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medwayhammer1 7:35 Sat Oct 7
Super league Grand Final
Anybody else watching this? Just tuned in and Razorlight are playing...fuck me they reformed? Bad enough first time.

Anyway looking foward to this...c'mon Cas...beat the dirty Leeds cunts!

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East Auckland Hammer 11:58 Sun Oct 8
Re: Super league Grand Final
So, we basically agree that rugby league in England didn't steal their finals series concept from rugby league in Australia, that the likelihood of the greatest Northern Union minds in England in the late 1800's and early 1900's are very unlikely to have stolen the concept them for VFA/VFL/AFL bogans, but that the VFA/VFL?AFL bogans are very likely to have stolen the playoff concept from the AA vs NL playoff games in the USA?


Now that we've cleared up your hair-splitting, perhaps we can deal with the ground-sharing arrangement for Super League playing ONE game at Old Trafford, while half of the Melbourne AFL teams play nearly ALL of their games at a cricket ground.

Sven Roeder 11:51 Sun Oct 8
Re: Super league Grand Final
You do get very worked up don’t you ?

East Auckland Hammer 11:33 Sun Oct 8
Re: Super league Grand Final
So, you're resorting to quibbling over whether the NSWRL (NRL) copied the RFLC in England, and whether they copied the VFL in relation to their finals playoff series?

If you want to dig deeper, I would suggest that the AFL/VFL/VFA finals series is pre-dated by the AA-NL playoffs in the baseball in the USA by a couple of years, so in actual fact, Australians want to be Americans.

Given your average Australian is a thick racist, that would seem to be a reasonable aspiration, and one that you lot are very close to achieving.

In England, the playoff format existed until the 1970's when they switched to a pure league format again, before the re-introduction of the playoffs in 1996 with the advent of Super League.

Sven Roeder 11:10 Sun Oct 8
Re: Super league Grand Final
‘A rugby league perspective ‘
Ha ha

So they BOTH got the idea from Australian rules football
And English rugby league stopped doing it when exactly?
And started it up again when and why?

East Auckland Hammer 10:53 Sun Oct 8
Re: Super league Grand Final
Let me just correct you on a few points Sven.

In 1908, the first season of the NSWRL, Souths won the Minor Premiership, and the overall Premiership. There was a Major semi, a Minor semi and a Grand Final.

In 1905 season, rugby league in England was split into a Yorkshire league and a Lancashire league. Teams played all of the teams in their own league (and some cross-league games), and all the results were compiled into a single table and then they had a Top 4 playoff system.

So in actual fact, from a rugby league perspective, it would appear that they had a playoff system in England BEFORE they had one in Australia.

Of course, one couldn't reasonably expect you to do any research to ensure you have the facts before making a claim.

You are an elderly, AFL-loving Australian after all.

Sven Roeder 8:47 Sun Oct 8
Re: Super league Grand Final
There was an original complaint that it was unfair that Castleford ended up with nothing after finishing on top.
I pointed out that giving the trophy to that team is very much the British sporting culture ie ‘winning the league’
The 20yo tradition of having a finals series and a Grand final comes from English rugby league wanting to be like the NRL.
And adopting what is an Australian sporting tradition of settling a league in that way.
The NRL have done it since 1930 ... and they took it from Australian rules football.
Got it?

East Auckland Hammer 8:35 Sun Oct 8
Re: Super league Grand Final
Oh, I see.

So staging a one-off game, the Super League Grand Final, their show piece event, at Old Trafford, on the weekend of an international break means British people want to be Australian?

By the same token, Australians want to be NZers, because Martin Crowe invented Cricket Max, the forerunner to T20, which was played at cricket grounds. Now you play the Big Bash League at cricket grounds. So, clearly, Australians want to be Kiwis.

Sven Roeder 8:12 Sun Oct 8
Re: Super league Grand Final
Lots of sports with complementary seasons share stadia
Rugby league don’t share Old Trafford
They use it for one off big games

Because they have a finals system out of step with British sporting culture. As a result of wanting to be like Australia

East Auckland Hammer 7:47 Sun Oct 8
Re: Super league Grand Final
So, from what I can make out, you're suggesting that a lot of sports share their grounds, including rugby league (the topic of this thread), rugby, cricket and (I hesitate to call a game played in one country, and not even a very good country at that) AFL.

Sorry, what was the point you were making about rugby league playing a final at Old Trafford again?

Sven Roeder 7:27 Sun Oct 8
Re: Super league Grand Final
Rugby, cricket , rodeos, sheep bothering tournaments

East Auckland Hammer 7:04 Sun Oct 8
Re: Super league Grand Final
Oh, so they don't even have their own grounds then?

What a sport.

Sven Roeder 2:06 Sun Oct 8
Re: Super league Grand Final
They use the MCG during the entire season .... Richmond , Melbourne, Collingwood and probably others use it as their home ground.
Because the games are seasonally complementary this has allowed expansive development of the 100,000 capacity MCG plus others including the stunning redevelopment of the Adelaide Oval.
This partnership also means Perth from March will have a 60,000 seat stadium that is used all year round for AFL and major Test matches , ODI’s and the Big Bash CHAMPION Team.

In the meantime NRL has to give away tickets to fill the old Sydney Olympic stadium and limps along with its atmospheric but inadequate SUBURBAN grounds.
And rugby union might as well not exist.

East Auckland Hammer 1:41 Sun Oct 8
Re: Super league Grand Final
Why does AFL have their grand finals at the Melbourne CRICKET Ground Sven?

Don't they have their own grounds?

Sven Roeder 10:21 Sun Oct 8
Re: Super league Grand Final
Think they have done it for about 20 years.
They do it because they want to follow the NRL.
The sporting culture in Australia is to have a finals series and a Grand final ( I understand the NRL have been doing it since 1930 and they borrowed it off Australian Rules football which has had some variation of it since 1898).

The British sporting culture is a trophy going to the team on top after the league matches are completed.
They obviously lack the confidence to follow their own ways.

Also , why do Man U allow another sport to use Old Trafford?
Seems a bit odd to have a sport that involves diving into the area behind the posts with the grass dropping away dramatically into a fence in this football stadium.
Doesn’t Rugby league have its own ground?

Sniper 10:10 Sun Oct 8
Re: Super league Grand Final
Really is a nonsense way to finish any sporting season - no idea why rugby (both types) do it, it's the only thing more unfair than the play offs!

medwayhammer1 9:57 Sat Oct 7
Re: Super league Grand Final
Tottaly agree...bollocks really. still didnt deserve anything tonight to be honest.

MTC 9:52 Sat Oct 7
Re: Super league Grand Final
Think this whole grand final business is a bit unfair.Castleford finish top,10 points clear of the field and with a +391 points difference compared to leeds’ +76 points difference and then lose the final and end up with nothing.

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