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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

madeeasy 10:30 Thu Sep 7
View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
So after 3 dismal away games and zero points we welcome newly promoted, and flying high, Huddersfield.

Should be an interesting game. With it being a game that we wouldn't have thought to be as big as it is for West Ham, so early in the season, but with the last 3 results the London Stadium promises to be on a knife edge and tense night for us.

I'd like to thank Gary for taking the time to answer this weeks questions.

Is it pronounced Ooodersfield or t'Uddersfield? Sven Roeder.

Definitely Uddersfield. Until someone provides actual proof I’m not actually sure there is a ‘H’ at the start.

Congrats on also being unbeaten at home so far this season.,How surprised are you that you are and how long will it last? Sarge

Thank you. I fully expected us to start the season well, under Wagner the club like to recruit early and we are an extremely fit and well organised side. It is obviously impossible to say for certain but I’d argue we were the fittest side in the Championship last year and the number of goals we scored in the last 5/10 minutes was incredible.

In addition to this we seem to have had a kind start. Palace and Newcastle were both there for the taking and we took full advantage. Southampton were a stronger side but actually we were well worthy of a point and probably deserved all 3.

Obviously, I don’t expect it to last all season and we’ll have our rough patches, however we look like we are going to be competitive and I think we’ll surprise a few people this year. Our first team looks good but it’ll be interesting to see how we cope with injuries further down the line.

What we do have is an incredible manager and even better owner. I fully believe that David Wagner will one day manage one of the top 5/6 clubs in Europe, whether that be in England, or Germany. I genuinely wouldn’t swap him for any manager in the Premier League.

Not many Yorkshire teams last long in the top division - Leeds, Hull, Sheffield's two, Bradford. Why are Yorkshire teams so much less successful than the lancashire big boys? Alvin

In truth, I have no idea. I think there has been a history of clubs that are badly run and Yorkshire seems to attract its fair share.

After decades of living in the shadows of the other Yorkshire clubs, how much satisfaction does it give you to now be the top dogs and only representative in the Premiership? Grumpster

Loads, I have always been massively proud to be a Huddersfield Town fan regardless of what league we are in. I think what I am proud of most is the whole clubs’ relationship to the fans/the area, particularly since Dean Hoyle came in. The Board, the management and the players are all bought into that.

What do you make of the start to your season, and what are your expectations now?

Obviously, an excellent start to the season and I’m hoping our run of clean sheets and victories can continue into the game on Monday night.

I suppose best case scenario for the season would be for us to have a really good cup run and for us to finish top half. I honestly believe that there isn’t a huge gulf between the bottom 10-12 clubs in the league so I’m sure we could finish anywhere from 8th-20th, somewhere in the middle of that would be a great achievement but I think the whole club ‘who famously set no limits’ would be aiming for a top half finish.

Personally, I thought we’d finish 14th before a ball was kicked so I’ll stick with that.

Before the start of the season what did you think of your summer transfer dealings and how are you feeling now?

I thought we’d done well. We signed some of the players we had on loan last season so no surprises with those and we signed a few that I’d not seen much of so you never really know. I trusted the club though and their transfer dealings since Wagner came in have been nothing short of incredible. As fans, we don’t even judge players now when they are signed, the usual comment is “If he’s good enough for Wagner, he’s good enough for us”.

We seem to buy round pegs for round holes, which in this day and age is rare. Players come in and they can almost instantly play the system and look like they’ve been with the club for years.

What game were you looking forward to the most when the fixtures came out?

Liverpool away, as I’ve never been to Anfield

What are your thoughts on West Ham and our fans?

My best friend at school was a big hammer and I always liked the club and the fans. They are probably my favourite London based club. Less pretentious than the big boys, great fans, a great stadium and a proud history. To be honest recently I feel you’ve lost a lot of that, the stadium move hasn’t helped, but isn’t the main issue. It’s probably your owners who I have a dislike for (Karen Brady in particular), you also seem to not really have a clear vision of where you want to go. You seem to buy tons of foreigners who don’t really seem to settle and then churn through them every few years. Where has the youth system gone at West Ham? The argument will be that it doesn’t work, but clubs like Southampton/Everton proof that isn’t necessarily the case.

Can you stay up? Can we? Hornchurch Dave

Yes of course. Chicarito was a fantastic signing and his goals will almost certainly keep you up. You’ve also got a strong team, the likes of Antonio, Carroll (when fit), Cresswell. You look a little light in the middle and I’ve seen Noble have too many below par games. Unfortunately (as I like him), I can’t see Bilic lasting though as the knives already seem to be out for him. The rumours of Benitez replacing him would worry me immensely, although with him at the helm you would certainly stay up, just bore the fans to death in the process.

With regards to us then I have huge confidence in our ability to stay up. We’ve obviously had a good start, which helps.

Huddersfield's success is built on them being a club of the community. How long do you think it'll take for premier league money to ruin that? Alex G

This is one of my biggest worries. I don’t think it will ever come from the top and it usually starts with the players, however we seem to be investing in players who have a strong character, speak English and seem happy to engage with the fans and play for the shirt/manager.

The first time I see the players get off the team bus with their headphones on (ignoring the fans who’ve queued to see them), my heart will break a little.

What would you rather have, a) cup win and relegation, b) premiership safety but no cup, or c) a free romantic weekend in Venice with your whippet? Lily Hammer

Without doubt A. Unlike most football fans I am not obsessed with the Premier League-I’d just as happily go to a lower league ground like Elland Road as opposed to an Old Trafford/Emirates. I’d rather win the FA Cup, get relegated and not see the top league for another 40 years, as opposed to 3/4 years in the Premier League finishing 16th. Teams like Stoke/West Brom and yourselves drive me mad by playing weak teams in the cups focusing all your attention on Premier League survival.

If you could choose a Cockerney Rhymin' slang term for your drum, what would it be? Mike Oxsaw

Is Drum my penis? This is a very confusing question. I’ve always like ‘Butchers Hook’

Is Huddersfield still the biggest town in England? Vexed

I don’t think it ever was although I’m sure I still tell people that it is when I’m pissed. Robin Hood was rumoured to have died in Huddersfield and Camelot was supposed to be in our borders. Pretty sure none of these are true, but we still shout about them.

Does your mum like her ‘UDDERS FEELED? Noah

She does although not sure she’s ever been to a match for 20 years. She texts me when they win/lose, personally congratulating me, or consoling me.

when did you last go down t' mine? Gavros

Year 7 on a field trip. Mining is more South Yorkshire. We are Cloth people (not religious)

What Player do you have that would make our first 11 and what west ham player(s) would you like to see in a Huddersfield shirt?

Dangerous game this as whoever I say is almost certain to score on Monday.

I’d actually say more than you’d think, perhaps a bit early to tell with some of our new imports.

Jonas Loss’l – because Joe Hart is bang average.
Christopher Schindler is a fantastic CB and will go onto bigger and better things than us.
Aaron Mooy would get in most Premier League teams, think of him as John Moncur but with talent!
Steve Mounie looks like a brute in the air, think Andy Carroll but mobile and can play more than 5 games a season.

We are a team rather than a bunch of individuals.

What are your favourite crisps?

Canadian Ham Seabrooks (also a local crisp) although I could easily list 20 more.

What is your favourite pie? Joe blob

Steak and Ale

FA Cup win and be relegated or stay up and no cup?

Answered before. Easily a cup win,

Up next, we have West Brom, what question would you like us to ask their fan?

Would you prefer to be a Sunderland/Middlesboro yo-yoing between divisions, or a West Brom/Stoke who finish between 8th and 12th every year?

And finally your prediction for the game?

I’m never going to not back my team so I’m going for 2-1.

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, 2:48 Mon Sep 11
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
Icwhs, I can't get the image of his mum's tits flying over his head out of my mind.

hdiron 2:43 Mon Sep 11
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
I'm watching the game with him tonight so I'll break down his mum's tits, so to speak.

icwhs 11:47 Mon Sep 11
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
Good read, thanks..

Amazing the t,uddersfied and his mums tits flew straight over his head, not even a bother

Alvin 10:31 Mon Sep 11
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
Terrifiying if true.

Trevs Header 11:50 Sun Sep 10
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
Good read madeeasy.
Can we nick their chairman, manager, fitness coach and defence coaches.

Ummm think we are going to get stuffed

Keep dreaming 10:51 Sun Sep 10
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
We are a team rather than a bunch of individuals.

I envy them

Worst Case Ontario 3:03 Sun Sep 10
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
A nice read. The la for the work madeeasy. Seemed quite a pleasant chap. Good luck to him and them.

Wilko Johnson 2:00 Sun Sep 10
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
Seabrooks are Brattfud crisps, aah say bluddy Brattfud.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 4:50 Fri Sep 8
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
Obviously the crisps answer is made up.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 4:49 Fri Sep 8
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
neilalex 11:08 Thu Sep 7

'Fuck knows how you found him because the smallish northern towns up here are generally full of the chippiest inbred fuckers you could possibly wish to meet.'

The whole thing is translated from the original Urdu...

Mace66 4:31 Fri Sep 8
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
Decent answers and clearly has a nice warm feeling about his club.

If only !!

Grumpster 12:54 Fri Sep 8
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
Good lad and the mum's baps comment went straight over his head - ha ha

JOHNNY V 12:36 Fri Sep 8
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
If Bilic does go Wagner sounds exactly the type of manager we should be targeting

, 12:11 Fri Sep 8
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
Your mum 11.14.

My first genuine lol of the day.

madeeasy 12:11 Fri Sep 8
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
No problem gents.

thanks for sorting the colouring etc charley

charleyfarley 12:09 Fri Sep 8
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
Thanks madeeasy

Your mum 11:14 Fri Sep 8
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
"we are an extremely fit and well organised side. "

That's us fucked then!

Mex Martillo 11:05 Fri Sep 8
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
Thanks Madeeasy

Spandex Sidney 10:59 Fri Sep 8
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
Can you put in a transfer bid for a Chairman?

Sniper 10:36 Fri Sep 8
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
What a nice polite chap

Did he even get the joke about his mums tits?

yngwies Cat 10:33 Fri Sep 8
Re: View from the Opposition - Huddersfield
Nice bloke.

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