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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

WSM Hammer 9:33 Thu Sep 28
Joe Hart
Nothing we didn't already know...


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Sven Roeder 4:03 Fri Dec 8
Re: Joe Hart
That said I think Adrian has moments of madness in him that stop him being the long term answer.
I think our keeper situation .... Adrian (FREE), Randolph (FREE) & Hart (LOAN on silly wages) sums up our mixture of penny pinching and wastefulness

When they got Phil PARKES they paid a healthy price for a top quality player and got absolute top service out of him.
Perhaps we should try that NEXT LEVEL thinking again

Sven Roeder 3:58 Fri Dec 8
Re: Joe Hart
I think most would acknowledge that Hart hasn't looked the current England keeper or ,on form, any sort of improvement on Adrian.
For team morale and spirit I think bringing Hart back wouldn't send a great sign ... I would have dropped him even though the decision was taken out of Moyes hands with him being ineligible.

Hart has looked flawed and expect Butland will have USURPED him in the England team by June.

Danbury Hammer 3:53 Fri Dec 8
Re: Joe Hart
young woody 3:42 Wed Dec 6

JayeMPee 3:43 Fri Dec 8
Re: Joe Hart
Adrian has the better attitude and is the better keeper for me, he must start tomorrow.

As for Hart if we can offload him in January we should and bring in a decent young keeper.

Sir Alf 1:18 Thu Dec 7
Re: Joe Hart
Agree Simon.Says

Moyes needs to reward a good performance by keeping him in the team. It will send the right message to all the squad. You play well when you get a chance and you keep the shirt. If you do not you are on the bench regardless of reputation, past performances or salary.

It changes the culture and is exactly what Moyes needs to do. Of course, if Sullivan is having a say / influence will it mean Hart starting against Chelsea? I would love to know how much he meddles into the things on the playing side. Small man syndrome usually goes hand in hand with "control freak".

simon.s 11:15 Wed Dec 6
Re: Joe Hart
So, does he start against Chelsea?

Well it’s a big NO from me. If Adrian comes in and holds his own, the next time Hart should be considered is Shrewsbury Town, his old club. Role reversal......

Keep dreaming 8:54 Wed Dec 6
Re: Joe Hart
I'm sure Hart is a nice guy.
But a better keeper than we've got he isn't.

He's also on ridiculous high wages, and not even our players. Most likely will he be off next year, and if we are really unlucky, Adrian will be off to.

Joe Fart

gph 3:44 Wed Dec 6
Re: Joe Hart
"Better than what we've got"

Not on current form.

young woody 3:42 Wed Dec 6
Re: Joe Hart
I don’t understand why people dislike Hart so much. He’s a good keeper and better than what we’ve got.

I’ve always thought Adrian was a bit pony mind.

terry-h 3:30 Wed Dec 6
Re: Joe Hart
We will have to offer Adrian a good deal to stay with us if the worst happens and we go down. From what I've seen of Trott in the last few weeks,he's nowhere near good enough for the first team. We need to tie Adrian down for the long term and get an able deputy as cover.

Dr Moose 1:04 Wed Dec 6
Re: Joe Hart
Its the influence of foreign coaches as foreign keepers are taught to punch the ball away rather than catch, where as we teach our keepers to catch the ball this is all being changed by the likes of Guardiola and co. Still its good news that Hart is getting dropped.

DukeofDevo 12:48 Wed Dec 6
Re: Joe Hart
Obviously only using us as a stepping stone back into the Prem He’s got no future at Man City and wants one of the other top teams to go for him!

Unfortunately he’s being forced to do stuff with us, and our outfield in front of him, that he’s not used to doing. The balls normally much further up the pitch most of the time!

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:38 Wed Dec 6
Re: Joe Hart
I suspect Hart is an ego-maniac. All season long I have been pulling my hair out as he confidently passes the ball to the oppo every single time, self-assuredly fails to get down to his left and boldly picks the ball out of the back of the net.

He's rubbish, he just thinks he's great.

Far Cough 2:45 Wed Dec 6
Re: Joe Hart
Well Pickford was saving them ok

easthammer 2:32 Wed Dec 6
Re: Joe Hart
Why do all goalkeepers parry the ball nowadays?

Could it be that the ball is lighter travels faster and moves more in the air? Reaction time being reduced makes parrying a safer option,

Claret Badger 2:18 Wed Dec 6
Re: Joe Hart
Randolph is better than Hart the Head n Shoulder cunt

madeeasy 2:01 Mon Dec 4
Re: Joe Hart
Agree on both points gents. i am sure statistically there is a reason for pushing the ball away.

The gloves that Hart wears i thought looked like baseball catchers mits and webbed? Either way id like to see a keeper catching that or trying.

old days and even now thinking of it a defender should be goal side of the attacker to defend the 2nd ball for the keeper to get if it doesnt catch it first time.

i appreciate the passback may have changed that to a degree. however if Adrian caught it, im not saying him or hart would or wouldn't , but if they had then they couldnt have scored their winner.

El Scorchio 1:59 Mon Dec 4
Re: Joe Hart
Saying that, I realise it has no bearing on whether Adrian caught the ball or not. I just wanted to vent.

I think they are more trained nowadays to not catch the ball because it's easier to punch/fist/tip it away. Percentages.

El Scorchio 1:53 Mon Dec 4
Re: Joe Hart
madeeasy 1:37

Shouldn't even have been a free kick in the first place seen as Delph dived to try and win a penalty.

They also were allowed to move the ball back 5 yards from where the foul was to take the kick, for some reason.

zico 1:46 Mon Dec 4
Re: Joe Hart
madeeasy 1:37 Mon Dec 4

It's incredible when you watch old clips of the likes of Phil Parkes,, Clemence, Corrigan and Shilton how more often that they caught the ball rather than parry it and in those days they didn't even have gloves or at least not big padded ones.

The one thing I will say about Adrian is that when he parries away more often than not it's a good parry away from the goal whereas Hart I have seen making good saves but the ball comes back out into a dangerous area.

wd40 1:41 Mon Dec 4
Re: Joe Hart
When he signed I was hoping he would be worth at least 10 points this season but he just looks a basic keeper .
Adrain is like a box of mad frogs and thinks his hands are on his feet but his got to be in the team now.

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