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Hermit Road 5:53 Sat Sep 23
Today's Ref
First and foremost, a terrible substitution and horrendous Carroll errors were far and away the main reason we lost today. Not the ref.

That being said, the ref still has a job to do and should be held to account when he don't do it well. Today he was suspiciously bad. I can't comment too much on the penalties because I was there and haven't seen replays, though Sold says they weren't penalties and he supports whoever is playing against us, so they probably were.

My real beef with him is in his approach to their persistent fouling. They cynically scythed down any of our players who had the ball in their half, his response was to let I go and then eventually warn Kane, then let it go until right at the end when his hand was forced.

I've long thought the man was an imbecile, and today confirms it.

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Sven Roeder 12:55 Tue Sep 26
Re: Today's Ref
The MOTD reaction was ludicrous
They always seem remarkably relaxed about us being cheated but you can imagine the analysis if a Man U player was pulled or shoved in the box similarly.
Noble was interviewed post match and bemoaned Carroll's last min non-pen and compared it to us being done at Southampton and things supposedly 'evening themselves up .... NOT'.
Lineker made a sarky remark about Noble having done the analysis so they didn't have to show it.

Mad Dog 12:44 Tue Sep 26
Re: Today's Ref
Griffin. Why would MOTD show it. They refused to show any of them again in the post match chat.

Goals on Sunday showed all of them in detail AND the offside goal

Coincidentally I've vowed not to watch MOTD again. With that big eared allegedly philandering smug shit on the pitch cunt

gph 7:25 Mon Sep 25
Re: Today's Ref
Sniper - shirt tug on Arnautovic was a yard and a half from the goalline - even the lino in that half can be forgiven for only seeing Arnautovic's back.

Most blatant penalty of the lot (but only from the ideal position to see it)

Private Dancer 10:34 Mon Sep 25
Re: Today's Ref
Wasn't it Oliver that Bilic had a big barny with last season? Can't remember the game, but was at home.

Sniper 10:30 Mon Sep 25
Re: Today's Ref

Absolutely and his arm was miles away from his body.

The fouls on arnie should have been spotted bunthenkinesman if not the ref

We didn't do ourselves many favours but we didn't get one decision gonour way when we were on top (or after really!)

Sven Roeder 10:26 Mon Sep 25
Re: Today's Ref
That's why we need video refs.
Pen to Arnautovic, red card to Aurier ( it wasn't a genuine attempt to play the ball, Obviously).
Oliver struck me as an ambitious ref who fancies Champions league games and I am sure UEFA pay attention to reports on refs from 'big clubs'.

stewie griffin 10:05 Mon Sep 25
Re: Today's Ref
No real objection to the Arnie one not being given, no way he could see it and looked 50/50. The shove on Carroll, some you get, some you don't, but a definite pen for me.

The worst one, and bizarrely didn't make MOTD's highlights, was the handball at 0-0. Ball flights in, Aurier misses his header and clearly, obviously, and intentionally punches the ball away.

Might well have been the wrong sub, but if we score first its a very different game. It was an appalling decision and right in front of him

jonthehammer 9:33 Mon Sep 25
Re: Today's Ref
The shirt grab on Arnie by Aurier and the push on Carroll in the box near the end were both penalties in my book.

Poor refereeing on both accounts, end of.....

DukeofDevo 7:54 Sat Sep 23
Re: Today's Ref
He went off injured it wasn't a substitution was it?

Definitely at least one pen probably two with the push on Carroll late on. Agree with the refs leniency towards them that clown should have been sent off in the first half!

1964 7:51 Sat Sep 23
Re: Today's Ref
claypole 7:48 Sat Sep 23

... and what did Mr Hoddle say

Ha Ha Ha Ha

claypole 7:48 Sat Sep 23
Re: Today's Ref
The reliable mr pleat said he was a good man and a good ref .

Sniper 7:46 Sat Sep 23
Re: Today's Ref
He was so lax on them - utterly ridiculous that they got away with so many mourinho style pullbacks and blocks when we were countering - they should have had a yellow in about the second minute and that would have out a stop to it

Every 50/50 went their way too.

He was shit but we were still on top until THAT sub

zico 7:36 Sat Sep 23
Re: Today's Ref
gph 6:25 Sat Sep 23

Yeah maybe I have got it wrong. I just get peed off with players, especially West Ham players, falling over for every mortal thing. As I said I played over 25 years and as a striker (albeit not a very good one) and at 5'6 was hardly an Andy Carroll but I can honestly say I can't remember claiming a penalty because someone was grabbing my shirt and with extra large the main size in the kit there was plenty of spare cloth flying around (in those days anyway!!). Too many players at he top level just fall over and so it gets difficult to differentiate if a player really has been fouled or is just trying it on. I still reckon Arnie could have given a bit back but as I say I may be wrong.

gph 6:29 Sat Sep 23
Re: Today's Ref
And the timewasting. Always been a Tottenham specialty, but turning 4 mins added time into 6, without getting a yellow suggests they're turning into an art form

Mad Dog 6:26 Sat Sep 23
Re: Today's Ref

gph 6:25 Sat Sep 23
Re: Today's Ref
I can see how a ref without the advantage of television might not give it.

I really can't see how anyone wouldn't give it WITH that advantage.

Mad Dog 6:25 Sat Sep 23
Re: Today's Ref
I thought he was shocking

The sheer amount of could that should have been bookings was ludicrous. Pulling players back to halt an attack is a bootable offence. The sheer constant fouls. Ali getting away with diving.


zico 6:21 Sat Sep 23
Re: Today's Ref
The fact that we are disagreeing on a website with the advantage of television shows how difficult it is for Referees,. I saw it first time and thought it was a penalty, on the replay I didn't and thought Arnie could have done more. It's a game of opinions and you win some and lose some. At the end of the day we didn't lose that because of the Referee we lost because we can't defend.

gph 6:14 Sat Sep 23
Re: Today's Ref
zico, the Tottenham defender used his grip on the front of Arnautovic's shirt to get leverage to make what Pleat called a "clear as a whistle" tackle.

I really can't see how Arnautovic could have pulled away in the opposite direction to his momentum without violating the laws of physics. At the very least, he would've landed on his arse if he had tried.

Sven Roeder 6:13 Sat Sep 23
Re: Today's Ref
The push on Carroll that sent him flying through the air at the end : No pen
Zabaletta leans on a Southampton player and gives him a nudge : Ooh I saw that

Of course these things even themselves up, eh?

Hermit Road 6:10 Sat Sep 23
Re: Today's Ref
If our defender grabbed an opposition shirt in the box and we had a penalty given against us, I'd be blaming our player, not the ref. Grabbing a shirt is t the same as using your body weight or going in strong, it is only ever a foul.

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