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Q: 2017/18 Watford (a)
a. Moyes first game & like the postman he'll deliver, win.
b. A tough first game for Moyes it'll be a test alright & I expect a point, draw.
c. Different day and it'll be the same shit, lose.
d. We should be pleaed the football's back but after the last humiliation and the Board's ineptitude, my passion for WHU has been sucked out of me
e. I can't wait me, I'm our biggest fan and once again will be down the Rub a Dub kitted out and belting out David Moysie's Blue & Claret Army, I know all the songs me

Coffee 8:45 Mon Oct 2
Monarch gone
Monarch Airlines is in administration.

A great shame, as it's been part of the UK's aviation tapestry for a long time. It's been teetering on the brink for some time, though.

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Pee Wee 1:21 Mon Oct 2
Re: Monarch gone
Got to feel sorry for Prince Charles waking up to headlines of 'Monarch is no more' only to find out it's a poxy airline.

Swiss. 1:13 Mon Oct 2
Re: Monarch gone
Ah the memories. Playas de americas here we come. Eventually after 5 hour delay.

Northern Sold 11:48 Mon Oct 2
Re: Monarch gone
Awful airline...

stewey 11:06 Mon Oct 2
Re: Monarch gone
We had flight only so would have been well and truly fucked

w4hammer 11:02 Mon Oct 2
Re: Monarch gone
fuck them and the PE guys that will lose their shirts. Been a basket case for years

Johnson 10:58 Mon Oct 2
Re: Monarch gone
That's Ryanair's pilot crisis solved then.

franksfat&slow&wank 10:47 Mon Oct 2
Re: Monarch gone
owe my company 215k :(

stewey 10:38 Mon Oct 2
Re: Monarch gone
Flew in at 2am sunday on them ,bit of a touch really

PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:10 Mon Oct 2
Re: Monarch gone
Flew with them once, worst flying experience I've had including emergency landing in Grenada with no passenger briefing whatsoever and everyone wandering aimlessly around a tiny airport in grednada with no idea what was going on....for about 6 hours

13 Brentford Rd 8:56 Mon Oct 2
Re: Monarch gone
Was the original Budget airline when I was young.

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