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mike hunt 5:39 Sun Oct 15
our throw ins
Something that gets my fucking goat, our throw ins, why the fuck do they always throw it forward to a man being marked and 9 times out of 10 lose posession, when they have 4 or 5 totally unmarked players that could take it forward on the floor? It proper pisses me off to be honest, can any of you football masterminds explain that one for me, I didn't actually count how many times this happened yesterday, but it was enough for my wife to wonder why i was calling cresswell a fucking cunt so loud she could hear me from out in the garden

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mike hunt 8:57 Sun Oct 15
Re: our throw ins
Well that aint fucking working

claypole 8:05 Sun Oct 15
Re: our throw ins
It should be thrown down the line with a player challenging the opposition so it goes out of play closer to the opposition's goal. Once we have gained enough territory it can then be hoisted in to the box to land on Carroll's head.

Chigwell 8:02 Sun Oct 15
Re: our throw ins
It's due to a lack of confidence which at the moment permeates practically everything we do. If you throw the ball down the line, at least if you lose possession so wide, you are in a position to defend. And there is a good chance that the other side will knock it out for another throw-in higher up the field. It's a very negative way of playing, but our players don't really have the talent or the confidence to do anything but adopt a cautious approach.

Gavros 7:54 Sun Oct 15
Re: our throw ins
Also notable that theyve told antonio to stop doing long throws.

stewie griffin 7:49 Sun Oct 15
Re: our throw ins
Maybe they thought they were playing at home and would get booed if they kept possession and went backwards?

the exile 7:47 Sun Oct 15
Re: our throw ins
Totally agree Mike. There can't be a side in the PL that surrenders possession as frequently and as softly as we do and throw-ins is one of the scenarios where it happens all the time. Down to the manager.

. . 5:55 Sun Oct 15
Re: our throw ins
Maybe they was thinking the marked player could do something like this


mike hunt 5:52 Sun Oct 15
Re: our throw ins
There you go then, there were unmarked players available , but instead it gets launched forward into a melee and gets turned over , whereas burnley were content with going backwards , keeping posession, and building from the back, we do it all the time mate, mostly cresswell

Far Cough 5:47 Sun Oct 15
Re: our throw ins
Showing for the ball means, getting away from a marker, so you're in space

mike hunt 5:45 Sun Oct 15
Re: our throw ins
Players standing in acres of space only yards away how are they not showing for the ball? Do they have to have their hands up gesticulating wildly

Far Cough 5:42 Sun Oct 15
Re: our throw ins
Not enough players showing for the ball, i.e, they're too static

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