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Briano 9:20 Fri Sep 8
Tom Ince

Daily Liar making a mountain out of a molehill as usual.

Young honest pro, I think he should be applauded.

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4ever-blowin-bubbles 1:04 Sun Sep 10
Re: Tom Ince
he may get a few boos but me personally has nothing against him
now if his dad was playing that would be different lol

stewey 12:08 Sun Sep 10
Re: Tom Ince
Who ?

gank 11:20 Sun Sep 10
Re: Tom Ince
And Buffers? ag ag ag ag

That was for the Judas-loving HUFFERS

gank 11:19 Sun Sep 10
Re: Tom Ince
threescore? What's that? I did, of course, mean threesome

gank 11:19 Sun Sep 10
Re: Tom Ince
Buffers, you've always had a soft spot for fat men who betray West Ham so you can fuck off, and Jack Flash, it doesn't matter WHEN he did it, what matters is WHAT he did.

If you found out your wife fucked your dad and your brother in a weekly threescore every week for 8 years but stopped 15 years ago, you wouldn't just shrug it off as water under the bridge.

I haven't, anyway. She still has to wash AND dry up every night.

Huffers 9:27 Sun Sep 10
Re: Tom Ince
The Paul Ince stuff seemed to finish when we beat him 4-1 when he was managing Blackburn. He was on the touchline, obviously and didn't get much abuse at all really.

jack flash 9:23 Sun Sep 10
Re: Tom Ince
I think most grown-ups have long since moved on from what his dad did all those years ago. I gave up holding a grudge against his father years ago & certainly see no reason to hold a grudge against him. It's ridiculous

Nothing should deflect from the dogs abuse our board is going to get either!

Sarge 11:34 Sat Sep 9
Re: Tom Ince
Got an earful from some of us in the play off final.

Made him play pretty well if I recall.

BulphanIron 11:26 Sat Sep 9
Re: Tom Ince
He knows the score!

Fuck the OS...

gank 9:28 Sat Sep 9
Re: Tom Ince
**** deleted ******
Nothing against the lad personally, half decent player. But it would make his fat no-necked cunt dad cry himself silly, live on TV.

Wankworthy stuff.

Northern Sold 9:01 Sat Sep 9
Re: Tom Ince
Read his interview in the Sun today.... loved Upton Park ... thinks the cesspit is shit.... he's growing on me

Jim C 7:36 Sat Sep 9
Re: Tom Ince
I remember Blackpool at home in the Championship and he got a few boos but nothing to get bothered/excited about.

I don't see why anyone would bother, he wasn't even alive when his old man did what we did, it is irrelevant.

claypole 11:06 Fri Sep 8
Re: Tom Ince
I was thinking about Ince snr the other day when Sakho tried his stunt and how the situations compared.

Vexed 10:56 Fri Sep 8
Re: Tom Ince
He's too shit to be worth worrying about, at least his old man was a player.

Sven Roeder 10:13 Fri Sep 8
Re: Tom Ince
I certainly don't recall a 'torrent of abuse'.
Of course he played against us in the playoff final at Wembley for Blackpool and can't recall any reaction whatsoever.

Maybe West Ham fans don't think Paul Ince is actually his father.

Mex Martillo 9:50 Fri Sep 8
Re: Tom Ince
I hope he gets a normal reception
I do not even hold anything against his Dad

Pub Bigot 9:50 Fri Sep 8
Re: Tom Ince
Don't care enough about him to cheer, let alone boo. Media making stuff up because his dad was/is a cunt.

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