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Any Old Iron 10:02 Wed Sep 13
Pikey Trash in Olympic Park
In the week that Norfolk plod admitted that Irish travellers were responsible for serious lawlessness in Cromer a few weeks back, and a family of pikeys have been found guilty of slavery, it's now reported that Irish travellers were able to park up on the olympic park for a month and then dump tons of rubbish without anyone lifting a finger to stop them. They've now been kicked off the site but none of them have been charged with waste offences. And while this is going on you have enforcement officers prowling the streets, complete with bodycams, ready to pounce on some little old lady who so much as drops an apple core and fine them £100+.

Can you you imagine how far you or I would get if we so much as tried to dump a bin bag there.

Isn't it time these vermin were sent back to their actual homes, which we all know are in Eire. Why the fuck do we tolerate them?

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happygilmore 10:19 Wed Sep 13
Re: Pikey Trash in Olympic Park

Crassus 10:11 Wed Sep 13
Re: Pikey Trash in Olympic Park
Agree, gardener bloke in my village got stung for £2100 for emptying a couple of bags of garden waste in a rural hedge yet these virmin get away with allsorts of capering not 10 miles away

Flame throwers required

You must be Gary 10:10 Wed Sep 13
Re: Pikey Trash in Olympic Park
I wish someone would stick you in a bag and dump you there

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