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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

AKA ERNIE 3:24 Fri Sep 8
slavs press conference
Just watched it live on facebook came over very well says he laughed and found it very funny sporting bloke calling owners the dildo brothers

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onlyoneclydebest 11:35 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
As long as those 3 lying,thick,incompetent,meddling,attention seeking cunts are at the club it doesn't matter who the manager is.

They will relentlessly undermine him

nychammer 6:08 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
Seems like we have a perfect storm of inept management on the field and in training and a board unwilling to spend. I look at our squad and our luck with injuries and see a season of struggle ahead.

Monday will be interesting

Eerie Descent 6:01 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
Mex Martillo 5:12 Sat Sep 9

Sorry mate, but you're not well.

We barely had a shot at goal ffs

wansteadman 5:40 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
We got £116m from TV last year. Supposedly an increase in takings at the new stadium and we are still run by a pair of skinflints.
I like bilic but again and again he has no apparent game plan we seem very unfit very unorganised and I do not thnk we've ever played players so often out of position. After picking ayew noble and Fernandez against Newcastle and leaving kouyate and obiang on the bench I do think he has lost the plot

Mex Martillo 5:12 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
Well ManU played extremely well and we were not that bad against them, had similar possession, made quite a few attacks and shots, but yes got overwhelmed in the last 5 minuets to leave us with a rether embarrassing score line. Thing is I did not really give up hope until their 3rd goal in 87 min. It was not that bad. I never said it was ok or that I am sane.
I do not think we were steamrollered at all.

Eerie Descent 4:56 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
Taking everything else away, what part of the Man Utd game can any sane person think was 'OK'?

We were absolutely steamrollered, and gave up with a whimper.

Mart O 4:55 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
'We want attacking football, as does Bilic'

Really ? We might, but I'm not so sure about him.

Looks to me like he prefers to cede possession and try and play on the counter, despite the absence of pace in the side.

chedylan 2 4:49 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
How can you sat the other 2 games were ok? We looked unfit and disorganised in those as well

United we rolled over for them. Southampton we were yet again shooting ourselves in the foot with comedy defending.the 2nd half fightback was the only encouraging 25 minutes ive seen so far this season. Then as so so often do, can't hang on for the point. It all looks like a continuation of last season, just a different keeper picking the ball out the net.

Mex Martillo 4:48 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
Its a really tough league and a good few of teams have really increased the standard over the past year. We want attacking football, as does Bilic, but with that comes risks and the consequences that we have seen. However, like it or not our league position does not lie and we have not done as badly as you would all like to say. I am enjoying Bilic far more than our last 2 managers and can understand the problems. I do not see he is a bad manager. It appears, I disagree with most of you.

Sir Alf 4:38 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
Mex you are correct but this is not about 3 games unfortunately. It is about a year, 90 odd goals conceded in 50 odd games and 5 or 6 wins in 30. The selections, tactics, substitutions are the other symptoms of what I believe is a root cause.... a hapless manager.

Shame he is likeable. Makes it harder to accept his performance as our manager over the last year is an "F" for failure.

The owners are a longer term problem. They create the circumstances / environment for failure. Sullivan is a lost cause.

Mex Martillo 4:37 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
PS gettng back on subject,
I agree with Bilic, as he said and I repeated below we have not been that bad, Newcastle appart.
I agree with Bilic, the SCL thing is a joke and should be laughed at, no need to wet your pants and worry about our great club.
We need more fitness, commitment and hard work and we will pull ourselves out of this as Super Slav pointed out

Mex Martillo 4:32 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
WTF, anyone would think we have never lost 3 games in a row, you guys make me laugh.
The team has not even done that badly in the these 3 games. Newcastle was bad, but ManU and Southhampton were not that bad.
The owners will not sack Bilic, because he is doing a good. I think it is more likely that Bilic finishes the season then he gets sacked during September.
Bloody, jokers, no bottle.

Private Dancer 4:31 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
Alf - We are now a bigger, richer club, closer to London and more attractive to possible new wealthy owners.

Does that mean much to your average fan though? No.

Sir Alf 4:24 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
There was absolutely no point moving if you look at it from the fans perspective.

I try to keep an open mind though. Is there anyone that can put forward a case for moving now? And I was one who reluctantly accepted the move because I thought it would see improvement.

I just say the same thing. Give us a better team on the pitch and we might shut up and even put up with the spin and bullsh*t.

2Bobs/Dildos are responsible/accountable for raising expectations and not delivering. They make the decisions on who the manager is and how much is available for spending on players. If it is not spent well and the team is not improved they are on the hook to sort it out. They do not know what they are doing but are ignorant and arrogant to the point that they do not know they are hapless in their jobs, that they have appointed a poor manager and have spent money badly.

Bilic should not be in his job.

Side of Ham 4:13 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
They have a ceiling on spend that suits UP not where we've moved to their spend as it stands will not keep 55,000+ bums on seats and that was the whole point of moving no?

Full Claret Jacket 4:08 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
I also think people confuse spending money on transfer fees as lack of investment.
There has been heaps of investment in the club. Even free transfers are far from free and many of these were good players.
As I said on another thread, if we'd paid 30m for Hernandes and then people would think differently about our spend and not be bleating over a transfer that didn't happen.

Side of Ham 4:07 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
Jaan i couldn't give a fuck how high it is we are still shopping in the same store as West Brom etc

Investment is about eating at the top table, this new stadium we are told by them rivals teams at the top table and some according to them surpasses these great clubs with dream squads.

Side of Ham 4:03 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
It's a situation that needed compounding, otherwise we'll just keep ruining managers or picking ones that fit these tight cunts agenda and watching them fail as we are not excepting a slow build after selling our home to rent.

How they thought they could PR themselves through their tightness i don't know.I didn't expect any investment of their own money whilst at UP but once they moved us to rent i did because that move was about being speculative in business and changing our standing in football and investment on their part was key to fulfilling that potential and guaranteeing they would maximise their large profit into amazing profits.

Now they've not i look forwards to utter cunting i knew was coming their way.There's enough nut jobs in our support to ensure this and Gold is fully aware of this due to him because my born on the doorstep.

Jaan Kenbrovin 3:54 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
Side of Ham 3:15 Sat Sep 9

We've got the 8th highest wage bill in the PL and have barely turned much profit since promotion.

Our problem isn't a lack of investment, it's too many wrong investments. That's my biggest gripe with the owners and the managers.

That said, Bilic is underperforming with what he has got and needs to turn it around. He isn't a shit manager which is why we got 7th and our highest ever PL points total, of which ironically the owners never got any credit for but are all at fault now Bilic's reign has turned sour.

master 3:20 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
Agreed. Though the manager really hasn't helped himself at times. In thoss circumstances it'd work in your favour to stick to the basics and not go maverick. But he kind of shot himself in the foot a few times to compound the situation.

Side of Ham 3:15 Sat Sep 9
Re: slavs press conference
Bilic like all our managers has had to budget himself strictly by having a low budget to fill a squad that's never been properly invested into.

That's where West Ham managers except turd polishing in order to stretch the shitty budget they are given and they then in turn do the stupid route of square pegs in round holes.

It's a regular occurrence with our managers and the route cause is bad/limited resources.

Thing is where these are cunts they say they are great businessmen but don't speculate in new and better product to keep their customer base happy and they've changed the whole brands look.

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