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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

paulon 10:49 Fri Sep 8
Bilic ES Column
Losing is never pleasant, but when it is your third Premier League defeat in a row and comes before an international break, it is even worse.

Over the two weeks since we were deservedly beaten at Newcastle, there has been plenty to fill the vacuum.

First of all, I want to say that our performance against Newcastle wasn’t nearly good enough — I said it straight after the game and I repeat it now.

Three games, zero points — okay, all away from home but, yes, a bad start.

The story is very simple, though. Okay, we have lost a little confidence but we can only come back through hard work — and a win.

Monday night’s match against Huddersfield is massive. We have to turn this bad start around and start to win games.

I admit I was down after Newcastle. It was a huge disappointment and a surprise in a nasty way.

Of course, we were not happy with the first two defeats. Against Manchester United, I was unhappy because we conceded two late goals, but against Southampton we showed a lot of character to come back from 2-0 down with 10 men, only to lose to a late, soft penalty. You are devastated, yes, after a defeat like that, but the performance at Newcastle was a real downer and unacceptable.

Was it the lowest point since I have been at West Ham? To be fair, we’ve had a few like that — and even in our first season I remember playing at Newcastle. It was 2-0 to them in the first half but it could have been five!

Now we have our first home game. It will be a special one and it is time to do something.

I understand that Danny Gabbidon — a former West Ham player — wrote in an article that it looked as though I had “thrown in the towel” after the match two weeks ago.

I want to reply to that. I told the players afterwards that, yes, this is West Ham and, yes, we will lose games. Not like that, though. It was unacceptable.

I am not throwing in the towel and neither are the players. We will work hard to put this right — starting on Monday night.

The other thing which has dominated the last week or so has been our attempt to sign William Carvalho from Sporting Lisbon, an attempt that ultimately failed.

There has been much said and written since. There is much I could say but I don’t want to, not because I am afraid to have my say but because that is not my style. I haven’t said anything before and I don’t want to start now.

My job now isn’t to say what is the truth or who is to blame. My job is to raise the performance from what is a good squad of players which will get even better when everyone is fit.

I can talk about the facts and, yes, I have talked to my friends and my staff about what has gone on and, of course, I don’t agree with many things. Am I going to go public, though? No, that’s not how I work. What is the benefit to anyone to moan about things which have nothing to do with Monday?

We have a good squad. We ideally wanted another one or two and that’s why we offloaded some players, but it didn’t happen and that is the reality.

It was disappointing that we didn’t sign Carvalho because it looked as though it was going to happen and that defensive midfield position was one I have wanted to strengthen for some time. But it doesn’t mean that, because we didn’t sign him, we haven’t done good business this summer.

Although we will be without Manuel Lanzini, Edimilson Fernandes, who are injured, and Marko Arnautovic, who is suspended, I am hoping that Andre Ayew, who picked up a thigh injury playing for Ghana, will be fit for the Huddersfield match.

We are looking forward to playing again in the London Stadium.

As last season progressed — the first in our new home — we became more comfortable there and I can remember matches where the atmosphere was really something special.

In the second half of last season, we really improved, both with results and performances. I can recall the matches against Tottenham, Swansea, Everton, West Brom and even Leicester, when we lost, we felt at home. It was a good feeling.

We have thought long and hard in the last couple of weeks about changing systems and we will see.

We are going to train at the stadium tomorrow and Sunday.

Huddersfield have yet to concede a goal and they are on a high. I am not going to say that they will go down, but they will level off at some stage.


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Private Dancer 5:12 Sun Sep 10
Re: Bilic ES Column
I don't see anything 'classy' about Bilic at all. I just see a struggling manager trying to keep his well paid job before the inevitable axe falls.

He might be a nice guy, but so what, aren't most people decent anyway? What sets him apart? Oh I know, nothing.

normannomates 2:49 Sun Sep 10
Re: Bilic ES Column
Better than kaka 2.04
Are you sure.
Coward playing dumb to keep his well paid job in my book.

If he had any bollocks. .he would have torn sullivan a new one for all to see...but no..he towed the line.
Lost all my respect..he's fucked

normannomates 2:40 Sun Sep 10
Re: Bilic ES Column
Watford get slated for continually changing managers.
But they are run by wops..their philosophy is totally different...and our old chum Scott Duxberry revealed an interesting point about how they do things.
The set up is such that whoever the manager/coach is won't affect how they operate.
They have a core team..who run things.
The manager/coach does just that.
Works for them upto a point.
Not for me...but at least they have some semblance of a plan..we certainly havent

Sir Alf 9:14 Sat Sep 9
Re: Bilic ES Column
Side of Ham 8:26 Sat Sep 9

I watched a good portion of that game and Silva showed what a manager with a tactical mind and game plan can do. They looked well organised, everyone knew their role and he has brought in players at modest expense and has them all working and pressing and they easily beat Southampton.

I do not think some of our fans realise just how poor we are with Bilic in charge. He picks the wrong players in the wrong positions and we look physically weak and unfit. We will concede thats a certainty.

Side of Ham 8:26 Sat Sep 9
Re: Bilic ES Column
Hope he saw that Watford win today seeing as that's the game we was ok at.

Fifth Column 7:36 Sat Sep 9
Re: Bilic ES Column
Infidel I think is spot on with his prediction. The best scenario is a scrappy 1v0. More likely is we get thumped 3 or 4. At least Bilic would be gone then.

Infidel 11:12 Sat Sep 9
Re: Bilic ES Column
Can't see us getting anything out of Monday night's game.

Bilic will set us up cautiously as he always does, with six defensive players and instructions to keep it tight for the first half.

He'll play Noble and Ayew. Chicharito wil be up front on his own, unable to do anything because he won't have any support.

There won't be any ambition or attempt to tear into them from the off. We'll be passing it across the back four for long periods. It's the Bilic way.

If we're lucky we'll get to half time 0-0. If not Huddersfield will smell blood and score.

Dreading it....

Oh dear 6:03 Fri Sep 8
Re: Bilic ES Column
I saw it in one game last season.

We can normally manage to do it for 1 game in any given season Sir Alf............

.....expecting another game is just being greedy

Sir Alf 5:52 Fri Sep 8
Re: Bilic ES Column
Lots of platitudes and talk but sprinkled with some excuses ( subtle mention of away games and injuries ) and keeps on bigging up the Southampton game 2nd half when they were 2-0 up and IMO were trying to see out the game as we had 10 men. Once we got to 2-2 they stepped things up having felt they had let the game slip.

The other big worry is Ayew. He may be available !!! Oh gawd help us because he is myopic when it comes to Noble and Ayew.

What he does not see or understand is the lack of intensity, the fact his teams cannot compete for work rate and crumble when pressed. He seems to want us to play like Arsenal but without the players. It aint working for Arsenal let alone us.

You got to be super fit, physically strong all over the pitch, win the 2nd balls and 50:50s, every player knowing their defensive responsibilities. You cannot play a midfield including Fernandez, Noble and Ayew and expect to compete in terms pace, work rate and physicality. Its so obvious.

His starting 11 will decide his fate along with how he sets us up. 5 at the back, Obiang and Kouyate in midfield, Rice in a back 3 for me. Then we will see if he can get the players to aplly themselves and give that intensity.

Losing would not be the end of the world if that was present. I saw it in one game last season. Tottenham at home. That should be the norm. IMHO

RM10 5:22 Fri Sep 8
Re: Bilic ES Column
i agree.

After8 5:19 Fri Sep 8
Re: Bilic ES Column
He doesn't deserve better. He's a shit manager.

Mind you, Sullivan is shit too.

Infidel 5:16 Fri Sep 8
Re: Bilic ES Column
Trevor B

How many headed goals have any of the players Bilic put in the box scored?

I have no problem with asking any player to take the dead balls as long as they have the talent for it.

That lad Ward-Prowse that came on for Southampton hit some absolutely deadly corners for them. Some players have it, others don't.

What bugged me about what happened at Man Utd is that Arnautovic didn't even clear the first man with his corners. Either that or they sailed straight into the arms of the keeper. I take better corners than him -
and I mean that literally.

And even if he doesn't score with his head his physical presence in the box would have been a menace to Man Utd.

So what's the best use of Arnautovic when we get a corner? Scuffing the ball straight at the first defender? Or using his muscle to make some space in the box?

No brainer.

Unless you're Bilic.

Jasnik 4:28 Fri Sep 8
Re: Bilic ES Column
We have thought long and hard in the last couple of weeks about changing systems and we will see.

Ok 3 at the back it is then

Trevor B 4:23 Fri Sep 8
Re: Bilic ES Column

Arnautovic has not scored a single header in all of his time in the PL, so either he is shit in the air, or he had been taking dead balls at Stoke too.

Hammers1993 4:21 Fri Sep 8
Re: Bilic ES Column
Easy infidel, those are very good questions, which you are not allowed to ask the nice guy in charge.

Only thing I would change in your questioning is number 5, I would change the wording of "first three games" to "majority of the last 18 months", how is he still here?

Infidel 4:04 Fri Sep 8
Re: Bilic ES Column
While we are at it, Slaven, can we have answers to the following :

1. Why did you designate Arnautovic to take corners and free kicks against Man Utd? It's obvious he has none of the required skills to hit dead balls in to the box and being 6'4" any sane person would have put him in the mix.

2. When you decided to play Chicharito as a lone striker what was your thinking? How did you expect him to win long balls punted upfield when he is flanked by centre halves six inches taller than him?

3. Why were Sakho, Lanzini and Kouyate - three of our best players - left on the bench against Newcastle? What made you think the players you selected, including a 18 year old boy, were better then those three?

4. Having played said 18 year old boy, what damage do you think you have done to his confidence by yanking him off at half time for making a mistake? What man management theory is that you're following?

5. Why have you set the team up in our first three games in such a negative, boring, unambitious formation and instructed the players to sit back and defend? We have shipped 10 goals under your system, is it not time to consider having some ambition?

6. Finally, why do you continue to select Mark Noble when everyone can see his best days are behind him?

Answers on a postcard would be fine. Cheers.

J.Riddle 2:32 Fri Sep 8
Re: Bilic ES Column
When I say Bilic was cheap, I mean not just in contract salary terms, but also in his demands for transfer funds which has been non existent, which is why the 2bobs gave him the gig.

Bilic won't speak out now or later until he is in another job, otherwise he could become unemployable.

Hammers1993 2:30 Fri Sep 8
Re: Bilic ES Column
Sorry, he actually described those games mentioned as a "good feeling". Sack him tonight.

J.Riddle 2:28 Fri Sep 8
Re: Bilic ES Column
The 2bobs made a big mistake appointing Bilic even if he was 5th choice or whatever. He was given the gig because he was cheap that is certain. So Sullivan is to blame end of.

Bilic seems clueless regards tactics, fitness, training methods and team selections, but he couldn't refuse the best job offer he will ever get, even if he was out of his depth. Probably thought he might get lucky, and he did signing Payet in season one, after Payet acted up like a dickhead the wheels came off and he has been found out. No chance of turning it around imho.

Hammers1993 2:26 Fri Sep 8
Re: Bilic ES Column
Says that he is hoping Andre Ayew is fit? When does this guy learn.

He also says that Everton (0-0 probably the most boring game in recent memory where I believe there was 2 shots between both teams), West Brom (conceding a last mintute equaliser) and Leicester (2-0 down within 8 minutes I seem to remember and then losing 3-2 on the day) were enjoyable for him? Seriously?

Sven Roeder 2:11 Fri Sep 8
Re: Bilic ES Column
The first letters of each sentence spell out :
David Sullivan is a massive cunt

If they don't they might as well

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