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Sven Roeder 3:18 Sun Sep 10
Sunday football
Burnley ahead v Palace .... Chris Wood

Might ruin a few bets of those who have Bilic down as first sacking if stays the same as DeBoer may meet De Door

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SullyHammer 12:52 Mon Sep 11
Re: Sunday football
Given yesterday's results, it's even more crucial we get a win tonight as that will put the pressure on the other sides around us, particularly and Bournemouth.When you go 3/4/5 games without a win that negativity creeps in and we have to take advantage of that and pull away.

Coffee 12:24 Mon Sep 11
Re: Sunday football
*apart from not scoring

Coffee 12:24 Mon Sep 11
Re: Sunday football
I thought Palace were very unlucky. They played well apart from scoring and didn't deserve to lose.

JayeMPee 12:22 Mon Sep 11
Re: Sunday football
The one positive for me was that Palace, Newcs and the Swans all looked crap, if we can't play better than any of them we deserve to be relegated.

East Auckland Hammer 11:50 Sun Sep 10
Re: Sunday football
Chris Wood was always going to score goals for whoever signed him, just through his work-rate alone.

Shame it wasn't for us, but too late to worry about it now.

We wouldn't have paid 15 million for him anyway. We'd have offered 3.

Sven Roeder 8:43 Sun Sep 10
Re: Sunday football
Paul Clement was very honest and admitted they were shit and didn't even mention that Ritchie could have been sent off.
He is one manager I actually like unlike crybabies like Klopp who is very jolly when they win and always has someone to blame when they don't.
On another day Abraham finishes when he should have (or the ref gives a pen for Lascelles blocking it with his hand) and Ritchie gets sent off.
Games outside the top 6 usually turn on one or two incidents and if you are off the pace like us you get done.
We look unfit, disorganised and too soft. That needs to change very quickly.

nychammer 8:31 Sun Sep 10
Re: Sunday football
We lost to Newcastle because we were shit, at least on the day. Swansea at least put some pressure on and crated a few clear chances, our midfield just got crushed. I hope it's a different story tomorrow and we've used the international break wisely to regroup, train and come up with a game plan to beat Huddersfield.

tnb 8:16 Sun Sep 10
Re: Sunday football
Apparently retrospective action cannot be taken unless the ref gave a foul - which just goes to show how much of a joke any purported attempts to cut down on diving are. That was as blatant as it gets.

Still, Swansea were awful. No spark without Sigurdsson. Bony looked lost when he came on, and Abraham is Championship standard at best. No marking at all for the goal. Rubbish game, but enough to see there are problems at Swansea. How we lost 3-0 to that Newcastle side remains beyond comprehension.

Norflundon 8:14 Sun Sep 10
Re: Sunday football
I've never seen that Sanchez before.....he was absolute garbage can't imagine what the reaction would be on here if we had a player who had a debut like that

Kite 8:05 Sun Sep 10
Re: Sunday football
Watching Celts v Slaves, Celtes have some sponsor on the back of their shorts and it looks like their arse's are hanging out.

Sven Roeder 7:51 Sun Sep 10
Re: Sunday football
They were shit away at Huddersfield with him in charge.
Better today with him at home nursing his liposuction scars.
Go figure.

Ritchie's boot on Mawson was far worse than Mane's
Endangering an opponent.... red.
And more shit refereeing. The dozy cunts are making it up
That's two games in a row that Newcastle should have lost a player.

11MDE 7:44 Sun Sep 10
Re: Sunday football
Rafa is so great, they still win when he's in hospital. Get that man in as soon as possible.

Johnson 6:40 Sun Sep 10
Re: Sunday football
He's got a point unfortunately.

This is what the ownership of BERKS Inc has done to our reputation.

FruityBoots. 6:29 Sun Sep 10
Re: Sunday football
Just watching AC Milan have their arses handed to them on a plate by Lazio, all the money they spent and look proper average.
Commentator bought up the Napoli manager being kinked with us, the co commentator sneeringly laughed "Huh, why would he want to go to West Ham"

Grumpster 6:15 Sun Sep 10
Re: Sunday football
Incredible save followed by an incredible dive.

FA need to start growing some balls and banning these cunts after games.

nychammer 6:12 Sun Sep 10
Re: Sunday football
For what it's worth Newcastle playing better, prob should be ahead.

Johnson 6:12 Sun Sep 10
Re: Sunday football
Should have booked the diving cunt then

Private Dancer 6:09 Sun Sep 10
Re: Sunday football
This is why people shouldn't whinge when the better/bigger sides are on tv a lot. Who the fuck wants to watch this utter shit today. I've turned it off.

nychammer 6:04 Sun Sep 10
Re: Sunday football
Because we were utter dogshit?

Keep dreaming 5:56 Sun Sep 10
Re: Sunday football
How we lost 3-0 to this NCastle team is fucking unbelieveable

nychammer 5:46 Sun Sep 10
Re: Sunday football
Reminiscent of a few of our performances last season. Won by the odd goal but undeservedly so. I truly hope I'm not thinking the same after tomorrow's game.

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