willtell 2:49 Mon Oct 2
Re: Sack Bilic
Reply terry-h 1:58

That's a bit pessimistic terry. BFS said that he didn't want a new contract and that has now become clear that he can't be arsed any more. I think he was just tired of it all and wanted to retire which you interpret as giving up because no contract was on offer.

Bilic will still hope by finishing well he might get another contract at WH but if not, he will get offered jobs because the PL is somewhere that winning nothing but surviving is a job qualification worth £millions.

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