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eastend joker 9:17 Thu Sep 14
i thought they were meant to be the bollocks this season ? getting fucked over tonight and 1 point above us having spent 150million .

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Mace66 10:31 Tue Sep 19
Re: Everton
They always seem to have a really shit spell during their season and usually it's at the start.

Will finish comfortably top half

Sir Alf 10:16 Mon Sep 18
Re: Everton
Their next 3 games could see a transformation in their league position. Bournemouth, Brighton and Swansea I think? Either way, their last few fixtures against City, United and Chelsea were tough. Agree they should of done a better job of replacing Lukaku but I cannot see them being down at the bottom for long even if I would wish it :-)

Lertie Button 9:59 Mon Sep 18
Re: Everton
They are pretty shite but selling a prolific scorer and replacing them with an ageing has been was a recipe for disaster

monto 4:52 Mon Sep 18
Re: Everton
Angry bird sleeve sponsor was a nice touch. Bet Wazza loved that.

pdbis 4:49 Mon Sep 18
Re: Everton
Their defence is worse than ours these days.

Far Cough 4:36 Mon Sep 18
Re: Everton
The "26 year old" Lukaku?

Trevor B 12:02 Mon Sep 18
Re: Everton
They've also left a gaping hole

nychammer 12:00 Mon Sep 18
Re: Everton
At least they've spent money on assembling a squad. We've left gaping hole in ours to save money. I suspect they will be Top 7 this season, quite a few places higher than we can hope for.

Rossal 10:07 Mon Sep 18
Re: Everton
They didnt replace their striker. Sandro and Rooney are not 'no 9's'

Few too slow old heads in there team now too, but as said below they will be fine. Had a nightmare fixture list

costahammer 9:23 Mon Sep 18
Re: Everton
we got absolutely slated for losing 4-0 tup there ...i bet they don't!

Eerie Descent 11:23 Sun Sep 17
Re: Everton
It just shows you how little there is between teams when one striker can make that much difference, but that's why they cost the money. However, the have had a horrific fixture list, they'll be fine, but the keeper at £30mil was shit business, it was obvious to anyone who weren't just going on MOTD clips.

Megatron 11:11 Sun Sep 17
Re: Everton
I'm still gutted that we never spent 30m on Jordan PickThatOutOfTheNetford, as it would have shown our INTENT on trying to be the most bestest.

Loaning the England no1 - even if it works out better, which it will - doesn't show the right AMBITION.

Joe C 11:04 Sun Sep 17
Re: Everton
Very ironic putting that on Rooney's sleeve

Lee Trundle 11:01 Sun Sep 17
Re: Everton
Considering the OUTRAGE on here last week over our shirt sleeve sponsor, I've just seen that Everton have got Angry Birds sponsoring theirs.

stepney hammer 10:57 Sun Sep 17
Re: Everton
"but i still expect them to be top 6 or 7"

I don't, of the names you mention Bolasie and Coleman won't be back until after the new year and Barkley will probably never play for them again.

With Lukaku, you can't take out 20-25 goals a season and not bring in a proven forward. Rooney's legs have quite clearly gone, he can't be expected to lead the line anymore, he wasn't even playing that role in his final few seasons at Man Utd. At the back Williams and Jagielka look well past it and as a whole they seem quite pedestrian in the way they play.

Being in the Europa League won't do them any favours either.

12th-13th I reckon they'll finish. Koeman will probably get the push at the end of the season if not before. I think it will be a similar story to when Martinez was manager, a very good first season, then it will decline after that.

I don't buy into this bollocks of a top 7, it's the top 6 with the rest quite interchangeable after that depending on who's having a good season.

master 10:47 Sun Sep 17
Re: Everton
Much like us last season, too many players brought in at once.

They'll be fine though, look at who they've played.

Takashi Miike 10:27 Sun Sep 17
Re: Everton
slagging off our owners was/is justified, I couldn't give a shit about everton

madeeasy 10:20 Sun Sep 17
Re: Everton
Where is everyone now who was saying we need to be like Everton and slagging off our own club?

Sven Roeder 11:36 Fri Sep 15
Re: Everton
I still think Pickford is a very good signing for them along with Michael Keane.
Personally I expect Joe Hart to lose his England place to Butland and Pickford to emerge as his competition over the next few years. Still VERY young for a keeper.

Sniper 11:30 Fri Sep 15
Re: Everton
I checked out their message boards a few times last season just to see what their views on Valencia were

Two things struck me

1 they were largely supportive of Valencia as a squad player with many saying they wanted him to stay for the price as you couldn't much for that anyway and he had an impact every time he came on

2 a lot of them suggesting that lukakus success was because the whole team was set up to play around him and yet he would do absolutely nothing for 90% of the game and score, and that if they sold him and replaced him with someone hard working, they wouldn't have another 20+ goal man but the other players might stand a chance of picking up more goals instead

I found the second point very odd - any team sets up to get the best out of their best player, teams that don't are the likes of Bournemouth and Huddersfield who do t have a 'star' name and set up as a unit.

Not properly replacing lukaku with a good striker was a big mistake, but i still expect them to be top 6 or 7. They've got Coleman, mori, bolasie and Barkley all out at the moment

Eerie Descent 11:19 Fri Sep 15
Re: Everton
I didn't say he was, Rossal?

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