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collyrob 3:42 Sun Oct 1
Catalan referendum

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Gavros 7:30 Mon Jan 22
Re: Catalan referendum
That Harry Potter cunt needs to be crushed.

Mex Martillo 7:10 Mon Jan 22
Re: Catalan referendum
The speaker of the Catalan parliament has announced that Puigdemont is the candidate for Catalan president. They asked to explain the situation to Rajoy, the request was immediately refused

medwayhammer1 2:53 Sat Jan 20
Re: Catalan referendum
Viva Catalonia!!!!

zebthecat 10:04 Fri Jan 19
Re: Catalan referendum
Sounds like it back to where it was before the referendum pretty much (apart from the autonomy). I am wondering what the Spanish government expected to actually achieve by forcing the election.

Nurse Ratched 9:08 Fri Jan 19
Re: Catalan referendum
Thanks Mex :-)

Mex Martillo 9:05 Fri Jan 19
Re: Catalan referendum
Thought I would update on this

The Catalan parliament had its first sessions since the election called by central government and since being disolved by the central government. In the session they formed the new Catalan government and elected all the governing positions like speaker of the house etc. The independentists dominated all aspects of the session and took all positions and formed the Catalan government. This was even though they did not have a majority as the 5 members of parliament in exile in Belgium were not aload to vote. The 3 in prison could vote though proxy. The Catalan government now just needs to elect a president and ask the central government to return regional rule. The Catalan government want their old president, Puigdemont, who is in exile. The central governement has said it will not return regional rule if the Catalans have the same president.

Viva Catalonia

Mex Martillo 11:54 Fri Dec 22
Re: Catalan referendum
They finally have to start to talk to negociate a deal that is supported by a majority. Rajoy cannot keep his hard line and jail more people for having democratically supported ideals. But he will not change more trouble on the horizon...

Mex Martillo 11:52 Fri Dec 22
Re: Catalan referendum
I agree Independence did not win the popular vote and probably would not in a referendum.
But it is very close perhaps closer then you guys understand:

For Independence parties (Junts, Erc, Cup) = 2,046,710
Parties that supported ending Catalan regional gov. (Cid, POSe, PP) = 1,870,192
Party that supports a referendum, but neither side (Podem) = 320,269

BRANDED 11:31 Fri Dec 22
Re: Catalan referendum
The best solution is one where everybody gets what the want.

Chigwell 11:25 Fri Dec 22
Re: Catalan referendum
The Spanish government cannot cling indefinitely to a 40-year-old constitutional law if the majority of Catalonian voters really want independence. But there is a suspicion of a Scottish attitude to the issue, i.e. to vote for independence parties but not to grasp the nettle when it comes to an actual choice at a referendum.
The previous Catalan referendum cannot be taken as valid, because it had already been declared illegal which would have deterred pro-union voters, or simply the nervous and frail. Will Madrid approve a formal referendum to decide the question? It's a big risk to take but it appears to be the only way to reach a solution in the current circumstances.

, 11:21 Fri Dec 22
Re: Catalan referendum
Not only did the separatists fail to win the popular vote ( although the lost by a far narrower margin than minority President Trump ) they actually lost by their biggest margin, in terms of popular vote, in the major province of Barcelona.

It’s obvious that there is not a clear cut mandate for a complete separation.

harold 11:02 Fri Dec 22
Re: Catalan referendum
They won a few more seats, but not the popular vote: so when a referendum is called, they will probably lose.

Mex Martillo 10:43 Fri Dec 22
Re: Catalan referendum
Comma, should be no problem the same 3 parties were in a coalition and declared independence before the Spanish government dissolved the parliament and ended regional goverment from Catalonia.

Oh yes Sven, win for barca, I have a great day planned, watch Barca thrash Madrid in a pub near the ground and then along for my first visit to the OS to see West Ham thrash Newcastle, hope it all works out!

Sven Roeder 10:34 Fri Dec 22
Re: Catalan referendum
Real Madrid v Barcelona at midday tomorrow
Should make that winner take all .... stay as Spain or let Catalonia go

Willtell 9:57 Fri Dec 22
Re: Catalan referendum
Of course Catalonia will have to come out of the EU under current rules....

, 12:34 Fri Dec 22
Re: Catalan referendum
Mex, the big question is will the combined pro independence parties, who look like ending up with a 4 seats majority in the 136 seat asembly, form a stable coalition and negotiate a separation agreement with central government.

Mex Martillo 12:23 Fri Dec 22
Re: Catalan referendum
Well there we have it, another parlimentary majority for independence in The Republic of Catalonia.

Massive, over 80% turnout.

So, what do the Spanish do?

Will the Spanish return power to the democratically elected Catalan parliament?

Will the Spanish release the political prisoners and allow exiled politicians to return to lead their parties that just won the election?

Mex Martillo 5:40 Sun Nov 5
Re: Catalan referendum
On the 21st of Dec, I see the Catalans voting in another parlimentary majority for independence.

Spanish Governement will not accept that and will either after the election or perhaps before start outlawing parties that campagne with a manifesto for independence and start a new wave of jailing people. They will not return regional Government to Catalonia as long as this continues, initially Spanish Government has taken direct rule of Catalonia for a 6 month period.

This conflict and jailing will probably go on until there is a General election and a change in Spains Government. The ruling party have no majority and it is highly lightly to fall if this continues too long.

Also production in Catalonia and Spain will drop and recovery from recession slow or enter recession again.

Coffee 9:06 Sun Nov 5
Re: Catalan referendum

Champagne for elections notwithstanding, how do you see things going in the coming weeks/months?

Mex Martillo 8:41 Sun Nov 5
Re: Catalan referendum
What week for Catalonia
Friday 27 Oct: Declare independence
Saturday 28 Oct: Spain takes direct rule of Catalonia
Sunday 29 Oct: massive demonstation for Spanish unity
Monday 30 Oct: Spain draws up charges against Catalan politicians, Puigdemont goes to Belgium
Thursday 2 Nov: Spain arrests 9 Catalan politicians
Friday 3: Massive demonstrations to free politicians, Puigdemont starts champagne for elections on 21 Dec

Mex Martillo 8:31 Sun Nov 5
Re: Catalan
It is true all parts of a country are important. UK needs Scotlands industry and exports. Ireland has a much closer relationship with the UK than rest of EU and needs the trade with the UK. The UK needs EU and Irish markets. Change these relationship and things may worsen, but probably not disastrous.

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