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Q: 2017/18 Leicester (h)
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e. Can you believe my luck, another game on SKY so back to the pub, head to toe in club merchandise and show that I'm hardcore West Ham who follows the Club home and away from my seat at the bar

Alfs 3:51 Thu Oct 5
Bowel Scope Screening
I've had an NHS invite drop on my door mat. Anyone been through this?

As a sweetener they tell me that I can look at a screen and see the inside of my bowel as it happens. Why would anyone want to do that?

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Mart O 7:19 Wed Nov 22
Re: Bowel Scope Screening
Ag !

Alfs 4:35 Wed Nov 22
Re: Bowel Scope Screening
I can tell you this much Gav, it's the first and probably only time that a woman who I've only met within the last two minutes, has stuck her finger fully up my arse. She said it was to lubricate it, but I knew her game.

55, and I've still got it!

Westham67 1:40 Wed Nov 22
Re: Bowel Scope Screening
Be better than watching West Ham at the moment

Gavros 1:06 Wed Nov 22
Re: Bowel Scope Screening
This was all s massive ruse to get someone to stick something up your arse. Admit it.

Also glad to hear the good news.


Alfs 12:52 Wed Nov 22
Re: Bowel Scope Screening
Well, it was certainly an eye-opener - in more ways that one. Uncomfortable but not painful, and with the exception of a couple of polyps, all clear.

Like others on here said to me - when the letter drops on your doormat don't ignore it. The thought was far worse than the event itself.

SecondOpinion 4:50 Tue Oct 10
Re: Bowel Scope Screening
Man up Crassus!*


Crassus 12:52 Tue Oct 10
Re: Bowel Scope Screening
Nope - don't do arris based activity mate

The first fiddle is a slippery slope into the world of hair tongs in my book

I can't be having either

Eerie Descent 12:43 Tue Oct 10
Re: Bowel Scope Screening
Are you saying you don't let the missus chuck a cheeky digit up the bournville every now and again, Crassus?

Crassus 12:37 Tue Oct 10
Re: Bowel Scope Screening
Ok chaps, in plain terms what does this involve beyond having your Jaksi invaded?

I don't do doctors and being a tad old skool, consider my arse a downpipe with a non return valve, serving one purpose only

Never been a fan of having it fiddled with, even by dirty bitches - so Brenters, thanks for thinking of me but this is not for you

Thames Ironworks 5:09 Mon Oct 9
Re: Bowel Scope Screening
Northern Sold 11:42 Fri Oct 6

Same here, always suffered as did others in my family.

Also gut is very reactive to stress which creates a host of different issues, sometimes stress from outside influences such as work etc or West Ham, or from what we eat.

I'm about to have a wireless camera look at mine where you swallow a capsule. This will look at the whole bowel rather than individual sections which most tests only do.

All fascinating, you have to remember the gut is the engine room of your body. Most Eastern cultures know what impacts gut and through meditation, differing foods and exercise know how to manage it.

Alfs 8:02 Sun Oct 8
Re: Bowel Scope Screening
Nice one, Pedant. Cheers.

Pedant 4:44 Sat Oct 7
Re: Bowel Scope Screening
Yep. Have a read.


Geoffrey Pike 9:41 Fri Oct 6
Re: Bowel Scope Screening
I have this every 2/3 years cos the old man died of bowel cancer.
Good clear out the couple of days before does you the world of good. And yes I watched on the screen, the camera journey all the way to my appendix with a running commentary from the doc.Bit uncomfortable round the bends but thought it was fascinating.
Last time had a couple of polyps removed. Well worth doing for peace of mind

Northern Sold 11:48 Fri Oct 6
Re: Bowel Scope Screening

charleyfarley 11:45 Fri Oct 6
Re: Bowel Scope Screening
Modern Bowel Scope Screening is shit

Northern Sold 11:42 Fri Oct 6
Re: Bowel Scope Screening
I had that Thames.... incredible gut ache as a kid from about the age of 8 years old... quacks said it was growing pains.... ended up being a Duodenal Ulcer... on reason we knew that in the end was that it burst open when I was 17 years old... quacks eh... gotta love them

Thames Ironworks 11:05 Fri Oct 6
Re: Bowel Scope Screening
The vast majority of illnesses and disease originate in the bowel. We are filling our guts with so much processed muck coming from the supermarkets. There are studies which are being closed that prove the food we eat is killing us off and this is due to impact on the bowel and intestines.
Doctors are also dismissing complaints of tummy aches from children as they put it down to too many sweets, chocolate etc. The truth is children feel the pains more and as a result we are ignoring this.

SecondOpinion 10:45 Fri Oct 6
Re: Bowel Scope Screening

13 Brentford Rd 7:38 Thu Oct 5
Re: Bowel Scope Screening
Oh look at the repressed homos below.

Alfs 6:31 Thu Oct 5
Re: Bowel Scope Screening
Looks like I'll go for it then. Cheers for the advice/encouragement. I'll get a screenshot of my bowel and post it up as a thank you.

Lee Trundle 5:23 Thu Oct 5
Re: Bowel Scope Screening
"Picolax did'nt work properly on me and they had to abort the probe halfway round which pissed me off greatly as it wasted days and then I had to go back"

Don't lie. You were begging them to go harder and deeper, and then pleaded to go back for some seconds a few days later.

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