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LeroysBoots 5:12 Sat Sep 23
Time For Masuaku
Cresswell needs dropping now

Arthur looks far better at the moment

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Eggbert Nobacon 11:05 Mon Sep 25
Re: Time For Masuaku

Liverpool as a kid, then went Tranmere when got released

Roeder-nowhere 10:51 Mon Sep 25
Re: Time For Masuaku
Clearly better going forward than Creswell but slightly worse defending. What he does do is inject much needed paced into the side. Arnie on the left is clearly more invented and gifted with an obvious goal threat but again, he has little pace.It´s the key word we keep re-iterating, PACE!! When did you last see us score on the break following a failed corner or bad pass from the opposiiton??? Can´t remember the last time...cos if it happens we don´t have the pace in midfield to exploit it, or the striker upfront AC.

With pace you get urgency, you scare the opposition and the crowd gets buzzing. With the us allwe get is slow, languid, plodding build up play from Noble, side pass to Zabaletta, back to collins...hooofed to AC, flick on to nobody, ball back to the other side.

twoleftfeet 9:04 Mon Sep 25
Re: Time For Masuaku
When was he given the boot by Liverpool?
I thought he started at Tranmere?

Rossal 8:52 Mon Sep 25
Re: Time For Masuaku
Cresswell is a way better LB

Arthur has a good touch, but isnt consistent enough with his crosses. Isn't as good a passer of the ball, cant defend and isnt quick enough on the ball and positionally finds himself in the wrong place too much

Id convert him into a LW

Cresswell wasn't awful saturday

WHUDeano 12:22 Mon Sep 25
Re: Time For Masuaku
Creswell, like Jenkinson (and maybe even Reid), peaked playing under Allardyce - one of the best defensive organisers the Prem (and us) have probably every seen. Creswell is now looking like the average left back that he actually is and showing why he had to make his way up through the leagues after being released as a youngster by Liverpool.

In reality, as much as I don't like him - if Allardyce knew how to attack he'd have been one of the all time greats, no one can deny that he knew how to organise a defence - looking at Bilic's first season built on Fat Sam's defence, with Payet at his peak & Lanzini/Antonio both growing in confidence, the fact that we were only a few points off Champions League shouldn't really be a surprise. Just a shame that the board didn't put their hands in their pockets: Who knows how many points were lost in the months with the likes of Jelavic leading the line while Sakho & Carroll were injured...one decent forward and we'd have got the extra 4-6pts needed for top 4. All but forgotten now of course, but if only they'd put their hands in their pockets in January 2016....

costahammer 6:40 Sun Sep 24
Re: Time For Masuaku
Great feet can go past his man,good crosser and can score!!!.. shame he can't defend...natural left winger for me

Mex Martillo 6:37 Sun Sep 24
Re: Time For Masuaku
Northern, considering he has scored and assited in the past two games that is probably exactly what we should go for.

Northern Sold 5:06 Sun Sep 24
Re: Time For Masuaku
The thought of Arthur in a back 4 is not even worth considering... back 5 you can get away with him a bit more... to be honest he is so shit at defending I'd just play him as a left winger

gph 5:02 Sun Sep 24
Re: Time For Masuaku
Cresswell is a worry. Doesn't seem that much physically slower after his injury, but does seem slower to make decisions and well down on confidence. Possibly as a result of the latter, his crosses are, on average, much poorer.

Needs a dose of sports psychology?

the exile 4:56 Sun Sep 24
Re: Time For Masuaku
They both have their weaknesses and Creswell is a major disappointment - a shadow of the player he was 2 seasons ago. If we're playing a back 3 then Mas gets the nod for me as he offers a lot more going forward.

Willtell 4:06 Sun Sep 24
Re: Time For Masuaku
Cresswell is a disappointment but I'm not so sure that Masuako is the answer. For me the problem is the whole formation. We have bought players best suited to 3 at the back yet Bilic clearly wanted to play 4-2-3-1.

Cresswell and Masuako are attacking or wing backs and neither is that sound defensively. Bilic clearly tells them to get forward leaving the 2 CB's isolated against the fast attacking teams. It happened repeatedly until we went to the back 3 again.

It didn't work against Spurs because our most dynamic forward - Antonio - was replaced by our most static!

What's clear to me is that shuffling the players around is not the answer. We need a manager that knows what the fcuk he's doing...

Alex V 2:58 Sun Sep 24
Re: Time For Masuaku
Cresswell is okay imo, he hasn't kicked on his career the way you might have hoped. Masuaku is imo very clearly the much more talented player - it's really disappointing that he isn't a first team regular by now. Again I have to wonder about the coaching and the decision-making at the club - why can't we get players to improve?

Full Claret Jacket 11:49 Sat Sep 23
Re: Time For Masuaku
Cresswell has been playing as a wing back, he's meant to be getting forward so it's not his fault if we give away the ball cheaply when he's gone forward. I thought he was ok today. He isn't in the greatest form and in particular we need better from dead balls and crosses.

Masuaku isn't going to shore up our defense. He dwells on the ball and is indecisive. He is a player who will get forward and has some good technique but not ready as a left back. Ogbonna bailed him out today when he lost the ball in dangerous areas.

aldgate 11:07 Sat Sep 23
Re: Time For Masuaku
cresswell has been poor recently but today had no cover in front from arnautovic who doesn't look bothered about doing the basics like tracking back. He comes across as surly and lazy and when he had his chances to shine going forward fluffed his lines.
He reeks of a player who thinks he's better than he really is

Hammer and Pickle 10:45 Sat Sep 23
Re: Time For Masuaku
Let's face it.

He's no more a defender than Antonio.

gank 10:42 Sat Sep 23
Re: Time For Masuaku
the extra player in your formation could well be what we need, Sir Alf.

Sir Alf 10:36 Sat Sep 23
Re: Time For Masuaku
Neither are good enough defensively really. We need a better left back longer term. In the meantime Arfur could be tried as a wing back in the 3 at the back system. That would maybe suit him better but his positioning and marking defensively when we played 4 at the back against United was dreadful. Would the 3 4 4 system compensate enough?

1964 6:59 Sat Sep 23
Re: Time For Masuaka
Defensive duties?

We let in 3 with Cresswell before Arf came on.

british is best 6:59 Sat Sep 23
Re: Time For Masuaka
Cant be any worse than Cresswell.absolute toilet since the injury last year .

Private Dancer 6:57 Sat Sep 23
Re: Time For Masuaka
Not good enough for me. Simply can't be trusted at this level, way too flakey and unpredictable. He's a 1 in 5, he'll do something good then 4 shit things. God help us if he is the answer.

Northern Sold 6:55 Sat Sep 23
Re: Time For Masuaka
Not for me.... he ain't a left back... yeah playing him left wing/midfield but he loses the ball too easy and his defensive duties... well... he ain't got any...

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