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Q: 2017/18 Brighton (h)
a. If e can stop being the masters of our own downfall we should take 3 points, win
b. We seem too flaky at the moment and don't expect an easy game, draw
c. We can't put teams away and have a soft underbelly, lose
d. Did you know that Eurovision 1974 was held in Brighton and launched ABBA onto the world stage with Waterloo
e. I love Friday Night Football, it gives me the chance to show everyone down the local just how big a West Ham nut I am, hat, scarf, shirt, you name it I'll be wearing it

swindon hammer 6:42 Sat Aug 26
Sack Bilic
Enough is enough.

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normannomates 2:00 Sat Oct 21
Re: Sack Bilic
All this nice bloke bollocks.
Yea he is.
But the football served up last season and this is worse than under Samuel...a lot worse.
Backing a manager on personality and likeability is ridiculous ..

He's earns a small fortune and is not to be felt sorry for.
He soon fucked off to Everton as a player...

zico 12:37 Sat Oct 21
Re: Sack Bilic
Charoo 11:00 Fri Oct 20

You are probably right and he is clearly a nice bloke but so was Glenn Roeder and this is definitely feeling like that period.

The board need to act because sooner or later, if not now, the likes of Lanzini and, well just Lanzini will be seeking pastures new come January. In some ways maybe Payet saw all this coming and didn't want to be part of a team in the lower reaches of the PL. Don't agree with the way he left and think he is a twat for doing what he did but I can see the same scenario occurring with Lanzini.

Meerkat 12:25 Sat Oct 21
Re: Sack Bilic
You from Wexford , Yellow ?

YellowBellyHammer 11:17 Fri Oct 20
Re: Sack Bilic
No discipline in the team. He has to go.

rochesterjohn 11:03 Fri Oct 20
Re: Sack Bilic
Gold and Sullivan have somehow assembled a squad that is top 8! Agreed the net spend is a joke but the problem isn't with the board, it's the cunt in charge of the team

Charoo 11:00 Fri Oct 20
Re: Sack Bilic
Absolutely has to go.

Was with an ex player the other day who told me that all the players love him.

It’s probably because he lets them get away with murder, it’s certainly not for his technical nouse.

Stevethehammer 10:55 Fri Oct 20
Re: Sack Bilic
About time he fucked off. This clearly isnt working and football is no place nowadays for chancers. The players clearly are not buying into this philosophy that Bilic has. Time to cut ties and bring in a more ruthless manager and a manager who knows what the fuck he is doing

onlyoneclydebest 10:53 Fri Oct 20
Re: Sack Bilic
Shut up you cretin

The problem id gold and sullivan,until those two chancers fuck off we will have the same shit year after yaer after year.

4 million net spend in 2 years in the richest league in the world.

Fucking wake upp

swindon hammer 10:29 Fri Oct 20
Re: Sack Bilic
Get the fucker out now!

Willtell 6:19 Mon Oct 2
Re: Sack Bilic
That was code for my agent will tell you to fuck off and do one.

BFS turned down an approach from Crystal Palace before Woy took on the poisoned chalice....

terry-h 6:03 Mon Oct 2
Re: Sack Bilic
Willtell 2:49
In the days leading up to the final game at Newcastle 2014/5 season,Allardyce announced that he would be flying out to Spain immediately after the match,but that Curtis would be available to meet Sullivan at the pre-arranged end of season review meeting on the Monday,to listen to any offer that still might come. As we all know,Sullivan humiliated him by announcing his departure from the club as soon as the final whistle went at St James's Park.
So although he was pretty sure he was going,he still held on to the hope Sullivan and Gold wouldn't let him go. I honestly believe he thinks he's gods gift to any football club.
No doubt he will make himself available around December yet again.

Willtell 2:49 Mon Oct 2
Re: Sack Bilic
Reply terry-h 1:58

That's a bit pessimistic terry. BFS said that he didn't want a new contract and that has now become clear that he can't be arsed any more. I think he was just tired of it all and wanted to retire which you interpret as giving up because no contract was on offer.

Bilic will still hope by finishing well he might get another contract at WH but if not, he will get offered jobs because the PL is somewhere that winning nothing but surviving is a job qualification worth £millions.

Norflundon 2:37 Mon Oct 2
Re: Sack Bilic
swindon hammer 12:16 Sun Oct 1
Re: Sack Bilic

Surely you must understand how ridiculous this makes you sound

terry-h 1:58 Mon Oct 2
Re: Sack Bilic
We won't get as high as 8th. When the walrus knew early 2015 he wasn't going to get a new contract, he and the players gave up the ghost. Bilic knows even earlier that he's had his chips and so do the players.
We are in for an awful few months and I wouldn't rule out relegation at all.

Swiss. 12:46 Mon Oct 2
Re: Sack Bilic
Now we have Lanzini back who says we can't make 8th?
Does anyone think with a better manager we could break in to the top 7. No I didn't think so.

The football on Saturday was totally dire though. If he starts with Ayew and Noble again he should definately go.

, 12:43 Mon Oct 2
Re: Sack Bilic
No I have not read any papers this morning. But that is because the papers print yesterday's news unlike the up to the minute online sites.

Kenright would be out of his mind to sack Koeman but if he did so we should be first in the queu to take him on in the future.

Dr Moose 12:40 Mon Oct 2
Re: Sack Bilic

You not read any of the papers this morning? Koeman on the verge of getting sacked. Next defeat and they will pull the trigger.

, 12:38 Mon Oct 2
Re: Sack Bilic
Why will Everton take on Ancelloti when they already have a good manager?

Dr Moose 12:36 Mon Oct 2
Re: Sack Bilic
This is to avoid criticism of their potential inept handling in not appointing Ancelotti; Everton will now snap him up whilst we're left praying that we get results against dross like Brighton and Watford as the top 6 sides will hand our arse to us, home and away.

JohnnyL 12:40 Mon Oct 2
Re: Sack Bilic
Mirror reporting he is staying till end of season

J.Riddle 1:08 Sun Oct 1
Re: Sack Bilic
Bazz, but they had Ayew their top scorer then..oh wait...

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