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LeroysBoots 12:54 Tue Sep 19
Ordered tickets Sunday for tonight's game, still not turned up, can I get replacements at the ticket office tonight ?


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Northern Sold 4:11 Tue Sep 19
Re: Tickets
Yeah you really showed them Fifth....

Fifth Column 3:45 Tue Sep 19
Re: Tickets
I swore that I would not go and give those ####s more of my money but I gave in on Sunday. Ordered tickets in different bit of the stadium to where I usually sit... they send you two emails, first a confirmation email and a second one with PDF of the tickets that you print out and use to get in.

bigst 2:04 Tue Sep 19
Re: Tickets
were they not attached to confirmation email....i just bought a couple for spurs and they were sent by email i just printed them out

LeroysBoots 1:08 Tue Sep 19
Re: Tickets
Kev, let it go !

JustAFatKevinDavies 1:07 Tue Sep 19
Re: Tickets
good, you wanker

whoareya 12:59 Tue Sep 19
Re: Tickets
go back and login you may be able to print it off. Good luck

Coffee 12:56 Tue Sep 19
Re: Tickets please
Don't know. Good luck anyway.

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