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Coffee 7:10 Thu Aug 31
Diana 20 years on
Where did you hear of her death?

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gph 2:24 Fri Sep 15
Re: Diana 20 years on
Football related stat - the biggest UK attendance for a reserve game was set when Rangers-Celtic (first teams) was cancelled after the candle in the wind snuffed it, but replaced by a reserve fixture - 33,800 (1-1, if anyone cares)

Lertie Button 6:51 Sat Sep 2
Re: Diana 20 years on
Because of Diana's death it was acceptable for grown Manchester City supporters to cry when they missed out on a Europa League place

We will never forgive her

normannomates 2:15 Sat Sep 2
Re: Diana 20 years on
If you can lip read..her Majesty clearly muttered 'fucking tart' on her funeral March past.
Princess Margaret need spoke to her after that.

Cheezey Bell-End 2:01 Sat Sep 2
Re: Diana 20 years on
I had just finished a big porn download session, which I felt a bit guilty about.

Ronald_antly 12:37 Sat Sep 2
Re: Diana 20 years on
In the kitchen.

Swiss. 6:56 Fri Sep 1
Re: Diana 20 years on
I saw her in the flesh at The Motor Show Olympia in the early 90s. She was definately giving me the eye. If only I'd known then what we know now. Might of been in there :-)

But really never knew what the fuss was about.

Sven Roeder 2:49 Fri Sep 1
Re: Diana 20 years on
Friend of mine owns a flat that previously belonged to to a lady friend of a royal.
The front door is specially reinforced and all the wiring for a security system that was put in place is still there.
Looks quite an expensive job for somewhere that was just used as a bonking Bolt hole. But I guess if the taxpayer is paying no expense is spared.

Coffee 2:44 Fri Sep 1
Re: Diana 20 years on

They'd need a mirror for that. There was a time when men only used a mirror for shaving and combing hair. Since when did it become OK for men to use a mirror for introspection?

joe blob 2:41 Fri Sep 1
Re: Diana 20 years on
When the fuck did it become OK for men to cry in public?

It is so degrading and they should take a good look at themselves

mashed in maryland 11:52 Fri Sep 1
Re: Diana 20 years on
I've helped fit a kitchen in one of the Parker-Bowles' houses off the Fulham Palace Road. Had a shit in their toilet. 100% true.

Swiss. 11:27 Fri Sep 1
Re: Diana 20 years on
Lets face it who'd want ot marry into that bunch of tight fisted, disfunctional Germans.

Sven Roeder 11:11 Fri Sep 1
Re: Diana 20 years on
Amusing story on popbitch ..... Will Carling , Diana , Growler

mashed in maryland 11:11 Fri Sep 1
Re: Diana 20 years on
Swiss. 11:09 Fri Sep 1

Dunno if that was actually the case though. More like:

The world: errr... do we???

mashed in maryland 11:11 Fri Sep 1
Re: Diana 20 years on
Coffee 11:00 Fri Sep 1

Yeah that's a better way of putting it. It was obsessive, stalkerish and bitchy which was totally contradictory to all the "people's princess/queen of hearts" stuff which the press switched to after she'd died. As I said it's almost like they felt guilty and were trying to make it up, although it's much more likely they were trying to sell papers. Cunts.

Swiss. 11:09 Fri Sep 1
Re: Diana 20 years on
Could never see the obsession with this woman...the world wide grief and hysteria was quite embarrassing

HairyHammer 11:03 Fri Sep 1
Re: Diana 20 years on

I am very much straight got the passport if you know my meaning, I just have an emotional side to my nature which I got from my mum, dad was an extremely serious man who smiled rarely and was as hard as nails.
What is it that frightens so many heterosexual men about other men talking about or showing actual emotion?, The last I heard Human beings were not robots and we are not all the same either. I would never cry if West ham got relegated but know men who have , does that make me better than them ? Obviously not.

Coffee 11:00 Fri Sep 1
Re: Diana 20 years on
"it wasn't entirely positive"

It was extremely negative.

mashed in maryland 10:53 Fri Sep 1
Re: Diana 20 years on
Looking back on it, I kind of see the whole "public" (ie; press) mourning as a sort of guilt trip.

I was only a child at the time but I remember the sort of press she was getting. It was incessant and it wasn't entirely positive. She literally couldn't go to the shops without a sensationalist front page or centre-spread full of blurry pics. Looking back it was fucking creepy. Plus I don't think there was a single British male celeb who she wasn't paired up with at some point in a potential affair.

Arguable that she kind of brought it on herself earlier in life, but then again the press are complete CUNTS.

Anyway I reckon the press whipping up a national period of mourning was them kind of making up for it. Or just a continuation of it. Who knows. See the last 5 words of the above paragraph.

goose 10:44 Fri Sep 1
Re: Diana 20 years on
Hairy are you bent? Coz right now you sound really bent.

Sven Roeder 8:09 Fri Sep 1
Re: Diana 20 years on
I would agree that her work with AIDS patients at the time was a big break through at a time when it wasn't at all fashionable.
You can completely understand why gay people so respected her for being such a public figure to respond like that.
And of all the people in the royal family her influence on her sons being a bit more normal is obvious.

The public reaction was still hysterical and all a bit 'look at me' though.
If they really loved her they would have boycotted the publications that had her plastered all over them every day. Unless they REALLY thought it was all just attention she loved and manipulated when it suited her.

Alfs 7:12 Fri Sep 1
Re: Diana 20 years on
Thoroughly enjoyable snipes and replies, but someone has neglected to mention that she, by one act, destigmatised aids, as well as bringing up her children in a way that has dragged the Monarchy, or future Monarchy, in to modern times.

She was also vey beautiful, which always helps.

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