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Far Cough 2:02 Sun Sep 10
The Kinks...
were fucking great



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The Human Stain 12:55 Wed Sep 13
Re: The Kinks...
started in the pub at end of my road. Clissold Arms.

cholo 12:35 Wed Sep 13
Re: The Kinks...

"prancing round the room like some outrageous poof"


SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:21 Wed Sep 13
Re: The Kinks...

Fantastic Cockney non-PC moment at 1.36. The Kinks just couldn't help themselves. People forget that the hunting pink uniforms lasted about 6 months. In fact they were a right bunch of uncompromisingly horrible herberts.

cholo 9:58 Wed Sep 13
Re: The Kinks...
One of those bands where you can forget how many great songs they've done besides the obvious hits, especially when like me, you haven't listened to them for years.

Strangely they were one of the first bands I got into despite being an 80s boy, as my older brother collected 60s/70s vinyl around that time probably due to the mod revival thing in the early 80s.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 9:48 Wed Sep 13
Re: The Kinks...
I'm pretty sure I was there, too. I remember seeing Voice of the Beehive (Woody from Madness) and I don't think I would have seen them any other way. The Kinks were horrible at around that time Joe. I'm an absolute Kinks fanatic and there's at least half a dozen songs on that setlist that I'm struggling to bring to mind.

Also, Ray was in full, 'fuck playing the old hits' mode at the time. He did them, but just made it obvious they were a chore.

By then they were a band that badly needed to break up.

Bungo 9:43 Wed Sep 13
Re: The Kinks...
Took me many years to figure out that a couple of my favourite Van Halen songs were actually Kinks songs.

joe royal 9:29 Wed Sep 13
Re: The Kinks...

joe royal 9:25 Wed Sep 13
Re: The Kinks...
I saw them at ally pally about 25 years ago. Voice of the beehive was the support.

Left halfway through the kinks , thought it was boring.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:26 Tue Sep 12
Re: The Kinks...
RDD had huge issues with this.

For decades he was thinking, 'Look, I'm still a serious composer, THIS is what I'm doing now', but for about the past 20 years he's embraced his hits with joy.

It's probably quite normal.

Takashi Miike 8:46 Mon Sep 11
Re: The Kinks...
thats the biggest thing I hate, artiste's who disown their hits. fucking give the fans what they want :.)

Pedant 8:40 Mon Sep 11
Re: The Kinks...
Far Cough 4:31 Mon Sep 11
Re: The Kinks...
Waterloo Sunset is a cracking song

Saw them in about 77 - the first reform, I think. They'd dropped this from their set, but the crowd kept calling for it. Eventually Ray Davies said "Look we really don't do Waterloo Sunset any more." No booing or anything, but palpable disappointment and people still calling for it. Eventually he said "OK, OK. One verse only" and jammed the whole song. It was bit ragged, but a very cool moment.

In St Albans. Seriously.

Bungo 7:24 Mon Sep 11
Re: The Kinks...
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 5:02 Mon Sep 11

He was and did a very good job of the bathroom!

I think he ran the decorating/tiling company for many years, but has recently got back into playing and touring.

Far Cough 5:32 Mon Sep 11
Re: The Kinks...
They had a couple of hits, then packed up

Far Cough 5:28 Mon Sep 11
Re: The Kinks...
Yeah Steve Ellis

Northern Sold 5:26 Mon Sep 11
Re: The Kinks...
Cough... Yeah remember my dad telling us about him...

My MATES Mum is/was dating the lead singer of Love Affair (Everlasting Love)... think he does the rounds belting out that... I mean only song they did wasn't it??

Far Cough 5:08 Mon Sep 11
Re: The Kinks...
Anyone remember PJ Proby and his scandalous splitting trousers?

, 5:03 Mon Sep 11
Re: The Kinks...
Ray Davis had a long stint with Christie Hynd and poor young Dave had an 18 month fling with Long John Baldry.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 5:02 Mon Sep 11
Re: The Kinks...
Karl Green. Sounds like a decent chap.

Bungo 4:41 Mon Sep 11
Re: The Kinks...
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 4:29 Mon Sep 11

Ho ho!

He actually did that anti-Zoltaneering thing, where he didn't mention it for ages, then commented on a couple of guitars I had around the house, and then did the 'I used to be in a band' thing, to which I inevitably responded 'oh yeah, anyone I'd have heard of of' and he went 'well maybe, Herman's Hermits?'

Picked self up off floor.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 4:37 Mon Sep 11
Re: The Kinks...
He knew Something's Happening, for sure...

Gavros 4:37 Mon Sep 11
Re: The Kinks...
I think "Ex stars with normal jobs now" would make a good thread.

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