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ray winstone 2:37 Mon Sep 11
iPhone X
Rumours rife that a new iPhone X to be announced tomorrow retailing at around £1,000, bit steep or 'having one whatever the cost'?

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Dan M 11:58 Wed Sep 13
Re: iPhone X
Going to stick with my Pixel XL for a long while longer. One more month and it's paid for and switches to a SIM-only contract. Still works beautifully and the latest Android update (that's Oreo defjam, OREO) has boosted the performance in a few areas. It's basically a near-perfect little computer and telephone.

That's three iPhones, two Androids and a shit-load of Nokias I've had now. Oh and a Motorola MicroTAC 5200 in 1996.

greenie1 10:37 Wed Sep 13
Re: iPhone X
Still happy with my iPhone SE. Does the job just fine.

oioi 11:05 Tue Sep 12
Re: iPhone X
I fancy the twin lens camera & large screen. Might get mrs oi to get me one for Christmas, she's loaded...

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:26 Tue Sep 12
Re: iPhone X
No idea what it is mate. Can you catch it?

I do dislike the pretend hippies turned unacceptable face of capitalism that is Apple, though.

ray winstone 10:23 Tue Sep 12
Re: iPhone X
So you're not impressed by AR then Surf?

, 10:21 Tue Sep 12
Re: iPhone X
There, there diddums.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:19 Tue Sep 12
Re: iPhone X
The mealy-mouthed twat comma has developed a plan whereby he continues to drone on about settled issues like PR and Brexit and whenever anyone pulls him up on it he announces, 'Ha ha! Fishing'.

Presumably he thinks that eventually this will give him carte blanche to bore on unopposed and thus claim some kind of victory in his own head. He's barking up the wrong tree on WHO, that's for sure.

ray winstone 10:12 Tue Sep 12
Re: iPhone X
The Augmented Reality looks interesting.... I

Johnson 9:37 Tue Sep 12
Re: iPhone X
Apple have finally introduced wireless charging. Glass and aluminium casing, improved camera.

That's in the 8.

The X (TEN) does all of that but a nicer design, FACE ID instead of Touch ID and no home button.

Looks decent to be fair but nothing truly groundbreaking.

$699 or $999 respectively for the 64GB model.

chim chim cha boo 9:30 Tue Sep 12
Re: iPhone X
What a bunch of fucking idiots with your Apple and Samsung mobiles. Losers, the lot of you.

Anyone who is anyone in the really hi tech world has such an exclusive phone that hardly any of you will have even HEARD of the Wasp T12.


Far Cough 7:40 Tue Sep 12
Re: iPhone X
How do you know if someone has an iphone?

Joe Royal tells me

joe royal 7:38 Tue Sep 12
Re: iPhone X
My choice of phone is live streaming of radio and tv.

Just happens the iPhone 7 came top in all its reviews for that.

Sniper 7:11 Tue Sep 12
Re: iPhone X
Anyone got an iriver

Or are iPods better?

Swiss. 6:51 Tue Sep 12
Re: iPhone X

Yeah she's the smart one in the marriage.

Lee Trundle 10:02 Tue Sep 12
Re: iPhone X
My missus loves Apple and their products.

Tells me all I need to know.

icwhs 9:55 Tue Sep 12
Re: iPhone X
*I've had*

icwhs 9:54 Tue Sep 12
Re: iPhone X
Ivuhad iphone 3/4/5/6/7 all work phones..

Android is just for tight cunts who tell you they are better

It's a phone ffs

Hammer and Pickle 9:39 Tue Sep 12
Re: iPhone X
My only gripes with the iphone 6 are the battery life and certain features, especially itunes, which is dreadful. apart from that it does everything my simple requirements ask of it with this os.

This is its third year, I'm planning to use it till it dies and won't be updating the os unless I absolutely have to.

Agent Scud 9:25 Tue Sep 12
Re: iPhone X
I upgrade about every three years when the current phone starts slowing down.

From what I can see iPhones are for the hard of thinking and Android gives a lot more freedom. No brainer really.

Capitol Man 3:35 Tue Sep 12
Re: iPhone X
I no doubt will at some point. Not sure I will be rushing out to do it this time though.

defjam 2:29 Tue Sep 12
Re: iPhone X
Yes android is for grown ups.

What operating system is it on now..Kit Kat or Strawberry cheesecake?

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