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Browno22 9:05 Sun Oct 8
Stuart Pearce on Talksport
Sticking up for Southgate and begging England fans to be patient!

I know he is an FA yes man but he is not employed by them anymore, so when did 'psycho' become so limp?

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Eerie Descent 4:03 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
Yep, I was in favour of Eddie Howe out of the options that were there, but to be perfectly honest, it's hardly something you can be up in arms about, and from what he said he wouldn't want it at this time in his career. For me, it has to be an Englishman (because I believe that's how international sport should work) and there is no one who is an outstanding candidate.

Once again, Southgate has qualified unbeaten, so let's give him a chance to build something over a couple of tournaments. He's an intelligent bloke, comes across well, and is a passionate Englishman who is desperate for us to do well. Give me that over an Italian on £6mil a year who was cheering on Italy on the tele in the World Cup in front of the England players he was supposed to be leading.

13 Brentford Rd 3:49 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
If we are talking English then there is no one really, maybe Howe?

Being an international manager you only really need to qualify which England usually do anyway, and then get the team to get results for 6 or 7 games to win a tournament, you can even afford one dodgy result in the group's.
How hard can it be?
Not sure why we have failed so miserably over the last 50 years?
One issue that does have an effect though is how overated and overpaid English players are.

Eggbert Nobacon 3:46 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport

90 and 896 teams and performances vasty overrated, good times though

90 -
Shit v Ireland
Shit v Egypt
ok v Holland

Shit and lucky v Belgium
Shit v Cameroon
Good against Germany

Shit v Switzerland
Scotland were far better than us till the missed pen
played briliant against a Dutch side in comlpete disarray

Extremely lucky v Spain who were miles better than us

Played well v Germany

zico 3:36 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
Eggbert Nobacon 2:48 Mon Oct 9

True but some of the past England teams would at least occasionally come up with something and give us all hope. We played some dross in Euro 96, Italia 90 and even the Wold Cup campaign for 2002 but at least the team served up a 4-1 win over the Dutch, a great albeit a losing performance in the WCSF against Germany and a 5-1 win away in Germany. We would occasionally have players that would light the game up like a Gazza Scotland goal or a last minute Beckham free kick (forgetting the other 20 that he missed) but this team over the last few years has got absolutely nothing to be excited about...

Eerie Descent 3:24 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
Who you backing for the job, Road?

13 Brentford Rd 3:19 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
Southgate is an uninspiring bang average or worse manager.
His record is not very good, he has no personality or charisma, something all the best managers have, do will achieve fuck all with England.

Eggbert Nobacon 2:48 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
Makes me laugh when people blame this on the foreign players coming in

Ignoring the fact that before that explosion the England sde featured the likes of Geoff Thomas, Carlton Palmer, John Salako and Andy Gray

Also ignoring the fact we had failed to qualify for 3 out of the 6 preceeding World Cups

We are not and have not been for a long long time a top football nation

Eerie Descent 2:30 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
*thinks about what England should apparently be good at*

Time to get big Andy fit...

zico 2:24 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
Problem with England is that we suddenly want to try pass it about to try and replicate Spain and develop technique. That's fine for lower levels where players are developing but you can't play intricate passes with Henderson and Dier in the midfield. England should do what they are good at. Not sure what that is but we should try it anyway!!

El Scorchio 1:03 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
I reckon Kane is the only player who'd be getting into another top national side. Even then he's hardly a 'complete' player, who can take it past people, drop back, play a killer pass etc. which they all seem to want these days. Rather just an out and out striker.

Alli might make it, but at the end of the day it's Eriksson who makes those two look good for spurs, which is why they never look quite the same for England with Henderson or Streling (lol) supposed to be the ones pulling the strings.

The only trick any of our players have is pace.

Eerie Descent 12:56 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
the exile 12:36 Mon Oct 9

I agree, as I said earlier the 3 key men for us will be Wilshire, Lallana and Barkley IF they can stay fit for long enough. If they don't, I honestly can't see what the manager can do, especially against teams that play 10 men behind the ball, with the players at his disposal, apart from stick Carroll and Crouch up top and go long, but everyone would be up in arms about that soon enough.

It's funny, because in the past when we failed with better players, everyone said we needed to play less 'English' and adapt a more continental style of possession football to do well at tournaments, now we're failing with worse players its the opposite.

Personally I'm glad we've got an Englishman in charge, and I'm prepared to give him 2 tournaments to try and get it right. Unless someone has a better idea (I certainly haven't read one on here) then I'll back Southgate.

Eggbert Nobacon 12:51 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
no point blaming Southgate our players are not good enough simple as that

Our midfield options are Dier, Henderson and Drinkwater

No more than 2 or 3 of our players would even get near the Germany squad let alone team

El Scorchio 12:43 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
Southgate's ok.

We just don't have a very talented squad outside of a few players. Simple as that. All the good creative players in the league aren't English, so there's no-one in the team who can really open things up, even against mediocre opposition.

Lots of speed, graft and running, but no guile or creativity.

Doesn't help that Harry Kane seems to shit himself and play like an utter donkey during important games for England as well.

the exile 12:36 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
One thing in Southgate's favour is that he is honest - he knows they played badly and has openly admitted it. At least that's a start in terms of putting things right - BFS would have been saying they played well.

In terms of players I think Lallana will be key. Also, if at least one or preferably two out of Wilshere, Barkley and Antonio can get some fitness and form going, we'll have a much more enterprising side. Oxlade-Chamberlain shouldn't be anywhere near it.

Lee Trundle 12:18 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
I don't think Southgate is any good as a coach. He wouldn't have been my choice, and I think England are playing terribly at the moment.

But, given that he's got the job, and there doesn't seem to be any other English manager out there who's screams out I'M THE ONE, I'd give him the World Cup to show us what he can do.

I fully expect us to bomb out early once we play a decent team with some fight in them, though.

Mace66 12:10 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
Northern Sold 11:47 Mon Oct 9

Yep, i reckon Southgate's decent, and he's been there and done it ( as in experienced the utmost pressure ie. pen miss) on the biggest stage.

We've always struggled against the smaller sides ( probably wouldn't have even won in Lithuania with previous squads ) but we do have a way of stepping up against the bigger sides even if we do ultimately fall a bit short.

I've given up on England long ago, rarely watching them in recent years, and following many years of hope can probably pinpoint it to about 10am 21st June 2002 staggering home from the pub having watched Ronaldinho et al turn over a 1-0 ( M.Owen ) lead.

However, i do have a funny feeling about the coming World Cup and although we lack world class players i reckon we could be the dark horse.

Grumpster 12:09 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
Sorry, should have said a foreign coach who has experience of the Premier league.

As much as Sven and Fabio were average, I can't help thinking they were at least better than what has come since, though then again they had better players to chose from.

The amount of atrocious teams that have dominated us over the past couple of years is poor.

Takashi Miike 12:07 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
I'm not paid millions of pounds to pick a team, if you'd bothered reading the jimmy greaves thread you'll see on there that I say a few times that there is a dearth of talent in the English pool of players now. I'm not sure there's a manager that exists on the planet that would get a tune out of the current generation of england players. most who will have been millionaires before leaving their teens. even of what I've wrote is true, it doesn't take away southgate's negativity and style of play which is taking us no further that the barn owl's reign

Eerie Descent 12:02 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
Yep, I love him. Well done for properly absorbing what I've written.

I know you apparently don't give a fuck, but do you fancy naming the players you'd pick, and the man to lead them?

Takashi Miike 11:58 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
southgate even getting the job is everything wrong with the English game. a cunt who cashed in after a penalty miss with a piss taking advert, then two decades later is earning millions from the top job boring the fans to tears. I'm not surprised you love him eerie

Private Dancer 11:53 Mon Oct 9
Re: Stuart Pearce on Talksport
The difference sometimes just comes down to how many game changers/match winners you have at your disposal. The top international sides don't have 11 eleven great players but they do have people to make a difference, we don't have any except possibly Kane. We have a decent young side but lack that bit of stardust, ie, if Bale was English you would see the difference.

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