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Mr Anon 1:31 Fri Oct 13
Scott Parker
37 today. Happy birthday to our 3 times hammer of the year- and one of two players ever to get PFA player of the year while at West Ham, the other being Bobby Moore.

He did a job

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yngwies Cat 11:07 Sun Oct 15
Re: Scott Parker
Always remember seeing him being flattened at a game. Rather then roll around a cry like a baby he just took a few seconds to regain his senses got up and carried on. Great player.

lars 10:53 Sun Oct 15
Re: Scott Parker
What Pagey said.

. . 10:15 Sun Oct 15
Re: Scott Parker
Just looked to see what he is doing now and he is under 18's coach and club ambassador for Tottenham.

Fair play to him but just goes to show Tottenham's Lack of History.
Club Ambassador he was only there for a couple years

Vexed 9:17 Sun Oct 15
Re: Scott Parker
Was a great player for us and would have been well thought of if it wasn't for his blatant and snidey bottling of our last few games when we got relegated. The mystery injury made sure he got his Spurs move and he is, therefore, a shitcunt who I hope goes bankrupt and gets pubic lice.

Pub Bigot 8:51 Sun Oct 15
Re: Scott Parker

Pagey 11:34 Sun Oct 15
Re: Scott Parker


Same as players like CFC. Lauded as legends, yet mostly shit and unreliable

Pagey 11:34 Sun Oct 15
Re: Scott Parker
Scott Parker was brilliant for us, simple as that.

The reason he left was because, as always, we underachieved and got relegated rather than bringing in more quality around him. He needed to leave for the sake of his own career.

It's amazing how someone like Scott Parker gets slagged off by some despite being different class and yet the likes of Tomas Repka are lauded as cult players even though he was a useless fuckwit who enjoyed getting needlessly sent off and leaving us in the shit time and time again.

I know who I'd prefer in my team.

collyrob 11:25 Sun Oct 15
Re: Scott Parker
Loved him when he was here. Was a proper hero. Unfortunately that all went out the window when he joined those cunts.

Private Dancer 9:52 Sun Oct 15
Re: Scott Parker
Deano - He was way better than them two, particularly Butler.

wansteadman 9:50 Sun Oct 15
Re: Scott Parker
I remember them choosing phil Neville as cover in front of him and thought it was the worst england choice I'd ever seen

Mad Dog 12:56 Sun Oct 15
Re: Scott Parker
Great player. Left in a bit of a cunty way though. Tainting his memory

WHUDeano 9:31 Sat Oct 14
Re: Scott Parker
A combination of Peter Butler & John Moncur. Very good player playing in a very bad team.

Pub Bigot 9:23 Sat Oct 14
Re: Scott Parker
People say bad idea to move to the front wheels. Finished their season as POTY as well and played in the Champions League,

Bloke was mustard, lead by example. Who remembers the 3-3 against WBA?

Who’s be in my all time eleven, easy.

gph 1:15 Sat Oct 14
Re: Scott Parker
My favourite Tottenham fan.

He hasn't got much competition.

Mr. Burns 12:58 Sat Oct 14
Re: Scott Parker
Very good player to be fair.

On The Ball 12:51 Sat Oct 14
Re: Scott Parker
Couldn't go to the Euros playing in the Championship, so had to go.

Big Tottenham fan, so once they wanted him, where else was he ever going to go?

Don't begrudge him the move at all. As Blackythebanktramp says, he put in more of a shift than just about anyone I've ever seen and genuinely gave a fuck in a generation of players that absolutely don't.

Blackythebanktramp 12:08 Sat Oct 14
Re: Scott Parker
In an era when we had players who didn't give a fuck or were just total pony- he was fantastic. I've supported the club 20years and he has been our best midfielder I've seen in that time and alongside di canio as the the next best player I've personally seen at the club

Grumpster 11:55 Fri Oct 13
Re: Scott Parker
Even makes me laugh that people think he should have stayed.

Player of the year, call up to the England team and we'd just been relegated and had Sam allardyce take over.

Sydney_Iron 11:50 Fri Oct 13
Re: Scott Parker
Fuck me, some saying he wasnt very good or overrated........FMOB

He may be a Spurs fan at heart, but as footballer he was one of the best English players of his generation, and always put in a shift for ALL the clubs he played for.

And the fact he was HOTY 3 times and PFA player of the year says it all.

Fuck me there are some numptys on here at times, LOL

jim@chickenrun 11:44 Fri Oct 13
Re: Scott Parker
Great player for us,for me though just fucked it up a bit by joining the yids.

Crassus 11:08 Fri Oct 13
Re: Scott Parker

Interesting you say that, mate at work, Kent lad, knew him well and socialised a lot with him. Said quite the opposite, was always a Spurs fan apparently

Horses for courses I suppose, good player for us mind

Terrywait 6:47 Fri Oct 13
Re: Scott Parker
Shut up you odd ball dancer

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