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Nietzsche 8:28 Thu Sep 28
Jack Wilshire
Playing like goddamn Zidane tonight albiet vs shiet opposition.

Some of his passes tonight were sublime.

Takes an utter shit on the likes of noble and obiang. Would have liked him here.

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ludo21 11:04 Sat Sep 30
Re: Jack Wilshire
I think if he was playing for Brentford he would be at least as good as Jota.

Private Dancer 10:16 Sat Sep 30
Re: Jack Wilshire
Ludo - Nah, that don't count. He's just a punt with no track record in England or at a decent standard.

RM10 10:14 Sat Sep 30
Re: Jack Wilshire
He clearly wants to leave Arsenal so a decent deal should be reached considering his injury history

ludo21 10:02 Sat Sep 30
Re: Jack Wilshire
Not quite true PD... we did buy the Swedish / Montenegran who looked very useful when he played against Bolton... don't know why he hasn't been given a chance in Lanzin's absence as he's a similar type of player.

Private Dancer 8:24 Sat Sep 30
Re: Jack Wilshire
We clearly needed one more creative midfielder, could have been Wilshere, Jota, or Traore, but they failed to get anyone. Wankers.

Sydney_Iron 12:20 Sat Sep 30
Re: Jack Wilshire
The fickle world of the modern day footballer!!!!

Last week he was 'Desperate' to Leave Arsenal, Join West Ham"


This week, after the mid week game..........."Jack Wilshere professes Arsenal love after shining in Europa League" and is desperate to stay.


Blackythebanktramp 10:18 Fri Sep 29
Re: Jack Wilshire
I'd take him on a punt if he was played in the number 10 role. He's wank as a cm as there's nowt of him
another wasted English talent

kylay 6:21 Fri Sep 29
Re: Jack Wilshire
I wouldn't have him for the same reason as Oxelade-Chameberlain. they're both fantastic footballers on their day, but I don't think either have ever remained fit for a full season. not until carroll's gone can we afford another sick note like that.

Mex Martillo 4:36 Fri Sep 29
Re: Jack Wilshire
Getting ready for the January sales

Ron Greensward 1:50 Fri Sep 29
Re: Jack Wilshire
If he can stay fit over the course of the rest of the season then worth a free next summer. Still would be a gamble as he won't play huge numbers of whole games this season tho'.

stepney hammer 12:55 Fri Sep 29
Re: Jack Wilshire
Wilshere ASSISTED one of Theo's goals as well.

He looked good first half, tired a bit as the game wore on but that was to be expected given it was only about his second or third game in 6 months.

Could see this being a 'panic buy' for us in January if he still hasn't signed a new deal with Arsenal. But unlike Snodgrass and Fonte, possibly one that will actually pay off.

As well as covering Lanzini's role, he could also play as a deep lying playmaker and take Noble's place in the side.

Northern Sold 12:48 Fri Sep 29
Re: Jack Wilshire
Another BRACE for Theo?? Hmmmm...

Lee Trundle 12:04 Fri Sep 29
Re: Jack Wilshire
Even though he ended the season with a broken leg, his fitness "issues" were minor last season.

I said all preseason that he would have been excellent competition/back up to Lanzini. Who knows, had he joined then Bilic might have been able to play his favoured formation, with Lanzini out, with better results?

Swiss. 11:56 Fri Sep 29
Re: Jack Wilshire
With Lanzini our only play maker I agree we should have taken him on loan even of he's only fit for 50% of the season.

Grumpster 11:46 Fri Sep 29
Re: Jack Wilshire
Agreed bushey, well worth a go if not having to shell out a transfer fee.

We're run by a couple of cunts though unfortunately.

busheyhammer85 11:20 Fri Sep 29
Re: Jack Wilshire
I had it on very good authority he was desperate to join us.

We must be fucking mad not to have taken up a loan option.

Excellent footballer.

Swiss. 11:04 Fri Sep 29
Re: Jack Wilshire
Problem is he'll be Jack Wheelchair again soon.

TWe 11:01 Fri Sep 29
Re: Jack Wilshire
Can he play right back?

Eggbert Nobacon 10:45 Fri Sep 29
Re: Jack Wilshire

he could play for ours?


Sir Alf 10:37 Fri Sep 29
Re: Jack Wilshire

looked well of the pace... tick
could barely control the ball... tick
Looked overweight too.... tick

Yep, he will fit our central midfield like a glove. Only problem is does he have the strength to boot the ball from deep in his own half to big Andy?

PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:28 Thu Sep 28
Re: Jack Wilshire
I watched the second half and he looked well of the pace and could barely control the ball. Looked overweight too.

With our injury record I wouldn't be confident he would finally find consistent fitness at the hammers. Probably more like a drinking buddy for big Andy

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