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Q: 2017/18 Brighton (h)
a. If e can stop being the masters of our own downfall we should take 3 points, win
b. We seem too flaky at the moment and don't expect an easy game, draw
c. We can't put teams away and have a soft underbelly, lose
d. Did you know that Eurovision 1974 was held in Brighton and launched ABBA onto the world stage with Waterloo
e. I love Friday Night Football, it gives me the chance to show everyone down the local just how big a West Ham nut I am, hat, scarf, shirt, you name it I'll be wearing it

Eerie Descent 12:31 Tue Sep 12
Has there been many worse individual performances in a comfortable win?

He was so fucking poor it's breathtaking, if Noble had played that badly, there would be 5 threads started about it. His passing was abysmal, his movement pathetic, his tracking back laughable, and I'm yet to find a word for the 2 shots he had yet.

Did one decent thing all night, blocking a ball and passing it to a teammate (for a change) and the fact that it ended up leading to a goal keeps the MYTH rolling on.

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fraser 12:45 Mon Oct 16
Re: Kouyate
Agreed, did well yesterday.

boleynkid 11:26 Sun Oct 15
Re: Kouyate
Just to re-iterate that he pretty much does what he is told to by the manager. He wouldn't be picked if he didn't.

Sir Alf 9:53 Sun Oct 15
Re: Kouyate
Had a good game yesterday especially when we went down to 10.

He had a very good game in terms of work rate, positioning and defending which is for me what he should focus on doing. I suspect the dismissal of Carroll with us having to protect the lead we had forced it on him. He knew he had to defend first and foremost rather than making those runs forward and getting caught out of position up front. He was protecting the back 4 well with Obiang.

If only Bilic could convince him his best role is as a work horse in midfield, closing and pressing and using his physicality and decent pace, he could be a much more valuable player IMO. But I get the feeling he (Kouyate) believes he is a box to box midfielder like Pogba. He does not have the technical attributes.

But fair play to him yesterday. He put in a real shift for the team and was able to make a lot of timely interceptions and tackles. He just needs to learn to give it to better players once he gets it.

I still think we need a better starting 11 selection than him in central midfield over longer term but, like I say, he could make himself a valuable squad member of the squad if he realised his strengths. Only IMHO mind :-)

Willtell 8:11 Sun Oct 15
Re: Kouyate
After a very poor start he did OK.

The Hammers 8:09 Sun Oct 15
Re: Kouyate
Kouyate played well yesterday.

Hermit Road 7:58 Sun Oct 15
Re: Kouyate
Excellent performance once again yesterday. Fantastic ability to track back demonstrating a good reading of the game and athleticism.

boleynkid 12:45 Wed Sep 27
Re: Kouyate
Sir Alf

What you are highlighting here though is also the same failings of the England team eg poor control, can't keep the ball etc.

Re West Ham basically what you, and others, are saying is that all we need is better owners, better players, better coaches and better scouts but other than that everything is fine.

Rather than be pessimistic all the time there are also positives. Most of the players you have mentioned also have their good points. They are certainly not bad players, IMO they are of top 10 team ability which is where I expect us to end up.

If Sterling can play for England then so can Antonio, indeed his unorthodox style of play is what I think we desperately need. I am also a big fan of Reid and Carroll, on his day and against certain opposition, is a handful to say the least.

under the thumb 12:39 Wed Sep 27
Re: Kouyate

I agree with the ageing legs of Fonre Collins and Noble and the technical deficiencies of certain players but whatever anyone may say about Kouyate in terms of his technical abilities one thing you can't direct at him is his lack of intensity.

You compare him to other midfielders, and from what I've seen so far of Arnautovic (lazy c**t) his energy levels far exceed the others.

Kouyate has like everyone certain limitations but he is still the one midfielder who will get forward regularly and has the lung capacity and legs to recover.

Yes him and Noble are different type of players, I accept that, but Noble's form has been on the decline from last season and has continued into this season. If there is anyone we should be looking to replace it's him.

Lee Trundle 12:22 Wed Sep 27
Re: Kouyate
Given the fact we seem to lose possession pretty much every time we have a throw-in, then it wouldn't surprise me if we never bother with 1 touch training sessions.

Willtell 12:00 Wed Sep 27
Re: Kouyate
Yes Sir Alf but if players are given 1 and 2 touch training sessions constantly then the players do improve and have confidence in their touch.

Every top sportsman in the world will tell (sic!) practice, practice, practice, & more practice is what keeps them at the top.

All our players turn to shit so I wonder why...

Sir Alf 11:55 Wed Sep 27
Re: Kouyate
Was watching some of the Champs league footie last night (City vs Shaktar mostly) and while I understand the City lads are some of the most expensive players out there, the ability to control instantly and pass accurately throughout the team, all players, in all positions was striking. Same for the Shaktar team and Liverpool, Spartak, Spurs to a lesser extent. This was combined with phenomenal work rate across their teams. All players in these did not stop running, closing, tracking back.

Then I thought about our team and squad. Light years away from this. The passing and control is a big part of it and while Kouyate is one of the worst offenders he is not alone. Collins, Reid, Cresswell, Ogbonna, Ayew, Antonio, Carroll, (not seen enough of Arnautovic), Kouyate, Sakho not the most gifted with control and passing. All of them are IMO nowhere near the players in better teams in terms of basic control and passing. Shaktar were pinging it to each other at pace and it was literally sticking to each player. Not once did you feel they would lose it or pass it to teh opposition like we do. I realise, like I say, these are the top quality players in the world and why their teams are in the Champs league but still we have far too many inferior technical players. I put that down to budgets obviously but also the recruitment. Partially a legacy of the BFS era of recruiting big physical players.

Against teams that pres,s our inadequacies in this area become very obvious. We do not see the relentless tracking and running by all our players either. That has to be the coaching. Why can Arnautovic, Ayew, Kouyate and others be able to amble about when we lose it. No intensity.

But basic control is simply not good enough in too many positions. Then factor in ageing legs of Noble, Fonte and Collins. All these things combined make us as robust as a paper bag.

While there is no magic wand, and you cannot replace every player overnight, Its obvious the recruitment, coaching and tactics have been inept for a while and we need 2 or 3 far better technical players in key areas together with far better coaching and fitness

Eggbert Nobacon 11:16 Wed Sep 27
Re: Kouyate
13 Brentford Rd 7:43 Tue Sep 26
Re: Kouyate
Because of our bad start we now need to take near maximum points from the next 4 games, or at the very least 7pts. Even if we do that we have to keep on doing it otherwise we will drop back down again.

so what you're saying is if we stop picking up points we'll fall down the table

thanks for pointing that out to everyone!

under the thumb 11:12 Wed Sep 27
Re: Kouyate

Eerie Descent 11:32 Tue Sep 26
Re: Kouyate

His positional play was fucking spot on when he scored on Saturday!

Willtell 9:52 Wed Sep 27
Re: Kouyate
Well you can't take away the fact that he is mobile and has a good engine Eerie. Frankly though that is the problem for me with our midfielders. When Rice played he held about 10m in front of our centre backs and was ideally located to move to where he could break up attacks.

That's how I played that position at a much lower level. However, I am glad to see that is how the top DMs play it at Chelsea and Man utd. I haven't watched the other top sides much to judge but it is also how Gareth Barry survived so long. They choose their moments to get forward carefully and is probably where Bobby Moore would be played in today's game.

Eerie Descent 11:32 Tue Sep 26
Re: Kouyate
Thing is, everyone including his fans accept that he is the WORST passer in the Premier League, there's no debate to be had on that, but his positional play is the most infuriating thing for me.

Sir Alf 8:10 Tue Sep 26
Re: Kouyate
Kouyate plays like a man in leg irons. Like Forrest Gump he gets about at a pace but passes like he has callipers on. Useful squad man and has to play at the moment as we have few options alongside Obiang ( Rice?). Tried hard against Spurs but exposed when he had to control or pass a football.

On The Ball 8:01 Tue Sep 26
Re: Kouyate
300 points

13 Brentford Rd 8:00 Tue Sep 26
Re: Kouyate
7 minimum but that takes us into mid Nov with only 11pts so ideally 10 yes.

Trevor B 7:44 Tue Sep 26
Re: Kouyate
So we need 10 points.......or 7?

13 Brentford Rd 7:43 Tue Sep 26
Re: Kouyate
Because of our bad start we now need to take near maximum points from the next 4 games, or at the very least 7pts. Even if we do that we have to keep on doing it otherwise we will drop back down again.

Eerie Descent 7:24 Tue Sep 26
Re: Kouyate
Stewie, who needs midfielders that can pass a football?

We just need them to break up play twice a game.

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