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collyrob 11:25 Fri Oct 6
"Seatwave" a ticketmaster company
So refreshed the ticketmaster page at 9.00am for KENDRICK LAMAR tickets, stays loading for 2 minutes then pops up "no tickets available but there are some on our other site seatwave for triple the price.

How is this allowed?

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On The Ball 1:05 Sun Oct 8
Re: "Seatwave" a ticketmaster company
But surely as with every other ticket site, it'll go into meltdown when it gets more popular?

LeroysBoots 9:10 Sat Oct 7
Re: "Seatwave" a ticketmaster company
Mike, bought my kids Ed Sheeran tickets for next year, no queuing at all, I heard Ticketmaster was in meltdown when they were released

Takashi Miike 9:07 Sat Oct 7
Re: "Seatwave" a ticketmaster company
Leroys, I've only tried through Amazon once but it was for early tickets so maybe the prime gives you the presale? I prefer what a few bands are doing now where they're connecting their new album release with access to early tickets if you buy it

LeroysBoots 9:03 Sat Oct 7
Re: "Seatwave" a ticketmaster company
Not sure mate, possibly, but as I see it that's another bonus to having Prime.

Everyone gravitates towards Tickemaster for tickets when they go on sale, just poodle on over to Amazon and there are no queues or no issues

Takashi Miike 8:58 Sat Oct 7
Re: "Seatwave" a ticketmaster company
don't you have to have a prime membership to buy tickets through them?

LeroysBoots 8:45 Sat Oct 7
Re: "Seatwave" a ticketmaster company
Amazon are the new kids on the block now for tickets, fuck Ticketmaster and their associated complicit companies.

Try Amazon, no issues at all

White Pony 11:36 Fri Oct 6
Re: "Seatwave" a ticketmaster company
You want to see Kendrick Lamar "live"? You fucking utter cock.

bigst 11:30 Fri Oct 6
Re: "Seatwave" a ticketmaster company
https://tickets.axs.com/shop/#/GEN-0f0d-421f-9a34-1325b432ea86/shop/search?lang=en&locale=en-US&preFill=1&eventid=343831&ec=O2L180212&src=AEGAXS1_WMAIN&skin=theo2&fbShareURL=www.axs.com%2Fuk%2Fevents%2F343831%2Fkendrick-lamar-tickets%3F%26ref%3Devs_fb Still loads left around the 80 quid mark

OccupyGreenStreet 2:08 Fri Oct 6
Re: "Seatwave" a ticketmaster company
Got a couple of tickets yesterday via AXS Presale - they were punting them out in nice areas and decent prices. All a bit of a con. Still, my kids will be happy if I hand them over.

I like KL as it goes, though it's not quite Nas doing 'Illmatic' at the Roundhouse. A few West Ham chants around me that night, strangely.

Bungo 1:36 Fri Oct 6
Re: "Seatwave" a ticketmaster company
I suppose they'll carry on either until legislation stops them (seems unlikely?), or people stop paying over-inflated prices for tickets.

The second option would stop it dead, but there seem to be a pool of people out there, ready and willing to pay whatever it takes.

I used to buy tickets from resale sites, but I've stopped now. I actually don't want to see anything that badly now..

Gavros 12:54 Fri Oct 6
Re: "Seatwave" a ticketmaster company
anyone who wants to pay to see KENDRICK LAMAR deserves to get fleeced.

Russ of the BML 12:47 Fri Oct 6
Re: "Seatwave" a ticketmaster company
Legal touting. Disgrace.

Takashi Miike 11:34 Fri Oct 6
Re: "Seatwave" a ticketmaster company
no, yank rapper. that was Lemar singular

I try to avoid Ticketmaster at all costs if I can. they always charge the highest commission and charges, always try the venue or other sellers as they are scum

On The Ball 11:30 Fri Oct 6
Re: "Seatwave" a ticketmaster company
It's complete bollocks and absolutely shouldn't be allowed. Those sites boil my blood - it's been shown (Panorama?) that they're complicit and in fact actively take sections of tickets before they go on sale, yet it's still allowed to happen.

Who is that stupid cunt tout on here who thinks WH should deal with pile of shit tout companies like StubHub? Brace yourself for him saying it's great....

Is Kendrick Lamar the bloke from Fame Academy a few years ago?

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