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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

Spandex Sidney 12:56 Mon Sep 11
Frank De Boer Sacked

Shouldn't he get another 2 seasons to turn it around? I thought that's what you did with a clueless manager?

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Lee Trundle 3:18 Tue Sep 12
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
It seems like De Boer lost the dressing room before he even found it, based on media reports.

Quite an impressive thing to do!

Sven Roeder 2:38 Tue Sep 12
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
I get the impression with DeBoer that it wasn't that it was about the style change but more that after a few weeks they thought he was about as inspiring as a wet piece of cardboard and not an impressive personality.
You'd think they would have spent enough time with him when interviewing but I guess every company has made that mistake and been fooled by a decent interview
In hindsight you might have found out more from Inter as to why they sacked him so quickly. I am guessing he shrugged it off as hot headed Italians and Palace bought it.
Maybe his style and personality translates well to the Dutch but they can be a bit dour and tedious. Or argumentative
Apologies to any offended Clog wearers

Pub Bigot 2:21 Tue Sep 12
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
Alex V 2:12 Tue Sep 12
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked

I agree mostly with what you're saying, but we're in our 3rd season away from him now and we have a squad that's more mobile than anything we ever had under him. The one ingredient we lack otherwise is our creative spark and when Lanzini returns, we're all hoping and praying he quickly builds a link with Chicharito.

If we lose Lanzini in the summer, which for me is highly likely, then we revert back to Allardyce like football unless the club focus on bringing in a couple of creative players.

I can't think back to a period where we ever had more than one around at a time, other than the luxury turned nightmare that was Payet.

Alex V 2:12 Tue Sep 12
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
I agree with the descriptions of what has happened at Palace. They're realising that changing/improving the style after a long spell with pragmatists who use discipline and not ability to get results is very difficult. So after four games they revert back.

It rings true for us too. Bilic has come in to try and improve the style, but two years in and last night we played more long-ball than we ever did under Allardyce.

That's why Allardyce is so obviously a club-killer. He creates nothing, builds nothing, there is nowhere to go from his approach except to more of the same.

Pub Bigot 2:06 Tue Sep 12
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
I've not read the replies, but here's my two pennies.

De Boer's appointment was a strange one considering he has a playing philosophy that you couldn't get out of that squad, which was essentially what Allardyce left. If you want a manager to be able to implement a style of football that the club he's joining isn't used to, then it takes time and time in this league is something you don't get. So why employ him?

Frank Deb Boer was short-sighted Joining Palace. He clearly lacks the ability to adapt his game, something you see in Wenger and Klopp to a lesser degree.

Dr Moose 12:01 Tue Sep 12
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
Vexed 9:37 Mon Sep 11

Dutch sides will hire him.

cholo 9:48 Tue Sep 12
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked

twoleftfeet 9:46 Tue Sep 12
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
Nice to see 70 year olds still able to get work.

Expect Palace to bond over games of bingo and mugs of cocoa.

mattyolmes 11:42 Mon Sep 11
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
Crickey my typing.

When results go bad*
Getting in Pulis...

mattyolmes 11:40 Mon Sep 11
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
Crazy by Parrish to hire him.

He's tried to get managers in who lay more possession type attractive football Nd has always ended up reverting to type when results go had and getting in plus or bfs or apparently woy now.

Glad I'm a hammer

Vexed 9:37 Mon Sep 11
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
He needs to make the most of that wedge as he ain't getting another decent job for a while if ever.

Sven Roeder 9:05 Mon Sep 11
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
Seem to be saying they were underwhelmed by him after a few weeks and were looking at a change around Aug 28.
Sounds like a very poor interview process which will cost them heaps. Sure I read he is due £6m on his contract but that's probably a guess as to what he is entitled to.
After Inter ending the same way he is making a lot of money very quickly

Vexed 8:45 Mon Sep 11
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
This de Boer situation is a bit daft. He must have known the players were largely cloggers before joining. Palace must have known he'd try to turn them into a team that passes. Strange. Damaged goods, he'll need to skulk off back to Holland for a gig now. Palace get stuck with the abject Roy Hodgson. What a fuck up. He'll keep them up though, but they'd probably want to top themselves watching that every week.

kirok1 8:38 Mon Sep 11
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
, Don't need Pards for that. Bilic is definitely set on that.

Vexed 8:31 Mon Sep 11
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
Say what you like about Pardew, he's undoubtedly a bit of a cunt but he got what we were about as a club infinitely better than this so called West Ham man Bilic ever will. The fucking Addams family reject cunt.

Fivetide 6:34 Mon Sep 11
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
Pardew is smart enought o know that there is a finite number of top clubs, and that there is little point in actively setting light to bridges with any of them. 'Unfinished Business' was a pragmatic sign off.

, 5:24 Mon Sep 11
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
Jasnik, Pardew's unfinished business with us was to actually take us down. We don't want him back to complete his mission do we?

Takashi Miike 5:22 Mon Sep 11
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
good at shagging. no, the lothario's ship has sailed

cornish 5:21 Mon Sep 11
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
Pardew are you kidding?

simon.s 5:21 Mon Sep 11
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
Is Pardew really any better than Bilic? I haven't seen anything at this level to say he is, but he would jump at the chance of course, and might give us that short term lift. That's what he is good at. If Bilic goes, I'd still like to see us try and lure Benitez away.

, 5:07 Mon Sep 11
Re: Frank De Boer Sacked
If our owners appointed the priapic Pardew it would be a way of getting rid of Lady Brady.

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