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Feed Me Chicken 10:54 Tue Sep 26
Harry Kane
Time for Madrid to buy this cunt!

Fucking making my life hell with all the yid pricks i have to work with

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pdbis 11:26 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
Will leave in the summer as he will not win anything there.

Mex Martillo 10:34 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
White pony, do not be fair, the cunt scored 2 goals against us

Anyone watching Sporting, Carvalho doing okay, playing well forward compared to the rest of the team

East Auckland Hammer 10:31 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
This came up on my Facebook newsfeed this morning. I presume it's already done the rounds, but just in case....


The Kronic 10:27 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
Mong faced Yid cunt and will always be that until he fucks them off.

White Pony 10:23 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
Eric - agreed. I reserve pretty much all of my Tottenham hatred for Dele Alli, the absolute prick. Kane seems alright to be fair.

B6NY B 10:11 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
If he does it against RM next month that will seal it. Basically what done Bale when he battered Inter Milan. Kane would be perfect for Bayern too, Muller replacement.

However, can't see him leaving London for there.

Tomshardware 9:47 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
Agreed Hitchmoe, the hatred for Kane is childish.

Eric Hitchmoe 9:37 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
Controversial I know, but i think he's a good bloke. Much prefer him to Alli, who just resembles a little snake, the sort of bloke that wouldn't think twice about moving in on his mate's missus. Kane just seems to love his game and, for now at least, seems very content playing for a club he loves. If he was ours we would adore him. Fucking annoying that he's theirs, mind. That said, I'd love it if he went to Arsenal.

E12Hammer 4:09 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
Not many better number 9's in world football at the moment. Certainly in the same league as Suarez and Lewandowski.

Cant imagine the big boys ingoring him again next summer. He'll do well for England at the World Cup.

Grumpster 3:30 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
It's pretty easy to shut up the yids, as Kane may be smashing the goals in, but they still haven't won a major trophy for 26 years and so Harry will soon be off, as it's pretty safe to say they still won't have won a major trophy this time next year or the year after.

Blokes a fantastic footballer though and seems like a fairly decent bloke (compared to many in the prem and especially his team).

Amazed no one bid big for him this summer.

Feel sorry for him having to play with such shit for England as well.

alfie romeo 2:43 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
I thought he had the physical traits and build to be successful but thought he lacked the mental side. Looked nervous and indecisive. I thought the same of Chris Wood before he went to Leeds as he reminded me a bit of Ashton. Too early to say yet whether he'll be a decent prem striker.

The one i thought was absolute cert though was Danny Welbeck. Thought he had it all but because of the one thing he lacks (a decent doctor), he won't achieve his potential.

Sven Roeder 2:14 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
Have we reached 11 goals yet including preseason games ?

Tomshardware 2:11 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
Terrific player.

Spandex Sidney 2:05 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
I think he's hit 11 goals in September? Gotta take your hat off to him for that.

Absolutely fucking hate him, of course.

Coffee 1:55 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
stewie griffin 10:50 Wed Sep 27

High praise indeed.

diddly 1:40 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
Kane is a great example of being in the right place at the right time etc. Momentum and taking your opportunites are very important in sport. e.g. my son's tennis trainer is 21. As a junior player, he had a positive head-to-head balance against Alexander Zverev. Zverev is now top 4 and a multi-millionaire, my son's trainer isn't. Maybe it just didn't click for him. It's certainly clicking for Kane ATM and we're all fucking hating it.

JustAFatKevinDavies 1:02 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
maybe you should have said that then Stewie?

stewie griffin 1:01 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
Eggbert Nobacon 12:52 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane

His goals on Saturday were his first in an away game against us. A point I make very clear in my post

Troy McClure 12:59 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
He's a greedy, mong-faced, whale-tongued simpleton who's having the luckiest streak in the history of football.

How do you make him shit? Stick him in an England shirt

Eggbert Nobacon 12:58 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
you're right Eddie!

Far Cough 12:57 Wed Sep 27
Re: Harry Kane
How many goals has Kane and Lukaku scored against us?

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