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twoleftfeet 3:27 Sun Aug 27
3-1 up at half time vs Swansea.

Martinez and Holland amongst the scorers.

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Eerie Descent 2:05 Tue Aug 29
Re: U23s.
Bringing in Westley to run our youth set up has looks to be the best bit of business we've done in a long time.

I don't think there is a person on this planet who would currently pick Ayew over Holland to start a football match. Actually, there is one...

Sven Roeder 1:55 Tue Aug 29
Re: U23s.
Why was his son there?

daveyg 1:17 Tue Aug 29
Re: U23s.
It's quite funny though, a year or so ago people were slagging Westley of big time and saying his son was only at West Ham due to him being Academy Coach.
He seems to be building a goodsquad and the players have got better over the last 18 months. I saw several of the current team play against a strong Swansea team 18 months or so ago.Swansea were stonger,fitter and faster than us then but the recent performances have seen Westley's teams adopt those strengths of Swansea and super seed them.There are several very talented players all playing in the current team with a lot of skill and don't get bullied like the team 18 months ago. Dan Kemp being the best example,goes in where it hurts,scores goals and is very skillful.Looks like you could knock him over with a feather but he resembles David Silva in that his balance is excellent when running with the ball.
I'm not sure about Westley taking over Bilic would be a good idea.Would rather we bring in a manager who would want to use the talent Westley is nurturing and leave him there.
I was a Bilic fan but I think he's lost it to be honest,sad but we have regressed from a team on the verge of CL football to bottom of the PL.
Time to bring in Benitez before he finds Newcastle easier to manage than us. If we leave it another 4 games then we could be doomed and Newcastle on a roll .They have 3 very winnable games coming up

gph 2:38 Mon Aug 28
Re: U23s.
kd - Pretty sure we'd get into trouble if we tried to field sixteen players.

But I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures

terry-h 11:40 Sun Aug 27
Re: U23s.
Trott should have done better for their first I thought.
Some good players in that team. I hope the next manager gives them a chance.

gregan 11:22 Sun Aug 27
Re: U23s.
Byram was comfortably our poorest player in the first half. Perked up a bit in the 2nd half.

Alan 11:05 Sun Aug 27
Re: U23s.



Keep dreaming 10:54 Sun Aug 27
Re: U23s.
Send them out against Huddersfield + Adrian, Zabaleta, Lanzini, Sakho and Hernandez

twoleftfeet 9:09 Sun Aug 27
Re: U23s.
Why doesn't Westley join the first team coaching staff?

gregan 9:08 Sun Aug 27
Re: U23s.
There's a bit of the Ryan Giggs about Holland and I don't mean shagging his brothers missus. Floats/glides past players. I can see most managers thinking he needs to bulk up a bit. Very good today. Was going past his man with ease in the first half. I'd play him over Ayew. Works his nuts off as well.

Sven Roeder 8:52 Sun Aug 27
Re: U23s.
I see Westley said Nathan Holland's performance was the best he has ever seen at this level.
Interesting that he mentioned the team is attacking at pace and playing a high press.
I thought the junior teams were meant to play in the same style as the first team .... i.e. dawdling , turgid & unable to tackle a fish supper

HAMMERAMA 8:31 Sun Aug 27
Re: U23s.
I have been watching this squad for a year now. Todays performance was immense not only did they dominate Swansea but also in previous matches definitely Swindon. They look a first class outfit. Yes there are some stand out players but more importantly they have a plan and they play to it.
Its not kick and rush or hopeful long balls its play patiently then explode down the flanks not just with one player but at least two on either flank.
The first 45 minutes were absolutely pure football.The one negative Swansea had only had one meaningful attack and scored.
Man United at the London Stadium in Mid Oct should be one of their major challenges but hey as someone pointed out earlier for £5 this must be the best value for football entertainment

Dr Matt 7:32 Sun Aug 27
Re: U23s.
Defoe and Bywater too.

NEVER SAY DIE 7:03 Sun Aug 27
Re: U23s.
Anyone notice how all of our best young players came from other youth systems.

Holland - Everton
Quina - Benfica/Chelsea
Rice - Chelsea
Kemp - Chelsea
Martinez - Valencia
Samuelsen - Man City

simon.s 6:29 Sun Aug 27
Re: U23s.
Best fiver I've spent for a while.

Check out the fourth. The pick of the bunch.

Alan 4:16 Sun Aug 27
Re: U23s.

twoleftfeet 3:50 Sun Aug 27
Re: U23s.


simon.s 3:37 Sun Aug 27
Re: U23s.
Yes, nice finish from Holland.

swindon hammer 3:34 Sun Aug 27
Re: U23s.
Holland looks the real deal to me.

Good skills, pace and scores goals.

simon.s 3:30 Sun Aug 27
Re: U23s.
Over watching this. They're playing well.

wanstead_hammer 3:29 Sun Aug 27
Re: U23s.
Put em all out against Huddersfield and get some points on the board ffs!

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