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Percy Dalton 6:19 Mon Oct 9
Bomber Command
My daughter was running in yesterdays royal parks half marathon.So took the opportunity to go to the Bomber Command memorial at Green Park.
Now I'm not an emotional person I don't get upset to easily but I must confess I had to swallow hard viewing the statues and when I looked at the Mrs she was shedding a few tears.
I told her that I was surprised too see her like that,she told me that her uncle Ed was in Bomber Command and was killed on his fifth sortie.

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Northern Sold 12:00 Tue Oct 17
Re: Bomber Command
Hang on Norm I thought you was fucking off to fight the Taliban or something?? You want me to set you up a Fundme page to get you a nice pair of army boots and a rambo knife??

normannomates 5:10 Tue Oct 17
Re: Bomber Command
I grew up with crumpets on a Sunday tea ..how has it come to this so quickly?
Muzzles were not around then...and wouldn't have been tolerated.

Hang your heads you cunts

normannomates 5:06 Tue Oct 17
Re: Bomber Command
Tell that to MRS Roberts..surounded by foreigners. .in her own fuckin country.
Go fuck yourselves you selfish..ignorant traitor cunts

deanfergi 8:10 Sat Oct 14
Re: Bomber Command
Love and respect always to those that went through WW1 / WW2 and not a few tears shed about it and how it affected my family and their friends - (my old mum was down the tube at Bethnal Green as people she knew died upstairs and my nan spent 2 or 3 days looking for her...8'^y) My heart has always ached for what passed in France, London and the U.K. but if watching this fully one can't but be moved to transfer some little of that to the German people also..x


and a read of this... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hidden-History-Secret-Origins-First/dp/1780576307

swings and roundabouts and all that, but... X

Golden Oldie 4:17 Sat Oct 14
Re: Bomber Command
Zionist traitor to Britons tried to make amends for his ultimate betrayal to Queen and country which ultimately led to the present day destruction of Europe and the West once the result of the war became all to apparent to an angry British public realising this betrayal would lead to the country's destruction.

He tried in vain to manoeuvre the cabinet into restricting West Indian immigration. "Keep England White" was a good slogan, he told the cabinet in January 1955.
Ian Gilmour records Churchill saying to him, in 1955, about immigration: "I think it is the most important subject facing this country, but I cannot get any of my ministers to take any notice".
Churchill was a monster and was recieved very badly by the British public after the war.

War crimes are war crimes, the veterans of bomber command who I personally knew only ever spoke to me of the bombing campaigns with horror, shame and fear over what it led to and unleashed on the rest of the West we see today.

The only ones talking of the raids on an unarmed non-combatant populace in glowing terms are quite happy about the death of the West it signalled, I spoke to a great number when I was young, whenever I was brought to the Cenotaph as a kid to honour the dead, the only voices you see on TV speaking proudly about it were those who sacrificed nothing from the relative safety of their bunkers.

The vast majority who undertook the missions struggled to come to terms with their part in the slaughter of innocent woman and children.

Still hollywood makes it all appear quite heroic and brave to conduct war crimes in the name of the victors.

Gavros 4:10 Sat Oct 14
Re: Bomber Command
Well OBS not me.

Far Cough 3:46 Sat Oct 14
Re: Bomber Command
That must include you then

Gavros 3:26 Sat Oct 14
Re: Bomber Command
I don't usually go for a poignant statement, it simply seems too easy to tug on the heart strings and elicit simple emotion. I feel it apt here, however and so will for this once state something that I dearly hold true;

Everyone on this thread is a queer.

Westside 11:20 Sat Oct 14
Re: Bomber Command
Winston Churchill despised the common man.

Strange then, that he was instrumental in setting up the welfare state, in the early part of the 20th century


normannomates 2:40 Sat Oct 14
Re: Bomber Command
Jfk 3.43
That old chesnut
They did die in vain...this Country is fucked up..and have betrayed all those that died.

normannomates 1:36 Sat Oct 14
Re: Bomber Command
Winston Churchill despiised the common man, as his later premiership proved.
He was haunted from his fuck ups in Turkey. .the dockers were paid to dip their cranes...they hated the bloke.
Stalin?...biggest wander that ever crawled the earth...but hey ho..their both let off the hook.

normannomates 1:12 Sat Oct 14
Re: Bomber Command
Willy didn't get enough attention off his own kin..and his disability led to the massive chip on his shoulder.
We declared war against our own Anglo saxon brothers..smart move all round that.
As for Adolf..still amazes me the ignorance involved.

Percy Dalton 7:51 Fri Oct 13
Re: Bomber Command
Since I started this thread I've done some research on the wifes uncle.
Didn't know that he was the actual pilot and crash landed at RAF Welford returning from Nuremberg he was one of 108 allied aircraft lost that night 101 squadron had the highest casualty rate of any RAF squadron.
Being only 26 years old I wouldn't think he weighed up whether it was right or wrong to do what they did.
All I can say is they paid the ultimate price and if it wasn't for all the servicemen and women that died by god we would be in a much worse place now.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:52 Fri Oct 13
Re: Bomber Command
Infidel 12:45 Fri Oct 13

'So the fact that I have a different opinion on the causes of the First World War makes me a Nazi sympathiser??'

Not at all. I was making the point that for some reason you, and pretty much you alone (awaits reference to some bonkers book by long discredited author), refuse to accept all evidence that shows Germany to have been the aggressor in WW1.

I know why Nazi sympathisers pretended what they did, I have no idea why you do.

And you don't have a different opinion, you have an obtuse one. You probably think it makes you a bit cool and edgy to pretend what you do. Most people have grown out of that when they hit their twenties, but clearly you haven't.

jfk 1:37 Fri Oct 13
Re: Bomber Command
It's entirely up to you how you chose to interpret why The Commonwealth fought against a Germany in the Great War it is as you said more complex than most realise.
The cost of life on all sides is to this day is obscene.
The Second World War was fought against nazism and German fascists a breed that thought nothing of burning women and children.
A nation that's capable of such crimes should never be trusted,
On all my travels I've mixed and had a laugh with like-minded people from all over the world.
Not once with Germans.

Gavros 1:04 Fri Oct 13
Re: Bomber Command
Bummer Command

, 1:01 Fri Oct 13
Re: Bomber Command
Irrespective of discussions about Harris, politicians who were his contempories or legitimacy of certain WW2 enemy targets this memorial is dedicated to the aircrews who gave their lives for our freedom.

If in the vicinity make a point of visiting and take in the stunningly detailed cast aircrew figures.

Infidel 12:45 Fri Oct 13
Re: Bomber Command

So the fact that I have a different opinion on the causes of the First World War makes me a Nazi sympathiser??

You do realise how idiotic that is?

Godwin's Law is supposed to kick in as an argument gets more protracted, not on the first salvo.

Irish Hammer 12:30 Fri Oct 13
Re: Bomber Command

I think its an incredible memorial

Its so visual you can feel what they are going through, real men. Its humbling standing there looking at it.

gph 8:52 Thu Oct 12
Re: Bomber Command
Hitler liked Muslims of the nutter variety. Himmler positively loved them.

So much so that the first non-Germanic SS formation was for Bosnian Muslims.


*norman's head explodes*

Hammer and Pickle 8:46 Thu Oct 12
Re: Bomber Command
If the UK had not entered the war as France and Russia's ally, irrespective of France's totally reckless warmongering, we would have been left with a Europe properly dominated by Germany quite possibly to this day.

So good job the UK did, otherwise not only would we have a continental economic superpower to contend with today but a military one as well. Meanwhile, the UK would have been embroiled in constant conflicts as its far-flung empire span out of control, and certainly there would have been a horrible war with Imperial Japan in East Asia and the Pacific. I suppose the Australians would have slitty eyes today...

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