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Far Cough 1:13 Tue Sep 12
Karren Brady
That world class record roof you were touting to anyone that would listen, was fucking useless, I have now contracted double fucking pneumonia from the rain that came down, not driven rain but straight down, you useless big titted old tart

Thanks for fuck all

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Hammer-n-nails 12:27 Wed Sep 13
Re: Karren Brady
Is that a euphemism?

yngwies Cat 9:24 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady
Nobody likes soggy Popcorn.

Swiss. 6:55 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady
She's a close friend of the ex-wife's cousin. Her old man owned a printing company...hence. You can guess the rest.

Far Cough 6:51 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady
Haha@chim and Gavrosh

Gavros 6:49 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady
Cough, could you not apply to get in one of the disabled seats?

chim chim cha boo 6:47 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady
I doubt some of you would be happy if Brady stood next to your seats and sheltered you under her tits, stroking your hair and saying 'there, there there. That's better'.

Honestly, the things some of you moan about.

Cough, I'm ashamed of you mate. All those years plying up and down the Barbary Coast taking prizes under the flag of the dead men, cutlass between your teeth, never happier than on an an enemy deck and you moan about a bit of rain. I remember you laughing at the triangle and birch on shore and the dreaded cat at sea.

Going soft in your old age? I think you ARRRRRRRR.

harold 6:21 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady
You could always take a folded up plastic mac with you. Being prepared for inclement weather is not a bad idea. You moaning old tart.

Northern Sold 6:17 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady
Looks like a bloke in drag... that's the thing on the left... not the whatever it is on the right.. which I'm not sure what or who it is...

White Pony 5:58 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady

El Scorchio 3:47 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady
Johnson 2:40

Yup good idea actually- they probably could sling some ponchos into the front rows if the weather forecast is bad.

The Human Stain 3:30 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady
Rain or shine, 25% of the crowd leave on 80 minutes. Best support in the world we are.

Cant believe people are moaning that in gale force wind and a downpour, people in first few rows got wet. I'm row 24 and felt a few drops but the rain was blowing in almost horizontally.

It ain't Brady's or anyone else's fault.

Fo the Communist 3:11 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady
I don't mind getting wet. I'd go as far to say that men who use umbrellas or run for cover when it rains are very probably gay.
I sit in the front row of the LS and sat in the second row of the old East Stand and cant remember getting wet much at UP I have to say.
Point is, if I were reconfiguring a stadium and a major part of that project involved creating the largest cantilevered roof in all of history, it would have crossed my mind to ensure the fucking thing kept the punters underneath - including those in the most expensive bands - dry.

Far Cough 3:02 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady
You try getting soaked to the skin at my age

Terrywait 3:01 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady
And complained about it, hence me calling you a pussy

Far Cough 2:57 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady
Erm, I DID stay, hence the double pneumonia

Terrywait 2:56 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady
Block 134 had A LOT of people leave when it got very wet....Though unlike them, and the OP , I'm not a massive pussy, so I stayed......

Johnson 2:47 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady
Ha ha, did that post from my phone, autocorrect knows I was posting on here...

Gavros 2:43 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady

Far Cough 2:41 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady
Ponces from Poland?

Far Cough 2:41 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady
or Ponchos

Johnson 2:40 Tue Sep 12
Re: Karren Brady
I don't think anyone's acting like that.

It goes on at Man City to the point that they provide ponces to folk to keep them dry.

Be nice to see our board do something the similar, they won't though as they give no fucks about the paying visitors.

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