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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

BKnowles21 10:19 Wed Sep 6
Gary Firmager - Copa90 Video
Checked and couldn't see it posted anywhere already.


Copa90 'Showcase', it's a bit long (40 minutes or so), but for the West Ham related bits watch the first 5 minutes & 28 minutes in for another 7 minutes.

I thought it was a good watch, I always liked and agreed with a lot of what Gary had to say in OLAS & once again, he's pretty much summed it up here.

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paulon 11:16 Wed Sep 6
Re: Gary Firmager - Copa90 Video
Cheers mate, good watch

Pub Bigot 11:11 Wed Sep 6
Re: Gary Firmager - Copa90 Video
He killed OLAS off because he didn't see a space for it. I think it's time to bring it back, because it was a forum to shout and at the very least, something to read on the way home.

Troy McClure 10:56 Wed Sep 6
Re: Gary Firmager - Copa90 Video
Cheers Knowlesy Son, enjoyed that

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