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charleyfarley 5:42 Sun Sep 17
You are all probably aware that streams are a nightmare at the moment 30,000 shut down by PLand I'm struggling to find any decent ones.

The old live on line footy got blocked today, they normally stream Sky matches, these got blocked and they have now switched to NBC.

If any of you find decent regular streams, can you put them on here or WHOmail me, with regards to viruses, like everything in life, you take your chance and if you get any it's not down to me.

Merci beaucoup

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gank 6:35 Sun Sep 17
I don't use a VPN, I'm on Virgin, I built my own box for £8, subscribe to fuck all and am watching a faultless stream right now.

Northern Sold 6:33 Sun Sep 17
lose = use

Northern Sold 6:32 Sun Sep 17
There was shit loads of streams on the match thread yesterday (unfortunately)... all seemed OK... Kodi is still ok as long as you lose a VPN... watched 2nd half of CFC v AFC now watching MUFC v EFC perfectly fine

joe royal 6:29 Sun Sep 17
I've got streams on the site that can't be mentioned but they are from Canada so The commentary is a bit dubious.

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