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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

BigDingus 11:00 Wed Sep 20
Sigur Ros
I have a spare ticket for tomorrow at Hammersmith Odeon or whatever they call it these days.

Whomail for details

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Fivetide 2:03 Fri Sep 22
Re: Sigur Ros
I once made rollups for Hildur, Edda, Maria and Sólrún. Obscure, boring but true.

Hammers1993 1:55 Fri Sep 22
Re: Sigur Ros
No worries mate.

sanfrancis-co-uk 9:12 Thu Sep 21
Re: Sigur Ros
Great video.Cheers 93'.

Hammers1993 6:06 Thu Sep 21
Re: Sigur Ros


Hammers1993 6:04 Thu Sep 21
Re: Sigur Ros
Yeah 2 secs I'll just find it and post it here

E12Hammer 5:57 Thu Sep 21
Re: Sigur Ros
Id love to see it, you got a link Hammers1993

Hammers1993 5:53 Thu Sep 21
Re: Sigur Ros
E12 Hammer

It was used for our most recent promotion season too, which has better memories attached than the LFC Final. Much easier viewing!

E12Hammer 3:10 Thu Sep 21
Re: Sigur Ros
Northern Sold

I've been looking for that youtube vid for ages. Remember there being a highlights video with Hoppipola (or whatever its called) as the music.

Cheezey Bell-End 1:02 Thu Sep 21
Re: Sigur Ros
Played Pyongyang not long ago.

Northern Sold 1:00 Thu Sep 21
Re: Sigur Ros
Recorded the cup final v LFC and there Hippolina was played as the back drop... quite appropriate that day

tnb 11:08 Wed Sep 20
Re: Sigur Ros
Saw them supporting Radiohead over 10 years ago.

I fell asleep standing up.

Far Cough 11:03 Wed Sep 20
Re: Sigur Ros
What position does he play?

Vexed 11:02 Wed Sep 20
Re: Sigur Ros
Fucking hell they still going?

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