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Q: 2017/18 The RealWestHamFans March on March 10th
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d. What march

JohnnyIron 5:22 Mon Aug 28
BT Sport on West Ham

Owen Hargreaves CUNT Robbie Savage CUNT

11th is as good as it gets? Staying in the premier league is good?

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chim chim cha boo 1:55 Tue Aug 29
Re: BT Sport on West Ham
I was lucky enough once to have a half hour talk with Jonathon Pearce and I was amazed at what he knew about every sport. We started talking about West Ham but as we were on a motorbike (I was taking him to a game) we got into a discussion about MotoGP and I realised he was a human sport sponge and knows so much about just about every sport imaginable. It bordered on genius (or good old obsession) and I started to understand what it takes to be a sports anchor.

Humphries obviously has a bit of that trait about him and like Pearce it helps that he doesn't support a particularly brilliant team (the former supports Norwich and latter Brighton) so they are a bit more grounded.

I shit pundits. When was the last time a pundit ever said anything that made you think 'ah, I haven't thought about that before'? Never? No, me neither.

Rio has to stick up for his pal (and mentor) and Savage and Hargreaves know the sum total of sweet fuck all. It's madness to even waste your time listening to them as they know very little about the top six teams and when they talk about us they know about as much about us as they do about Palace, Burnley or Huddersfield.

Same with Sky and the BBC. Cunts, the lot of them.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:56 Tue Aug 29
Re: BT Sport on West Ham
I thought Humphries had done his research and did a pretty good job of summing up many fans' opinion.

Takashi Miike 11:01 Mon Aug 28
Re: BT Sport on West Ham
I've just watched the clip (I hadn't before) and I've now changed my opinion :.)

humphries is right about the other shit results that should be taken in to account and true to form, the sheepshagging cunt and plastic german mong play the company men and stick by a dead man walking. its Hargreaves that winds me up most though with his they should be grateful to be in the premier league

kirok1 10:19 Mon Aug 28
Re: BT Sport on West Ham
How are they spot on? Humphries referred to prior form. They ignored it.
For them it's always give him some more time.
Pros before ho's... or in this case, fans.

Megatron 10:15 Mon Aug 28
Re: BT Sport on West Ham
Robbie Savage seems to be morphing into a younger Noel Edmonds.

Takashi Miike 10:09 Mon Aug 28
Re: BT Sport on West Ham
I can't stand the pair of them but in this case they're spot on

mike hunt 8:06 Mon Aug 28
Re: BT Sport on West Ham
i saw it, couldn't really find fault with anything they were saying

bruuuno 5:40 Mon Aug 28
Re: BT Sport on West Ham
I make them right, historically speaking

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