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MikeHammer 8:10 Sat Aug 26
Xbox Live Gold
Ok - a break from the poor performances..

A question to all you gamers - not my area.

My 10 year old son was excited today when a game he ordered for his Xbox One arrived today only to find that he needs to have Live Gold membership which looks like it costs around £55 pa. I am sure this comes with a lot - especially for those who use it regularly - but my son only plays (or is allowed to!) about one hour per week.

Is this worth signing up for or any tips ?

Personally I think it is poor that games can be sold where you have then have online sign in for extra stuff but I am a 1970s Space Invaders person and not a geek !!

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The Joker 9:44 Sat Aug 26
Re: Xbox Live Gold
Oh yeah, with an xbox live membership Microsoft also give you 4 free games each month from their back catalogue. So for basically £3 a month, it's good value imo.

The Joker 9:37 Sat Aug 26
Re: Xbox Live Gold
I get mine annually from cdkeys for £35.99


cup of tea 9:22 Sat Aug 26
Re: Xbox Live Gold
I will confess, I am a gamer (XBOX One)

I pay a year up front which for me is good value as I play daily.

The onlyproblem I have isI havenot upgraded my broadband to fibre so only get around 8mbs instead of 40-50mbs. When downloading a new game or a DLC it can take a stupid amount of time - I am talking about 12+ hours!

If anyone wants a slice I mainly play GTAV but am in badsports lobby for another 42 days!

P.S I have kissed a few girls

Don Ravioli 8:36 Sat Aug 26
Re: Xbox Live Gold
You can do it for £5 a month instead of the full year, to see how he gets on with it.
I think you should keep it how you are though.
Once they get started online it won't stop. Keep him on the sports instead. Lot of idiots on there as well so he will hear a lot of what he shouldn't.

MikeHammer 8:30 Sat Aug 26
Re: Xbox Live Gold
He is only 10 and we don't allow on school nights and his weekends have sports etc (currently watching him swim club for an hour)

Thanks I wondered unless we used it more -- is it worth it?

Alex V 8:29 Sat Aug 26
Re: Xbox Live Gold
Yep there's no real way around it if it's an online game.

CrowleyHammer 8:27 Sat Aug 26
Re: Xbox Live Gold
Hour per week?

Don't bother.

Pub Bigot 8:23 Sat Aug 26
Re: Xbox Live Gold
Hour per week!? Well done and I genuinely mean that if true. I'm a gamer. Wish my old man stopped me as a kid.

To answer your question though, you get 4 free games a month, cheaper rates on digital downloads and free play sessions in games.

kirok1 8:17 Sat Aug 26
Re: Xbox Live Gold
It's annoying but PlayStation do the same.
I have Xbox live, as does my son in order to play online. I use it less than I used to but I play the online matches far more than the games themselves which have a very short lifespan on the actual storyline.
Use be careful where your some is concerned. Language and abuse is at a premium. You can block them but he's bound to hear plenty that you might not like.

Romfordboy 8:15 Sat Aug 26
Re: Xbox Live Gold
Buy a spectrum zx

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