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collyrob 3:42 Sun Oct 1
Catalan referendum

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Willtell 5:32 Wed Mar 28
Re: Catalan referendum

Relocting London to Catalonia now are you? FMOB but you are hell of a mong Swiss!

Swiss. 4:44 Wed Mar 28
Re: Catalan referendum
An independent London within the M25 and part of the EU would be great.

Dr Moose 4:03 Wed Mar 28
Re: Catalan referendum
Infidel 1:34 Tue Mar 27

Pimlico, they made a film about it.

Willtell 12:08 Wed Mar 28
Re: Catalan referendum
I doubt that everyone that works in Monaco lives there....

Infidel 1:34 Tue Mar 27
Re: Catalan referendum
Yes, comma, that's exactly what I am suggesting.

Independent city states were the norm in much of Europe throughout the middle ages. In Italy city states like Florence, Venice and Lucca prospered.

In more recent times Hong Kong and Singapore are excellent examples of independent city states.

In practice though it is unthinkable that a modern European city would vote to become independent because cities have large sprawling suburbs where much of the city's population lives.

To take London as an example, where does it start and where does it end? Is Watford in London? Windsor? Reading?

Willtell 11:37 Tue Mar 27
Re: Catalan referendum
I think you're right on this Comma. That has to happen occasionally I suppose.

I don't think there is a desire for most people living in Catalonia to become independent. The Spanish government are however, making the mistake of pushing people too far by trying to squash the matter by force.

, 11:25 Tue Mar 27
Re: Catalan referendum
Infidel 9.12, this depends on what you define as a region. It could get silly. For example it appears that in Catalonia the region of Barca, the wealth generating area by far, is marginally in favour of staying with the Madrid government. Are you suggesting if Catalonia carried a proper referendum which voted to break away then the Barca region in the fullness of time could do the same?

Willtell 11:17 Tue Mar 27
Re: Catalan referendum
Thickle old chum. If Castillian Spaniards are forgivable for acting like cunts due to their "imperialistic" past, it explains your illogical adherence to the corrupt EU....

Hammer and Pickle 9:51 Tue Mar 27
Re: Catalan referendum
Castille has a tradition of imperialism that is much more about direct control than that the British version. It may appear childish to us, but it is still imperialism.

Darby_ 9:48 Tue Mar 27
Re: Catalan referendum
Nursey, to be fair, anti independence voters boycotted the vote because they didn’t consider it legitimate.

It’s childish of the Spanish not to allow a free vote like the UK or Canada did, but until they do, you won’t know if there’s a genuine majority for independence.

Spanish childishness seems to be a recurring theme when you think of issues like Catalonia, Gibraltar, Ceuta and Melilla.

Infidel 9:12 Tue Mar 27
Re: Catalan referendum
If the majority population of any region wants to secede they should be allowed to secede. That's democracy.

Keeping them under the rule of the mother country against their will is a form of occupation, colonialism if you will.

Throughout history, the decision to crush secessionist movements has ended badly. The American Civil War is a case in point - everyone sings the praises of Abraham Lincoln for ending slavery but there were peaceful ways to bring that about without slaughtering 700,000 American boys by waging a brutal and illegal war against the secession States.

We did much the same with Ireland throughout the latter part of the 19th century. Once they had elected over 100 Nationalist MPs to Westminster it should have been a matter of moral justice to let them become independent with our blessing.

Same mistake being made in Spain today...

Willtell 12:26 Tue Mar 27
Re: Catalan referendum
Yes I just cannot understand why cunts like Swiss, Gavros and Hammer & Pickle are so pro-EU when the President (not elected by the electorate) was guilty of persuading big business to open offices in Luxembourg when he was Finance Minister from 1989 through to being Prime Minister up to 2013.

All for less than 1% taxes. And he fought the EU during those days of self-interest. Now he is supposed to get big business to pay taxes.....

Yup ideal man for the job like Blatter was to FIFA. And no EU audits by independent accountants for donkeys years. No problem they audit their own accounts through an 'EU Court'.

No room for fraud there then! It's like Sullivan auditing West Ham's accounts....

Mex Martillo 7:37 Mon Mar 26
Re: Catalan referendum
Well said Willtell, I am impressed.

I am not sure what happens now, the Independentists have lost their majority in the Catalan Parliament as Madrid keeps putting their politicians in jail. But I think the politicians can resign and be replaced by somene else in the party. I think they need to sort that out to pick a President, the last choice was just jailed. This just, slows everthing down. Over 3 months since the election and they have not been able to form a Government as they still need to pick the President. Madrid keeps changing the rules and putting their choices in jail.

THEN when they sort that out, just need to ask Madrid to give them back the right to Govern, which was suspended in October 2017.

All appears to be normal to the EU tossers.

Nurse Ratched 7:23 Mon Mar 26
Re: Catalan referendum
So what? Fuck the rest of them of they couldn't be bothered to vote.

What is the MATTER with you people?

Swiss. 7:20 Mon Mar 26
Re: Catalan referendum

Because only 43% voted maybe? But for you that is democracy you retard.

Willtell 6:37 Mon Mar 26
Re: Catalan referendum
I wonder why the EU do not come down on the side of democracy?

Mex Martillo 3:09 Mon Mar 26
Re: Catalan referendum
Madrid has issued an arrest warrant for Clara Ponsati now working in Saint Andrews University, Scotland and former Education Minister in the Catalan Governement. It will be interesting to see what happens there. Scottish police made tweet to say they were looking for her and her lawyer got in touch to say she would visit the police station in the next couple of days. All very quaint and British, clearly massive urgency to get her arrested...
Madrid extended arrest warrants to 25 of the elected Catalan Government that held the referendium in Oct 2017. Included is the former Education Minister Clara Ponsati, now working in Scotland.

Bullet 1:44 Mon Mar 26
Re: Catalan referendum
The Catalans are not involved in terrorist activity yet, and I hope they don't choose that path, but I can't see any other alternative if they want to take it further? Either way Spain will not play ball as they showed with the Basques.

Bullet 1:35 Mon Mar 26
Re: Catalan referendum
FHB 6:00 Sun Mar 25

I agree with assassinations first for terrorists who want independence for their territory. Many terrorists are in it for the money but should not be bribed as they or others will come back again and blackmail for more and more, they are gangsters running many illegal money making schemes.

Most Governments have the military power to take them out, Spain had the 'Cojones', we are too PC. Money shouldn't be given to individuals, but Madrid has agreed to increase subsidies to the various Basque territories to help their economies as a sweetener to appease them, which is correct if it calms resentment.

Willtell 1:13 Mon Mar 26
Re: Catalan referendum
I know they do rios. I love them really but like Scousers many of them are becoming a bunch of self-righteous wankers.

At least Catalan could be financially self-supporting...

riosleftsock 9:35 Mon Mar 26
Re: Catalan referendum

When it comes to the exploits of the Brits abroad, during our halcyon empire days, the scots bear a disproportionate share of the glory.

Unfortunately for them, they also must share their burden of shame for empire and slavery.

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