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Sven Roeder 12:31 Wed Sep 27
England Ashes squad
The view of the Telegraph who seem to in the know:

England squad: Root, Cook, Stoneman, Malan, Ballance, Vince, Moeen, Crane, Foakes, Bairstow, Stokes, Woakes, Broad, Anderson, Ball, Overton.

James Vince will be recalled to the England team for this winter's Ashes series and Mark Wood will be ruled out with an ankle injury when the selectors announce the squad on Wednesday at 10am.
Vince replaces Tom Westley who has been dropped after five Tests this summer.
Wood, meanwhile, has been plagued by a chronic ankle injury all summer that restricted him to two Tests against South Africa. He is currently playing for Durham in the final Championship match of the season in a bid to prove to the selectors his fitness, but they have decided they cannot risk taking a half-fit fast bowler on the trip.

Somerset’s Craig Overton has been called up instead and will be one of three uncapped players in the squad with leg spinner Mason Crane included and Surrey’s Ben Foakes the reserve wicketkeeper.
Gary Ballance has also been picked for the tour in a 16-man squad. Ballance, Vince and Dawid Malan will fight it out for two places in the three warm-up matches before the first Ashes Test in Brisbane on November 23.
Vince will be pencilled in to bat at three in place of Westley and it will be a choice between Ballance or Malan at five.
Wood’s absence is a big blow for England with his pace through the air believed to have been key to their bowling attack. He joins Toby Roland-Jones on the injured list after the Middlesex paceman broke down with a stress fracture in his back last week.

Jake Ball of Nottinghamshire has taken his place with Steven Finn likely to be named as a reserve in the Lions squad which will be announced on Monday.

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Sven Roeder 9:46 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
Like England Australia have a contracted list that you have to make each year.
CA offered the top few a guaranteed 3 yr contract and more money than everyone else.
I know they can afford to say no with their IPL money but it was more about Sheffield Shield players and rookies under that.
CA seemed to think Test cricketers sprung fully formed and didn't need to be supported from 17 onwards.
The biggest threat to Aust cricket is AFL hoovering up all the talented kids in their annual player draft.

VirginiaHam 9:15 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
So would I. My comments were about the media.

Well done to the AU squad. With the IPL there will be haves and have nots, and good to see Warner et al have stuck by the squad.

Must be difficult when 40% of the squad turn up in designer gear and the rest can't afford it because of some divisive wanker.

Sven Roeder 9:10 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
I'd be astonished if CA makes any demands or requests regarding the selection of the England squad.

The Chairman of CA is now a former Rio Tinto managing director.
An anti union cunt who drove this recent pay dispute trying to sideline the players union and appeal to the greed of the top players like Smith, Warner & Starc.
Got a nasty shock when they stuck by their mates and future players rather than just looking out for number 1

VirginiaHam 9:01 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
So CA will sit back and wait, patiently?

Hold on, is Wally Edwards still Chairman?

Sven Roeder 8:59 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
The press?

I thought you meant Cricket Australia, cricketers and the public.
The press are just writing nonsense to sell papers.
Wait til they find out Root and Ballance are lovers

VirginiaHam 8:57 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad


VirginiaHam 8:55 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
Crassus 8:53 Thu Sep 28

On a rugby pitch he'd almost certainly get a stern talking to.

VirginiaHam 8:54 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
Sven Roeder 8:47 Thu Sep 28

Have a read of the Aussie press.......already pushing.

Crassus 8:53 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
stewie griffin 2:03 Thu Sep 28

Agree mate, wtf is wrong with the world when a couple of chancers come unstuck

OK, Stokes may have behaved unfittingly for a VC but ffs fair play for being a proper bloke

If he did that on a rugby pitch he would be a hero

Sven Roeder 8:47 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
Why would Australia do anything of the sort? Don't let your paranoia get the better of you.
The selection of Stokes is up to England.
Australia suspended Warner because they thought his behaviour deserved it.
They have a history of that. Steve O'Keefe was also suspended recently for inappropriate behaviour..... Id still like to know what he actually said to a female cricketer at a function

lowermarshhammer 8:42 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
JAFKD 5.56

STOKES in an Essex shirt?

Only if #99 ASHAR can persuade him to convert .Would calm him down. He'd make a good ginger god botherer, "ABU AL STOKESY AL KIWI"

He can have #55, I think that's his favourite.

Given his famous death over in the T20 WC Final #24 would be more apt.

- but that's already taken by Aron NIIJAR (epic delivery action, points both hands up in the air like an umpire signalling a six)

Also apt is #46, it's available, but can Valentino Rossi hold a bat? Think he could be useful at short leg, mentalist, likes the danger...

Eerie Descent 7:16 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
As I said as soon as I saw the video, he'll be lucky to avoid doing time, let alone play in the Ashes. Not a chance.

VirginiaHam 7:12 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
So.......Stokes will lose the VCy, and Aus will pressure for a long suspension based on what Warner did to Root.

ECB will look for a way out, based on the Police investigation and charges.

If that takes months (which it could) they have a way out.

VirginiaHam 7:02 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
Things warming up.......


Oh dear 6:32 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
Tim Bressnan, erm.

and 5-4-3-2-1- Sold you're on................

Alex G 6:30 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
Time for a heroic return to international cricket for TIM BRESNAN?

JustAFatKevinDavies 5:56 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
what squad number would you give stokesy, LMH son?

lowermarshhammer 5:46 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
Hales and Stokes are the dickheads here.

Whatever the cause of the scrap and the justification for giving the bloke a slap pro cricketers in their positions can't get away with that shit when everyone has a video recorder in their pocket.

2017 last time I checked.

twoleftfeet 5:39 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
Don't even bother sending a team over, the ECB and the FA are so out of touch.


lowermarshhammer 5:37 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
Essex have a penchant for aiding the rehabilitation of mentalist cricketers (eg Monty, Ryder) no doubt Stokes will come sniffing if Durham turf him out.

He might even get a game in the seconds.

Northern Sold 5:37 Thu Sep 28
Re: England Ashes squad
Enjoy Balance out there Kev son... I hope he bats all day glued to his crease ... for 27 runs (all off the inside edge)... what a fucking player

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