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a. If e can stop being the masters of our own downfall we should take 3 points, win
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c. We can't put teams away and have a soft underbelly, lose
d. Did you know that Eurovision 1974 was held in Brighton and launched ABBA onto the world stage with Waterloo
e. I love Friday Night Football, it gives me the chance to show everyone down the local just how big a West Ham nut I am, hat, scarf, shirt, you name it I'll be wearing it

steveiron64 1:29 Thu Sep 21
Embarrassment of our FA
So... "Come on you whites!" is now racist. Dear God. On top of their balls up concerning Sampson ...


A "Super White Army" banner was covered up during an England football match after a picture of it was shared online by one of the team's top players.

The sign at Tranmere Rovers' ground was obscured by the FA for the Lionesses' World Cup qualifier on Tuesday, hours after Lucy Bronze shared it online. Her post received criticism and praise.

Tranmere Rovers Supporters' Club said it did not know why it was covered, adding it was "not remotely racist" and referred to their team's shirts.

England's Lionesses had been embroiled in an ongoing row before the match over discrimination allegations made against the team's manager Mark Sampson, who has since been sacked over an unconnected matter.

The FA confirmed it took down the banner at Prenton Park but said it would be making no further comment.

Supporters' club chairman Mark Bartley said the banner had been on display at the ground since the summer, but the words had "been our motto for years" and the decision to cover it "was a one-off [which] will have no impact on us".
"We are proud of our club colours, as are all fans up and down the country... and will continue to use the chant at our games going forward," he said. "It is not remotely racist - it is simply a reference to the white shirts that our team wear."

Tranmere Rovers FC declined to comment.

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zico 6:46 Fri Oct 13
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
Sniper 10:59 Fri Oct 13

Oh yeah it was all quite a joke at times. I remember when we were making our League Rules I contacted the FA for advice and they said a new Standard Code was being brought in the following season, basically same rules for everyone but you add your own bits in the gaps.

I typed it out and sent it to our local County FA for sanction and they didn't sanction it because there were certain rules they "didn't agree with" I basically told them they better agree with them soon because they were the rules the FA were bringing through in about 4 months! The County FA didn't even know and they had basically thrown out their own new rules!!! Obviously a painful, embarrassing, amusing change of tune was in order and I think we were the first to have our FA Rules sanctioned!!

Although I never did manage to get a job at the County FA after that. Wonder why?!?!?!??

clem132 11:58 Fri Oct 13
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
madness, yet no one has had a pop at Carlton Palmer.

in his new book it says i'm here in my big house with a White Gardner and a White man cleaning my car.

Imagine if this was the other way round would be in every paper

Sniper 10:59 Fri Oct 13
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
That's ridiculous zico

If they ever properly clamped down on dissent, language and diving properly and punished them as they should do then the players would stop within a couple of months and the game would be 100x better in the long run

zico 10:36 Fri Oct 13
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
I lost any confidence in the FA years ago. I used to run an Adult 11 a side Sunday League and we and our Referees had FA direction one season to crack down heavily on dissent and foul language and issue yellow/red cards for the offence. I can remember quite a few cards over the opening weeks of that season and we also a wave of complaints from Clubs that they had players cautioned or sent off and yet on Match of the Day this was still going on at top level.

After watching one particularly feisty West Ham v Man United live game on Sky when I think it was Rooney who couldn't keep his mouth shut without consequence I wrote to the FA asking how on earth we could expect Grass Roots layers to abide by the law if the top players were still getting away with it?

I still have their written reply somewhere and it astounded me. Basically it said that top level football was an entertainment and if the Referees at that level took the directive too seriously there would hardly be any players left on the pitch at the end of the game and it was FA "duty" to have top players playing not being sent off.

One rule for one etc. Never took the FA seriously after that!!

PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:26 Fri Oct 13
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
Thy sack the England manager because he had a relationship with a player when he was in club management.

They the appoint a female manager who is now married to her sold manager from when she played club Football.


LAF 6:11 Wed Oct 11
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
Hang your heads in shame, you Kiwis...The All Blacks.....good grief!!!!!

Northern Sold 5:58 Wed Oct 11
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
Errr... dunno........

... tell you what though OTB... that fucking stadium that we rent is a right shit cunt hovel eh??

On The Ball 4:46 Wed Oct 11
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
The new interim manager has picked her first squad - and it doesn't have Eni Aluko in it. Wonder what kind of discrimination this will be?

gank 3:02 Fri Sep 22
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
I think it's time Sport England detatched themselves from the FA and formed a new NGB.

With the money involved, the current FA are a law unto themselves anyway so why would they care about regulation and governance?

The new NGB would take ownership of grass roots football and as it evolves will eventually take over the existing FA and then it would be run properly at last.

Gavros 2:36 Fri Sep 22
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
The FA agreed to pay the black woman who made the race allegation 80 grand.....but are withholding some of it because she continued to mouth off about it.

Meanwhile the FAs chief executive deliberately chose a black woman to lead the investigation into it, when the FA itself had denied that choosing someone to investigate based on their race (see David Lammy) wouldnt happen.

What a fucking joke.

nerd 10:56 Thu Sep 21
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
Does come on you irons offend gays

Mike Oxsaw 10:10 Thu Sep 21
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
No one gets shown a white card for a misdemeanour - it's always a "card of color".

I bet if Brexit was a color, THAT would be white, too.

geoffpikey 9:37 Thu Sep 21
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
If Son Heung-min gets booked, is the ref guilty of playing the race card?

Private Dancer 6:52 Thu Sep 21
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
Was shocked to see this.

I suppose one of the better things about WHO is that the majority on posters on here are dinosaurs, even racism is back now that the owners have given up the ghost.

Mike Oxsaw 6:37 Thu Sep 21
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
Would having a "strip of color" as A SECOND strip be considered derogatory, by association, to "people of color" ?

BillyDe7 6:29 Thu Sep 21
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
We're all going to pretend that the England national team doesn't have a long history of racist (white supremist) support are we?

It seems to me that the FA will be conscious that far more of the TV audience will be aware of the history of English racist fans than they will of the home kit of Tranmere Rovers and will have wanted to avoid the assumption that they were turning a blind eye to the former.

They didn't burn the banner or demand Tranmere remove it - they covered it for the duration of the match.

For the FA this seems quite reasonable and sensible which, Lord knows, is rarely something that can be said.

DaveT 6:10 Thu Sep 21
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
With her name don't you mean completely metal?

Russ of the BML 5:37 Thu Sep 21
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
White Pony

Right ok, cheers.

So basically, despite it actually being anything to do with race, with what is currently going on that was a stupid thing to do, yeah?

REALGSA 5:21 Thu Sep 21
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
Shop - The White Company is next in line to be BLACKlisted

cholo 4:09 Thu Sep 21
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
Only a matter of time before "cum on you irons" gets banned.

Sven Roeder 4:05 Thu Sep 21
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
Lucy Bronze?

Surely her surname is offensive AND ALL THAT if we are going completely mental

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