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collyrob 3:42 Sun Oct 1
Catalan referendum

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Bullet 12:35 Sun Mar 25
Re: Catalan referendum
FHB 9:54 Sat Mar 24

Strange? What because your views are different to mine? If you lived and worked in London through those times you may have a different view. What would you have done with the IRA then invited them for tea like Corbyn would do with ISIS.

Toe Rag 12:08 Sun Mar 25
Re: Catalan referendum
ag ag ag ag


neilalex 12:02 Sun Mar 25
Re: Catalan referendum
Fuck me the Jocks and the Scousers; can you actually think of two groups of people you'd more want to fuck off?

swindon hammer 11:56 Sat Mar 24
Re: Catalan referendum

so where do we stop with this Independence thing?

We have Brexit which is bad enough, the Scots will be independent within the next 10 years as well.

The scousers say they are not English they are scouse so should Liverpool go Independent as well?

It feels like the world is going backwards.

Norman 11:39 Sat Mar 24
Re: Catalan referendum
Always wanted Catalonia to get their independence since I visited Salou as a kid and stayed with my mates uncle who was married to a Calalonian and lived out there for years. It’s not about the economy it’s about the people. They’re Catalans not Spaniards full stop. I hope one day they gain their full independence

FHB 9:54 Sat Mar 24
Re: Catalan referendum
Bullet 12:51 Sat Mar 24

Are you saying we should be more like the Spanish Government, paid off terrorists or just executed them?

Strange people on here sometimes

Roeder-nowhere 8:25 Sat Mar 24
Re: Catalan referendum
why do you say that Dicksie, just a random ignorant statement presumably? Only, there seem some
experts out there, independent one’s who are slightly more qualified than yoursef I would assume, who believe Catalunya would do just fine independently. Which is precisely wht Madrid don’t want them gone... they are reliant on their wealthy income. Sounds simplistic but it simply boils down to that more that much else.

dicksie3 7:05 Sat Mar 24
Re: Catalan referendum
I don't think that there's a strong enough mandate for independence.

So bollocks to them.

my left foot 1:17 Sat Mar 24
Re: Catalan referendum
Free Catalonia- I wonder if they got their way they'll still want to be part of the EU?

Bullet 12:51 Sat Mar 24
Re: Catalan referendum
Thanks Mex for the update, interesting to know what is actually going on from someone there. I sympathise with Catalonia wanting their independence.

In reality I don't think Spain will ever allow it. History shows us that Spain should not be underestimated and can be ruthless, when the Basques wanted their independence and were denied ETA terrorists bombed and murdered to get there way, but the leaders were systematically exterminated by government hit squads on high powered motorcycles. In addition Basques have been provided with additional funding from Madrid to keep them quiet.

In contrast we bent over for the IRA, thanks Tony and Major.

, 11:56 Sat Mar 24
Re: Catalan referendum
Sounds like a classic catch22 situation. Clearly there needs to be a legal and properly supervised referendum in Catalonia the last one being unofficial and not satisfactorily organised.

The central government though fear for an independence majority so won’t allow this to happen.

Nurse Ratched 9:49 Sat Mar 24
Re: Catalan referendum
Thanks, Mex. Spanish ####s. Hope you get your independence.

Mex Martillo 9:01 Sat Mar 24
Re: Catalan referendum
Update on all this, in short no change if you do want to read more

Catalonia is still being ruled directly from Madrid as a President has not been elected to form the Catalan Governement. The independence parties have been trying:

1) After the independence parties won the 21 Dec election they proposed to reinstate Puigdemont as Catalan president. He would have been a president in exile as he will be arrested and jailed without bail if he returns to Spain. Spanish supreme court ruled that it was illegal to have an exiled president and blocked Puigdemont as president unless he retuned and got arrested.

2) Puigdemont resigned as president elect and the independence parties selected Jordi Sanchez to be instated as president. He is actually in prison. He has not been found guilty of anything, like all the Catalan polititions in jail he has been charged but given no bail so he is jailed (4 months now) waiting for a hearing. So much for innocent until proven guilty in Spain. The Spanish supreme court rulled that he was to dangerous to be released on bail to become president and could not be president from jail.

3) Independence parties chose the unjailed democratically elected politician Jordi Turull to be president of the Catalan parliament. Yesterday the Spanish supreme court ruled that Jordi Turull (and 5 others) should be arrested without bail. Yesterday Jordi Turull and 4 others (1 escaped to exile) were arrested. Jordi Turull cannot be president as he is now in jail.

This resulted in a lot of demonstrations last night across Catalonia, which is reported in the BBC
Catalonia is still being ruled by Madrid


Gavros 7:30 Mon Jan 22
Re: Catalan referendum
That Harry Potter cunt needs to be crushed.

Mex Martillo 7:10 Mon Jan 22
Re: Catalan referendum
The speaker of the Catalan parliament has announced that Puigdemont is the candidate for Catalan president. They asked to explain the situation to Rajoy, the request was immediately refused

medwayhammer1 2:53 Sat Jan 20
Re: Catalan referendum
Viva Catalonia!!!!

zebthecat 10:04 Fri Jan 19
Re: Catalan referendum
Sounds like it back to where it was before the referendum pretty much (apart from the autonomy). I am wondering what the Spanish government expected to actually achieve by forcing the election.

Nurse Ratched 9:08 Fri Jan 19
Re: Catalan referendum
Thanks Mex :-)

Mex Martillo 9:05 Fri Jan 19
Re: Catalan referendum
Thought I would update on this

The Catalan parliament had its first sessions since the election called by central government and since being disolved by the central government. In the session they formed the new Catalan government and elected all the governing positions like speaker of the house etc. The independentists dominated all aspects of the session and took all positions and formed the Catalan government. This was even though they did not have a majority as the 5 members of parliament in exile in Belgium were not aload to vote. The 3 in prison could vote though proxy. The Catalan government now just needs to elect a president and ask the central government to return regional rule. The Catalan government want their old president, Puigdemont, who is in exile. The central governement has said it will not return regional rule if the Catalans have the same president.

Viva Catalonia

Mex Martillo 11:54 Fri Dec 22
Re: Catalan referendum
They finally have to start to talk to negociate a deal that is supported by a majority. Rajoy cannot keep his hard line and jail more people for having democratically supported ideals. But he will not change more trouble on the horizon...

Mex Martillo 11:52 Fri Dec 22
Re: Catalan referendum
I agree Independence did not win the popular vote and probably would not in a referendum.
But it is very close perhaps closer then you guys understand:

For Independence parties (Junts, Erc, Cup) = 2,046,710
Parties that supported ending Catalan regional gov. (Cid, POSe, PP) = 1,870,192
Party that supports a referendum, but neither side (Podem) = 320,269

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