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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

Eerie Descent 12:31 Tue Sep 12
Has there been many worse individual performances in a comfortable win?

He was so fucking poor it's breathtaking, if Noble had played that badly, there would be 5 threads started about it. His passing was abysmal, his movement pathetic, his tracking back laughable, and I'm yet to find a word for the 2 shots he had yet.

Did one decent thing all night, blocking a ball and passing it to a teammate (for a change) and the fact that it ended up leading to a goal keeps the MYTH rolling on.

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mallard 9:48 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
I personally wouldn't blame Rice as he was pretty tight on Llorente when it got flicked to Son, Rice then turned to chase Son who was unmarked.

Norflundon 8:49 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
Tbf I was sitting on the moon last night but it definitely looked like Rice was at fault as he got sucked in which actually made his performance more extraordinary....as a lot of kids would of crumbled

cornish 8:21 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
He's a good box to box midfielder.

mallard 8:13 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
Difficult to blame any individual for the first as it was the flick by Llorente that fazed the whole team

Norflundon 7:40 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
Played very well last night just as he played very well in the middle of the park against Burnley

Eerie Descent 7:17 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
The first goal was not his fault, you do know that son?

Northern Sold 7:00 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
Eerie Descent 12:39 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
You did watch the game, didn't you?

You do know what position he played?

Errr he was playing `out of position' for that 1st goal

under the thumb 4:05 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
Kouyate is not a natural centre half. Never will be.
If you are going to play the three then Ogbonna plays left of the three with Collins/Rice in the centre and Reid right of the three. Fonte misses out for me but in fairness his performances had improved before Brighton game.

It's a myth of Eerie's that Kouyate is a centre half. One game and he thinks he's a genius. Did you go Eerie last night and did you notice the first goal when Noble let Sissoko run off him to score and Kouyate the 'centre half' was out of position?

Mex Martillo 7:40 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
He is good in a back 3, he showed that last season as well

fraser 3:44 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
Can be a very good centre back, if he doesn't go pressing them all the way to their box leaving us exposed.

Johnson 2:52 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
I like him in a back 3.

Trevor B 2:51 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
He was at fault for both their goals. He's a very athletic, average footballer who can play in a couple of positions.

Eerie Descent 1:08 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
Stop waffling, he's shit in midfield, but a good centre back, anyone with a set of eyes can see it.

Pickled, up your game you sad pissed up Praying Mantis.

boleynkid 1:03 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate

You obviously haven't noticed that he can actually play in both positions. As you say he did well tonight but I wouldn't go any further than that. He has played ok in midfield in other games but you usually resort to quoting stats to try to prove he hasn't.

As I have said before stats on their own mean nothing. I have no idea but for all I know tonight's stats may show that he hardly touched the ball and didn't make a great deal of passes but we all know he had a decent game.

Willtell 12:56 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
I believe you're a bit Hammererd & Pickled H&P.

Hammer and Pickle 12:49 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
I believe you're a bit of a dickhead, Arserent.

Eerie Descent 12:39 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
You did watch the game, didn't you?

You do know what position he played?

The position I've been calling for him to play in all this time?

We can all sleep easy now. Don't bow to me, just appreciated the knowledge I bring.

boleynkid 12:18 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
They all started slow Eerie and didn't start trying until 50 mins.

As I said from the start most people would play him but good to have you on board with the rest of us now.

Eerie Descent 12:10 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
Started off slow after moving positions, but grew into the game in his natural position and was very good by the end.

Obviously none of you are gutted, because you all want West Ham to do well. Just listen to me in future and you won't go far wrong.

boleynkid 12:02 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
A lesson learned for you Eerie.

fraser 12:02 Thu Oct 26
Re: Kouyate
Responsible for their first and partly to blame for their second

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