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Q: 2017/18 Carabao Cup Spurs (a)
a. It's Wembley we have a decent record on the hallowed turf a& all we need is another Maiga, win
b. There's no draws in this comp so what chance do we have, lose
c. Forget the game, we'll always be a laughing stock while those idiots in the Boardroom still own the Club, SELL SELL SELL
d. How great is this another game live on the box, so it's back down the Pub full kit on and roaring the boys onto another win, cut me and I bleed claret & blue

Troy McClure 2:29 Fri Sep 1
The Magic Sponge Podcast
Apologies if you already know and/or listen

Seeing as we all need a bit of a pick-me-up. This podcast cracks me up. It's Bullard who I know aint everyone's cup of tea, along with Rob Beckett - the comedian with the big hampsteads

Only 25mins long each but loads of episodes and well worth a listen. Enjoy


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The_Phantom 6:17 Fri Sep 1
Re: The Magic Sponge Podcast
will give this a try.

Partial to a bit of The Football Ramble myself.

Troy McClure 2:56 Fri Sep 1
Re: The Magic Sponge Podcast
Bullard's stories are hilarious. Slagging of Pardew for the 1st few weeks genius!

WHUDeano 2:47 Fri Sep 1
Re: The Magic Sponge Podcast
Excellent series and really highlights how much the game/celebrity around players has changed, especially at the top level.

That, and putting a load of young men together and them never having to grow up, seems to create a fascination with poo!!

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