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Gary Darkness 2:15 Thu Sep 7
bolton tickets
Does anyone know if STHs get a priority point for buying a Bolton ticket now?

Or was there a deadline to get a point?


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side effect 7:12 Mon Sep 18
Re: bolton tickets
I'm trying to get my ex to get mine for me. Somehow I keep getting cut off.

4ever-blowin-bubbles 7:08 Mon Sep 18
Re: bolton tickets
got my ticket safely in the post so will be there tomorrow night

RM10 7:05 Mon Sep 18
Re: bolton tickets
Exactly what shit are we putting up with private that warrants to boycott games

Bom Stickle 6:50 Mon Sep 18
Re: bolton tickets
The one thing I'm not prepared to do is miss matches PD. If someone wants to organise a protest against G&S in the ground I'll join them but I'll always be in attendance.

Unbelievable support by the way, just shows how big we could potentially be with proper investment.

Gavros 6:44 Mon Sep 18
Re: bolton tickets
Private Dancer is some sort of joke account, yes?

ludo21 6:40 Mon Sep 18
Re: bolton tickets
You mean the Charlton who got 10172 attending their last league match... yeah, we are just like them.

Amazing turnout, though when I last looked at the online tickets it didn't look as though the last 10-15 rows of the upper tier were on sale so they may have restricted capacity to 50k for this?

chim chim cha boo 6:37 Mon Sep 18
Re: bolton tickets
Nice to see YOUR backbone Dancer. It's pretty hardcore of you not to bother.

Private Dancer 6:31 Mon Sep 18
Re: bolton tickets
West Ham fans are sadly utter mugs these days. The longer we keep turning up in our droves to watch shit in an Athletics stadium without any hostility towards the owners at all simply falls into their hands. It's almost embarrassing being West ham today. No fucking backbone whatsoever, Just lap it up and take the shit. Fucking Pathetic. We have basically become Charlton Athletic.

side effect 6:30 Mon Sep 18
Re: bolton tickets
There's 3 blocks with good availability atm. And 27 blocks sold out.

Still can only try tomorrow as I'm by that way anyway

chim chim cha boo 6:03 Mon Sep 18
Re: bolton tickets
I was near the stadium anyway at lunchtime, rolled up to the ticket office and asked to buy my season ticket seats.

'Sorry mate your seats went ages ago. In fact your whole block is sold out. We've only got less than THREE THOUSAND left. In fact I'm having a bit of trouble finding you two seats together'.

I ended up in the upper tier, a place I'd hoped to never see. Mad. Bolton at home in a shit cup (although it won't be a shit cup if we win it) and it looks like being a sell-out.

side effect 4:57 Mon Sep 18
Re: bolton tickets
Do you reckon I will be able to go to the ground tomorrow at 2 ish and get 3 tickets. Can't get them online as I only have a visa election plus my email never gets recognised.

ragingbull 10:46 Sun Sep 17
Re: bolton tickets
Got my ticket through the post for the Moose cup.
This will be my third visit to the stadium,the previous two
ended in defeats so i'm on a hat trick...........cunts.

simon.s 11:44 Wed Sep 13
Re: bolton tickets
Bertie - I got mine delivered on Saturday, although they also arrived with my Huddersfield ticket, got it online first day of general sale too.

I wouldn't worry too much if the don't turn up. Take your confirmation email and ID to the TO they will issue them on the night if need be.

Fifth Column 10:44 Wed Sep 13
Re: bolton tickets

You have a third choice.

It's called divorce.

bertie 10:42 Wed Sep 13
Re: bolton tickets
Has anyone who bought their tickets on the general sale received them yet? Mine haven't arrived yet and I wondered if that was unusual as I bought them on the first day of general sale.

Kearley 6:20 Wed Sep 13
Re: bolton tickets
Not the only two options Sold0, sometimes she lets me cut the grass.

Northern Sold 6:18 Wed Sep 13
Re: bolton tickets
Not old skool at all are you Gavvy... it which case you'd know... no wonder you've only had 2 season tickets your whole pityful life...

Gavros 6:16 Wed Sep 13
Re: bolton tickets
Its better than your 'Durham Bumper' bollocks, you fucking wanker.

Northern Sold 6:14 Wed Sep 13
Re: bolton tickets
... and another thing... what's all this calling me Ratched?? In joke or just you being an unfunny cunt... as per??

Northern Sold 6:13 Wed Sep 13
Re: bolton tickets
She's dead Gavvy so you are no better than Tex you sick fuck

Northern Sold 6:12 Wed Sep 13
Re: bolton tickets
Is that the only 2 choices you get on a match day then Kearley?? Blimey... no wonder loads go football...

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