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twoleftfeet 9:05 Wed Oct 11
Harvey Weinstein.
Clearly the guy is a sexual predator but my question is why are all of these women only coming out now?

If Jolie and Paltrow had reported him 25 years ago then surely this would have stopped him?

Surely by saying nothing they are assisting an offender?

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Capitol Man 3:00 Sat Oct 28
Re: Harvey Weinstein.
I hope he gets prosecuted and sent down if he’s guilty of a fraction of the things he has been accused of.

But how can these women not have been aware of what was coming when a film producer takes them to his hotel room to “audition” or to “talk about their career”?

Mart O 1:22 Sat Oct 28
Re: Harvey Weinstein.
After all this came out The Guardian asked 20 well known men in Hollywood (actors, directors, etc) for comment.

I'm still trying to work out why they didn't ask Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep. Or how comes their leading film critic didn't know about this.

But of course, he did. They all fucking did. Now, they have the gall to lecture the rest of us.

martyboy 1:12 Sat Oct 28
Re: Harvey Weinstein.
Are you on Meths Nurse? What a strange women/Man you are!!

Nurse Ratched 1:09 Sat Oct 28
Re: Harvey Weinstein.
I doubt it, Martboy.

The alarm bells are situated too high up the walls.

martyboy 1:00 Sat Oct 28
Re: Harvey Weinstein.
That "Uncle Terry" seems a bit of a lad!! Doing photo shoots bollock naked!! Would alarm bells not start ringing???

BRANDED 12:03 Sat Oct 28
Re: Harvey Weinstein.
He produced some fucking excellent films.

Sven Roeder 12:02 Sat Oct 28
Re: Harvey Weinstein.

Seriously from what I’ve heard about Harv most of his job seemed to be meeting actresses in 5 star hotels and being on yachts and at film events.
With his cock out

Where should I send my cv?

Nurse Ratched 11:56 Sat Oct 28
Re: Harvey Weinstein.
Changed my mind. I want to hear Sven's time management tips instead.

Sven Roeder 11:45 Sat Oct 28
Re: Harvey Weinstein.
Movie producing is meeting directors, actors , money people etc
He was just ON THE JOB

His main tip I imagine would be not to waste time putting your trousers on for meetings.
Plus save time by combining them with massages

Nurse Ratched 11:29 Sat Oct 28
Re: Harvey Weinstein.
Where did he TIME for all this?

When this all settles down it would be interesting to hear his tips on time management.

twoleftfeet 11:22 Sat Oct 28
Re: Harvey Weinstein.
This actress Rose McGowan is loving all the attention she is getting, attended a rally yesterday and basically said all men in a Hollywood are rapists before giving the old black panther salute.

She is more famous for this than being an actress, being in that hotel room for 5 minutes with Weinstein seems to have made her.

Lertie Button 11:03 Fri Oct 27
Re: Harvey Weinstein.
Shame some of the more established actors (of both sexes) with a few morals, never felt the need to speak out.
It appears he was fucking relentless

cholo 11:42 Thu Oct 26
Re: Harvey Weinstein.

I'm not arguing that.

Lily Hammer 10:46 Thu Oct 26
Re: Harvey Weinstein.
She is an actress after all. Bonkers, perhaps, but with integrity.

cholo 10:09 Thu Oct 26
Re: Harvey Weinstein.
Mary (Sean) Young occasionally posts on a blade runner fan forum, she is bonkers.

Lily Hammer 10:06 Thu Oct 26
Re: Harvey Weinstein.
She started drinking heavily too, but I suspect her major cause of stress was frustration at the blackballing of her career.

Lily Hammer 10:05 Thu Oct 26
Re: Harvey Weinstein.
I think being ditched by her lover was just another straw. I'm not sure which one broke her camel's back, though.

Sven Roeder 9:58 Thu Oct 26
Re: Harvey Weinstein.
Sean Young’s career went south because she is flat out bonkers.
Recall she had an affair with James Woods and when he went back to his girlfriend she went MAJOR LOOPY

zico 9:56 Thu Oct 26
Re: Harvey Weinstein.
I was reading the other day about one of the original members of the Pussycat Dolls saying that they had been used and abused and it was pretty much a prostitution ring. The day afterwards some of the other girls came out and said that wasn't the case. Now obviously I don't know if something did happen to this girl but it does get to the stage where who is telling the truth and who is just jumping on the bandwagon?

Lily Hammer 9:51 Thu Oct 26
Re: Harvey Weinstein.
I already had a crush on Sean Young, the leading young lady in the original Blade Runner movie, but I recently clicked on a youtube clip titled something like "Ever wondered what happened to this actress's career?"

My crush intensified from a cildhood one to an adult one. Her career rapidly went south because she was one of the few to tell these big wig predators to do one. Warren Beaty was one, and Wernstein tried his luck, and others.

She has hew own youtube channel and has been turning up posting in the comments section on a lot of what's been going on. Her full name is Mary Sean Young, and she goes by the name of MSYPariah. A bit chubby these days, but I still think she's gorgeous.

She is also outspoken about Jewish influence in the media, as her father was a journo in the 70s who tried to give the Arabs side of things to be balanced and he was gagged and bound in a professional sense.

A strong woman and a role model that makes most of these women crawling out the woodwork look like the media whores in denial that they are.

charleyfarley 8:31 Thu Oct 26
Re: Harvey Weinstein.
Dear ladies of Hollywood, at what point in the casting process does the ability to put morals in front of a highly paid career disappear?

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