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SecondOpinion 10:38 Mon Sep 18
Going through it at the moment.
Bit of a fucker actually

For those of you who are on it or have had it, my heart goes out to you.

All the best x

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Far East Hammer 4:25 Wed Sep 20
Re: Chemo
Best of luck SO.

My sister was diagnosed with the big C a few weeks ago. Had an initial op last Friday. Now waiting to see what happens next. Chemo I presume.

GingerNut 2:26 Tue Sep 19
Re: Chemo
I don't know you but good luck. I know what it is like, so can empathise completely.

Dagenhammer 10:39 Tue Sep 19
Re: Chemo
Good luck with it SO

Chemo is so much more focused these days and targeted on the specific cancer you have, this will keep the side effects to the lowest level possible. Stick with the treatment, and you will look back on it and say you beat cancer, which more people can say these days more than ever before.

BetterthanKaka 10:19 Tue Sep 19
Re: Chemo
Best of luck with it, SO

Coffee 9:49 Tue Sep 19
Re: Chemo
Good luck, SO!

Darby_ 9:43 Tue Sep 19
Re: Chemo
That's grim, SO. A friend of mine came off chemo early and paid the price, so stick with it if you can.

Willtell 8:45 Tue Sep 19
Re: Chemo
Good luck mate.

HairyHammer 6:21 Tue Sep 19
Re: Chemo
All the best

HairyHammer 6:18 Tue Sep 19
Re: Chemo
Just keep going mate one day a day at a time There are some positives had several in my family who have had to go through it and survived strong and well to tell the tale.

VirginiaHam 3:44 Tue Sep 19
Re: Chemo
You chemo patients are the bravest. It requires remarkable strength to enure your treatment and everything that goes with it. I wish you the best.

SilverSurfer 3:30 Tue Sep 19
Re: Chemo
Good luck to you all, been in a very similar situation, the cure made me feel more ill than the problem.

gooders 12:27 Tue Sep 19
Re: Chemo
Not usually one to boast, but it is just possible that I might have had more chemo than any other person alive. Had chemo almost continuously over a five year period (nearly 12 months off in the middle) including two stem cell transplants (essentially ultra-chemo to wipe out your immune system completely so it can be rebuilt).

My experience of chemo went from feeling almost totally unaffected by some regimes to being totally wiped and unable to get my head off the pillow for weeks at a time whilst on others.

Don't really have much time for the 'relentlessly positive' mindset stuff making a difference but I did read an article over the weekend which struck a chord, in particular the advice to not allow yourself to 'become a patient' and retain a sense of who you are and not to passively have treatment inflicted on you.


All the best to you both. Getting your head in the right place is difficult but I think that accepting these chemicals as being necessary and visualising their positive impact worked for me for most of this period. If I am honest, by the end of my final treatment I would have gladly hacked my own arm off rather than have another line put in.

mongo 10:21 Mon Sep 18
Re: Chemo
Good luck SO!

COOL HAND LUKE 9:45 Mon Sep 18
Re: Chemo

Seem to recall you are at Cambridge? Does that put you under Addenbrookes..? Cracking hospital if so...

Wish you well with the treatment, mate. I've had a couple of bad health situations along the way, and what got me was the huge intrusion on my life... you can't postpone illness until next month because it's inconvenient, it takes pole position straight off, like it or not. If you can tolerate that it's half the battle, I reckon...

And keep coming on WHO regularly for sympathy and a good cunting off; it'll keep you grounded.


Westham67 9:45 Mon Sep 18
Re: Chemo

A 20% Cunt rating on WHO would be for a highly respected poster

monto 9:30 Mon Sep 18
Re: Chemo
Wishing you all the best.

happygilmore 9:27 Mon Sep 18
Re: Chemo
take care guys, horrible for both of you, but hopefully a positive outcome.

chiff 9:01 Mon Sep 18
Re: Chemo
Thank you Zeb

zebthecat 8:40 Mon Sep 18
Re: Chemo
Best of luck chiff.
A friend of mine had to go through this a while ago and twenty years later (he is still in total remission) he says he can still taste it if he gets ill.
Not fun but it can turn out worth it

chiff 8:17 Mon Sep 18
Re: Chemo
Thank you Chim, and may God bless you as well.

On The Ball 7:34 Mon Sep 18
Re: Chemo
67 - I'm pretty sure that at least two pages were calling you a cunt ;)

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