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BournemouthHammer 1:06 Fri Oct 13
Talk Sport
I enjoy listening to Talksport during the day. The Two Mikes are quality. Alan Brazil annoys me with his constant free loading but I guess I would to if I was in his position! Just wondered who every else likes/hates on there?

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The Ghost of Braderz 12:33 Wed Oct 18
Re: Talk Sport
I like them all, but Paul Hawksby and Andy Jacob's are brilliant radio. Durham and Goughy in 2nd place. Even the northerner who's on between 1 & 4am is alright.

Must admit I think Colin Murray is brilliant but that mid day show never got me interested. Maybe it's just that part of the day where I'm not mentally stimulated by that kind of now-rinsned content that they keep mulling over. The guests really are dire.

Boycie 12:25 Wed Oct 18
Re: Talk Sport
Jim White=sweaty sock overenthusiastic (its not that exciting mate) overpaid twat
two mikes = fuck me why? why not just throw them out the window?
Brazil = spurs say no more
cundy= has some funny anecdotes and treats the knuckle draggers like they should be treated
Saunders= quality hasn't signed up to all that shit does his own thing funny fucker

Athletico Easthamico 9:09 Tue Oct 17
Re: Talk Sport
Find Hawksbee and Jacobs very funny.
Like the 2 Mikes.

Jim White is shit.

Jim79 6:31 Tue Oct 17
Re: Talk Sport
I think Joey Barton is good and comes across pretty well, the Eubank interview was great listening.

Actually don't mind some of the guest presenters, Ginola always comes across very well and actually Perry Groves does to. Love Bob Mills.

And as for Brazil freeloading, I listen everyday and he must have invited himself to the hospitality boxes of 3 different betting firms in the last fortnight, he's a fucking lush.

Yarmouth 5:37 Tue Oct 17
Re: Talk Sport

Yarmouth 5:37 Tue Oct 17
Re: Talk Sport
Forgot to mention that the absolute twat of the statin is Mickey fin Quinn. He talks the same shit as his horses crap, and that overbearing scouse accent makes me want to vomit.

Alwaysaniron 12:29 Mon Oct 16
Re: Talk Sport
Barton is a really good pundit and will definitely go far (providing he can keep his cool)

B6NY B 12:23 Mon Oct 16
Re: Talk Sport
Enjoy 'drive' for what it is, gets me home on the train. People get wound up fail to see it what it's for. I mean, today will be an arsenal fest.

Don't mind it after 7pm with 'kick off' when in the gym. Rarely listen at breakfast.

ornchurch ammer 12:12 Mon Oct 16
Re: Talk Sport
Barton was fantastic interviewing Eubank Snr on the breakfast show this morning. He was so persistent with his questioning that the soppy cunt just hung up on him in the end as he couldn't throw him off with bullshit.

Rossal 10:21 Mon Oct 16
Re: Talk Sport
Stuart pearce is another ex pro who is absolutley woeful

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:16 Mon Oct 16
Re: Talk Sport
Georgie Bingham talks more sense about football than Tony Cascarino. That's how shit some of their ex-player 'pundits' are. Bring back Alv.

Rossal 10:05 Mon Oct 16
Re: Talk Sport
Used to love Colin Murray and friends, he is a very good presenter and that was by far the best show on the station. Turned off once Jim White took over, bloke just seemed like a robot talking there was no charisma.

Hawksbee and Jacobs are ood value although they dont talk to much sport.

Dont mind the two mikes - funny blokes if you take it for what it is. Dont mind Durham either, usually comes up with decent talking points although the Arsenal agenda and Goughie being an expert at every sport ruins it.

Barton is a tool - talks as if he has been a top top player for years and find it cringe how much Durham is up his arse.

Brazil can be ok, although dont listen to the morning show very often.

Hate Cundy and Goldstein....they just chat shit with no substance to their random opinions.

brick_lane_batty_boy 9:56 Mon Oct 16
Re: Talk Sport
Really don't like Danny Kelly. I don't doubt his quality as a broadcaster, but just really not for me. Love Danny Baker

As someone said earlier - Colin Murray is good on the football league show on C5 - actually has half a clue.

Joey Barton was funny at the weekend - championing Ben Mee for England... 'lets go to turf moor - And Ben Mee has had a nightmare!'
He talks quite a bit of sense though and his accent doesn't grate as much as 99% of scousers.

Most annoying k8nt in sports media?

Garth Crooks anybody?

paulon 1:01 Sun Oct 15
Re: Talk Sport
White's listening figures are shit apparently, they'll bin him within the next year

ornchurch ammer 12:37 Sun Oct 15
Re: Talk Sport
Jim White's show isn't bad but is ruined by the man himself.
They have to learn that he might be good reading an autocue on Sky but that doesn't qualify him to ad lib on a radio show.

Yarmouth 11:12 Sun Oct 15
Re: Talk Sport
I like Jim White's show and the punters he generally has with him make for good listening.
Hawkesby & Jacobs used to be very funny but have wained a bit.

But the cunt I can't stand is the loudmouthed Adrian fucking Durham and his northern sidekick Gough. Quite how Wenger has not called the show and called him out is beyond me.

Also Joey Barton, whilst taking some good stuff is clearly an arrogant little mug. The 2 Mikes are a well polished act and I like the sports bar from 10.

Don't listen to it much though..

scouse kid 10:13 Sun Oct 15
Re: Talk Sport
After hearing Mickey Gray on Talksport.i can only assume he is an equal opportunities appointment.

So when asked they can say they employ disabled people. As that cunt comes across more downsey than Kevin Kilbane kid

jakehammer 12:08 Sun Oct 15
Re: Talk Sport
He might be a spud, but Danny Kelly is the only decent presenter on the whole of talkshite.
I cant bear that whining goldstine. he asks the same question over and over again like some immature schoolgirl.
and as for the 2 morons, they should have been put out to grass years ago, especially that pathological liar parry.

terry-h 10:32 Sat Oct 14
Re: Talk Sport
I didn't think I'd say this, but Colin Murray is doing a decent job on the Football on Five show starting on C5 after A Bridge Too far finishes in ten minutes. It's better than MOTD, as is Goals on Sunday. The bag lady on Murray's show makes me laugh as well. Good all round entertainment I say from the diminutive leprechaun.

CasualKen 11:52 Sat Oct 14
Re: Talk Sport
Dreadful station, should be named 'Talk top 5'. Do they still just name the callers by who they support rather than the area they're phoning from. 'We've got Muhammad the United fan on the line - enter London based Muhammad.

Manip 10:11 Sat Oct 14
Re: Talk Sport
Not missed a podcast of The Two Mikes for well over a year now.

Can't beat The Porky Quiz, when he nailed the NFL subject was class. swt

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