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LondonE3 5:07 Sat Sep 23
Leigh on Sea
question for the beautiful Essex lot.
getting a lift to Leigh by someone who's a shit driver - is it easier to just stay on the A13 via Bread n Cheese Hill rather than follow the sat nav?

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Eggbert Nobacon 12:40 Mon Sep 25
Re: Leigh on Sea
Keep spending most our lives Livin' in a gavros E postcode paradise

1964 12:33 Mon Sep 25
Re: Leigh on Sea
The East End: A common preference is to include the modern LondonBorough of Tower Hamlets, and the former parish and borough of Shoreditch (this includes Hoxton and Haggerston and is now the southern part of the modern London Borough of Hackney)

Newham was never East End and in fact was in Essex prior to 1965.

Northern Sold 12:10 Mon Sep 25
Re: Leigh on Sea
* round of applause in the general direction of Mr Sidey *

Bravo sir... bravo indeed...

Side of Ham 9:08 Mon Sep 25
Re: Leigh on Sea
Hackney or Newham are not East END Gavros and all you've done is sat in a shithole area with industrial levels of air quality waiting for the Islington hipster thing to break borders.

Those Essex types remember what an absolute tool you was when you got stalked by that woman and was 'warning' everyone on here.

....you can't expect them to take your billy big bollocks yarn seriously after that.

jfk 2:52 Mon Sep 25
Re: Leigh on Sea
Gavros = Perry Benson

Gavros 12:30 Mon Sep 25
Re: Leigh on Sea
While it is certainly true that my jeans are on the svelte side, within is a proper east end pair of legs atop of which sit a large pair of east east bollocks and a volumnous east end old tom. Beneath the legs sit two large east end feet for kicking the shit of of Essex chavs. Mess with me at your peril.

Side of Ham 11:20 Sun Sep 24
Re: Leigh on Sea
Gavros getting all ballsy, you'll have to get a roomier pair of jeans to scare anyone on here mockney boy.

Eastenders we're done decades ago and now we're left with pretenders like you who are just North London Islington wannabes hipsters pretending from Laaahdaan.

Private Dancer 7:30 Sun Sep 24
Re: Leigh on Sea
Me thinks Gav's had a few slurps.

Bromley Reject 7:23 Sun Sep 24
Re: Leigh on Sea
I like Vange. I used to drink in The Barge.It's boarded up now.

And Pitsea market on a Friday where you could get knock-off DVDs and the bloke selling Third Reich memorabilia.

, 7:19 Sun Sep 24
Re: Leigh on Sea
Just as I thought a real Essex boy.

Gavros 7:14 Sun Sep 24
Re: Leigh on Sea
That boundary went in 65.

I have also spent most of my life living in an E postcode.

Fuck all that IG and RM and CM shit.

Even worse CO and the lowest of the low SS

, 7:11 Sun Sep 24
Re: Leigh on Sea
I think you protest too much and the fact is that you were born within the old Essex boundary Stavros.

Gavros 7:09 Sun Sep 24
Re: Leigh on Sea
East London born and bred, son.

Brief sojourn into Essex in the early noughties but soon packed it in as I realised most people were utter cunts.

Back in the Capital now.

, 7:02 Sun Sep 24
Re: Leigh on Sea
Stavros, is a good example of "you can take the boy out of Essex but you can't take Essex out of the boy".

Nurse Ratched 6:59 Sun Sep 24
Re: Leigh on Sea
How does this work? It's a 3 way war between Essex, Kent and London. Can you pick another team if you don't like the posters on 'your' geographical side?

White Pony 6:54 Sun Sep 24
Re: Leigh on Sea
Stop crying you lot, your fake tans will go all streaky.

Bernie 6:49 Sun Sep 24
Re: Leigh on Sea
Gavros 6:45 Sun Sep 24

Unless you're 12 you should pack it in mate. It's embarrassing

Gavros 6:45 Sun Sep 24
Re: Leigh on Sea
Sold a flat in Brentwood in 2007 for 250k, 40k profit in one year.

Bought my gaff in Hackney at the same time for 280k......now worth about 900.

I could fucking buy most Essex town's for that and have enough change to whore out all the slappers in it.

andyd12345 6:35 Sun Sep 24
Re: Leigh on Sea
Ag at Gavros.

The bloke that could even get close to affording a gaff in Brentwood or Upminster.

You're a Vange / Pitsea kind of bloke Gavros. Just about in your price range / social class

Private Dancer 6:35 Sun Sep 24
Re: Leigh on Sea
Gavros 6:29 Sun Sep 24

That has to be the least convincing post I've ever read on here. You need to do a lot better than that to get a bite.

Gavros 6:29 Sun Sep 24
Re: Leigh on Sea
Seriously, how poor do you have to be that you can't even live in chav areas like Harold Hill, Brentwood, Hornchurch and Upminster? How absolutely fucking skint that you have to live in some godawful town like Basildon or some satellite town of Southend. You know you've fucked up if you've ended up in some piece of shit post war gaff out there.

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