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Briano 4:53 Sun Oct 15
James Corden
Is this the end of his love affair with America?


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Boycie 12:16 Wed Oct 18
Re: James Corden
yep give him his due he has done very well with not a lot to work with

ray winstone 11:18 Tue Oct 17
Re: James Corden
Stupidity more than jealousy I’d say.

ribs 11:10 Tue Oct 17
Re: James Corden
It amazes me the amount of abuse any of our Celebrity supporters get on here.

Anybody would think some are a tiny bit jealous they are doing so well.

Surely not

zico 8:53 Tue Oct 17
Re: James Corden
Boycie 3:21 Tue Oct 17

Absolutely what I was thinking. Personally I didn't think the jokes were funny anyway but if he just didn't give a toss of what people thought it would have been tomorrows chip paper. Like him or hate him Gervais didn't give a shit when he did the Globes and they kept inviting him back!!!

Fivetide 8:23 Tue Oct 17
Re: James Corden
I don't care about this latest kerfuffle. But cannot stand james Corden, never have, and am delighted he is solely on US TV and Sky. Unfunny, dislikeable, conceited. But mainly, unfunny.

gph 8:07 Tue Oct 17
Re: James Corden
Corden - not funny
Brand - occasionally funny.

I don't hate them, but they've got to up their game before I get stars in my eyes over them

Brooking_is_GOD 7:52 Tue Oct 17
Re: James Corden
You know what's missing from his carpool karaoke?
A hosepipe from the exhaust in to the driver side window.

Boycie 3:21 Tue Oct 17
Re: James Corden
he thinks he can dish up any old shit and they will laugh their heads off. What he said was not anywhere near funny not even near a joke in any guise. Gervais would say "fuck off" not apologise repeatedly

gank 12:05 Tue Oct 17
Re: James Corden
"Ray Winstone is another very talented actor

Is that supposed to be a joke?

You proper fucking cunt.

jack flash 10:33 Tue Oct 17
Re: James Corden
Unamusing fat bore
How do these people become famous?
Must have slept with Weistein or the head of the BBC I would guess

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:29 Tue Oct 17
Re: James Corden
I can't stand the bloke, but in this instance the only people who are having a pop at his jokes criticising Weinstein are the same humourless feminists who are at the forefront of the campaign against Weinstein. It's all very confusing.

twoleftfeet 10:29 Tue Oct 17
Re: James Corden
Make a joke about Weinstein in America and you get abused.

Rape children in America and get a standing ovation at the Oscars.

Strange country.

penners28 10:08 Tue Oct 17
Re: James Corden
People are finally getting to see what this bloke is like in real life then. He's an arrogant cunt.

Also agree with below in that he's only funny when he's playing the "smithy" character from gavin and stacey.

FruityBoots. 1:22 Tue Oct 17
Re: James Corden
Quite liked James Corden when he's Smithy in "Gavin & Stacey" but Don't like James Corden when he's James Corden.

IsaacHock 1:08 Tue Oct 17
Re: James Corden
Agreed Cartis.

He was marginally better when he was Zoltan.

cartis 1:05 Tue Oct 17
Re: James Corden
The fat slob isn't funny in the slightest.

Anyone who finds him funny has a fucking weird sense of humour.

Only my opinion though

HairyHammer 12:06 Tue Oct 17
Re: James Corden
Dreary & bent

Why are you chasing me ?

HairyHammer 12:04 Tue Oct 17
Re: James Corden
Oy Deary & bent I am not Zoltan .

Eerie Descent 9:56 Mon Oct 16
Re: James Corden
Shut up Zoltan you fucking tit.

Sven Roeder 9:43 Mon Oct 16
Re: James Corden
I don’t find Corden funny so I don’t watch things he is in or get too worked up about him.
Works for me
That said he seems to have stretched his career to being on US tv and making lots of money presumably so fair play to him.

HairyHammer 9:40 Mon Oct 16
Re: James Corden
White Pony

That is not a problem we are not all the same, saying He ain't funny is not spiteful at all if that is what you feel, the Insults are not needed and he gets loads of them.

Some people do not find Laurel & Hardy funny (Not saying Corden is even a hair on their back talent wise) I love them and do not get it but Comedy is a very subjective thing I never ever understood the Three stooges either does that make them shit, no.

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